Zapable App Builder Software – Create Amazing Mobile Apps in Real Estate, Fitness, Small Hotels, Restaurants and many more

How To DOMINATE A Virtually Untapped $77 Billion Dollar Marketplace And Create Your Own Professional App Within Minutes. Beginner Friendly – Fast, Easy And Simple To Use!

Works for any business – Want to sell mobile Apps to Online Coaches, Realtors, Cafes, Restaurants, Attorneys, Cafes and countless other businesses? This is for you.

What is Zapable App Builder Software?

Zapale is The Most Powerful Instant Mobile App Builder ever! With this PREMIUM software you can easily create your own Professional App within minutes!

This software Works for any business – This is perfect for you if you want to sell mobile Apps to Online Coaches, Realtors, Cafes, Restaurants, Attorneys, Cafes, Auto Dealers, Hardware Stores, Real Estate, Chiropractors, Ais Con Service, Bars, Gyms, Dentists, Printers, Health Installation, Computer Stores, Night Clubs, Local Travel Agents, Cosmetic Surgeons, Builders, and countless other businesses.

Zapable works in just 3 simple steps! The First is Select an Amazing template and fully customise with ‘drag n drop’ easy editor. The Second, Build Local Apps – Sell access to your digital products & membership sites ‘in app’ and much more (Includes Apple, Android) PWA, And The Last: Get instant leads with our Done For You Agency Package – Including hot converting videos, landing pages, email attractions templates and much more. That’s it!

Zapable App Builder Software comes with powerful features:

✅ Zap Digital – Sell Your Own Digital Products Inside Your App
✅ Zap Membership – Sell access to recurring products inside your own app
✅ Zap – ECom – Sell Physical items in App
✅ Push Notification – Send Instant Push Notifications
✅ Social Media – Add all your social media profiles in one place inside the app
✅ Online Food Ordering – Restaurants, Takeaways & Coffee Shop. QR code menus, health & Safety and track and trace
✅ Digital Loyalty Cards With QR Scanning – Reward customers for repeat business
✅ Full Media – Audio and Video – Showcase your products in any industry
✅ Form Builder – Major Autoresponder Integration – Active Campaign, Get Response, Aweber, Mail Chimp and many more
✅ Create Town / City Directories – List all local amenities, services and things to do
✅ Automated Apple And Android Submissions – Making it easy to submit your app

Zapable includes:

✅ Unlimited access to their NEW cloud-based mobile app builder… so you can create professional, eye-grabbing mobile apps that download like crazy.
✅ Five app templates working right now in the hottest markets.
✅ Five done for you agency videos with regional voiceovers…. landing pages… and swipe files.
✅ A Client Acquisition Guide to help with pricing… negotiation… and perfect product offerings.
✅ Access to an active community of app builders ready to answer your every question.
✅Full training academy to help you along the way and we also have a complete guide to show you exactly what to do from the very beginning, right up to selling your first app.

Zapable App Builder Software also comes with 12 months Access Included With Access to over 30 Features & New Ones Added Frequently. ‘Drag And Drop’ Functionality – No technical or previous experience need and beginner friendly. It allows anyone with hardly any technical experience to build amazing beautiful apps, packed with the features they need. And Full Done For You Agency package. White Label Client Attraction Videos, Landing pages, Pricing Charts, Cheat Sheets, Support Group & much much more.

In Nutshell, If you want to sell Amazing mobile Apps to Online Coaches, Realtors, Cafes, Restaurants, Real Estate, Fitness, Small Hotels, Attorneys, Cafes and countless other businesses… You NEED Zapable App Builder Software!

Zapable is handing you EVERYTHING you need to make apps and sell them to clients… practically on autopilot.

I’m going to show you how to tap into the fastest-growing revenue stream in history. Let me explain… A website used to be all you needed to attract customers and make sales. But the market is changing… and if you don’t have an app, you’re missing out on untold thousands of dollars. In fact, by 2023, apps will generate over 1-trillion-dollars in revenue!

Now, imagine if you could design an app in less than 60-seconds… without a lick of programming experience… and use it to rake in money for yourself. OR better yet, sell them to entrepreneurs begging you to make them a mobile app. With the new ‘point-n-click’ app builder by Zapable, you can do both.  Try Zapable App Builder Software here!

Zapable App Builder Software – How does it works?

You Can Build An Amazing Mobile App For Your Clients In 3 Simple Steps

  • Step 1 – Choose Your Design and Layout

Scroll through our amazing design and layout options – fully customisable

  • Step 2 – Select What Features You Want In Your App (Over 30 to Choose from)

Select from over 30 Amazing Features

  • Step 3 – Publish Your Instant Mobile App Within Seconds

Also submit to Apple & Android stores

Demo Video

Watch How You Can Create An Incredible Instant Mobile App In A Zap

Regular Ever Day People Selling Apps To Businesses All Over the World

With the recent Covid Pandemic businesses are terrified of getting shut down again.

A Mobile app is now a lifeline for their business and helps protect them in the future.

Huge Benefits of Zapable App Builder Software

Here is a Reasons Why Getting Zapable Is A No Brainer

✅ Sell Digital Products In App with Zap Digital
EBooks, Audio, PDF, Step by Step Courses

✅ Sell Ecom in App With Zap ECom
Integrates with Teespring, woo commerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento *many more

✅ Membership Apps – Sell Access to Membership App
Integrates with Wishlist, Clickfunnels, Teachable, Kajabi

✅ Take Payments In App
Integrates with Paypal, Stripe, JV Zoo, Clickbank , Warrior +

✅ Push Notification
Send instant push notifications to people with the app

✅ Create Instant Mobile Apps
Access apps via a direct web .app url – No more paying Apple 30% for in app purchases

✅ Automated Apple Submission
New technology enables rapid App submission process

✅ Submit to Google Play / Android
Get live in the google play store within 72 hours

✅ Digital Loyalty Cards
Our next gen “QR code scanning” enabling digital loyalty cards & employee control customisation

✅ Audio Integration
Intergrate into Sound Cloud, itunes, Spotify, Deezer

✅ Video Gallery
Share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and many popular video services

✅ Image Gallery
Showcase beautiful images of clients businesses services

✅ Discount Coupons
Entice people into your brand with time sensitive discount coupons

✅ Real Estate Listings
Build amazing directories listing all available properties & features with option to book an appointment.

✅ Folders (Working Title)
Create unlimited categories & sub categories in your App

✅ Maps
Share your businesses location with 1 click “go” funcion

✅ Form Builder
Build fully customisable forms to collect clients leads, quotes etc.

✅ QR Coupons
Encourage repeat business by offering ‘Easy Scan’ QR coupons. Also encourage people to download your app

✅ Full Customisable Design – Drag n Drop
Pre Installed Templates & full “Build from Scratch” functionality

✅ Multiple App Menu Layout Options
Re order your App layout within seconds with our lightning fast and user friendly interface

✅ Client White Label Members Area
Offer Clients their own private login area with your company branding (Part of the Upsell)

✅ Restaurant Apps + Food Menus
Share your restaurants menus in PDF format

✅ Online Food Ordering Integration
Integrate into just Eat , Grub Hub, Deliveroo and many more

✅ Social media Wall
Allow app users to share, like and comment directly within the app itself

✅ Auto Responder Intergration
Integrates with Active Campaign, Get Response, Mail Chimp and any more

✅ Appointment Forms
Allow clients to book scheduled appointments and set your availability

✅ Invite a Friend
Share your app with other people with totally customisable reward plan.

✅ Social Media
Share your Facebook,Instagrams, Tik Tok, Linked in profiles

✅ Privacy Policy
Stay compliant and share your company privacy policy

Inside Zapable App Builder Software You Will Get

‘Done For You’ Amazing Agency Pack To Help Generate Instant Leads

We also include this comprehensive and incredibly high quality ‘done for you agency’ making this offer a total no brainer.

✅ 5 ‘Done For You’ Lead Gen Videos

✅ 5 ‘Done For You’ High Converting Landing Pages

These high converting landing pages come with the lead gen videos already installed. Just enter your own company details and logo and you are ready to go.

✅ Email Copy and Paste Connect Scripts

Use our proven email connect scripts to connect to businesses in multiple sectors. We cover the Hottest markets to sell to including… coffee shops, personal trainers, cafes, realtors, online coaches and restaurants, You can literally, ‘cut & paste’ and then fill in the blanks – super easy!

✅ Done For You Pricing Rate Cards

Not sure what price to sell an app for and what features to include? Don’t worry – we have got you covered.

Our exclusive (and fully brandable) pricing rate cards covers app in various sectors. We choose the most suitable features for that app and suggest what price to charge accordingly.

✅ Upsell Bumpt – Pricing Script

Want to know how to increase your average app order value by 30-40% each time? Use our proven script to make the customer a irresistible offer which they would be crazy to refuse

✅ 17 Quick Tips To Get your Clients App Downloaded

We include 17 quick ways to promote your app and get your app downloaded. You can claim these ideas as your own when your selling to your clients.

Just Look At Some Of The Amazing Mobile Apps Built With Zapable!

10 Reasons Why Businesses are Screaming And Need A Mobile App For a Mobile App

✅ Loyalty – Having a mobile app and sending notifications directly to their phone puts your brand front and centre for them.
✅ Push Notifications – Easy way to communicate your customer whenever you want. Slow day in the business, send a message.
✅ Increase customer engagement – Being able to contact your customers directly means constantly putting offers and valuable content in front of them
✅ Speed – Most apps tend to load faster than websites. The faster you can get information to your customers the better!
✅ Digital products – Customers being able to purchase ‘in app’ is where world is going. Zapable enables you to do this.
✅ Connect all of your social channels – in one place to make sure your social efforts are rewarded.
✅ Instant information to customers – Cut down on telephone calls by hosting an FAQ section on your app.
✅ Food Ordering – Ordering food online is one of the fastest growing services out there.
✅ Digital Cards + Coupons. Increase repeat business with special discount coupons and scan based loyalty cards
✅ Ecom Sell Physical products in app linking to Shopify, Tee Spring, Woo Commerce and many more

Think about this…

This is one of the best timed opportunities you have ever experienced. With the rapid acceleration into the new digital era since the pandemic, business need to be mobile more than ever before.

Mobile Usage is Increasing…

Desktop is declining…

Four years ago a mobile app was a luxury… now its essential for nearly any business on the planet. You now have a golden opportunity to step in and provide great value to business while enjoying the benefits. Ever heard the saying “Right place, right product, Right time” We believe that time is now… Try Zapable App Builder Software Now!


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