Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman – Learn Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, And Making The Most Of Having A List!

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman – Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted?

A few years ago, I was able to leave a full-time job and find my ‘freedom.’

What a difference a year has made in my life?

I’ve made more money online than I have in any other job.

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman
Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course – What is it?

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course created by an expert online marketers Ken Bluttman. This training course teaches affiliate marketing, email list building, and product creation. This is a full course on how to make money online, perfect for the MMO newbies and those already on the journey. There are weekly live sessions to cover Q and A, and specific coverage of various MMO things. All of these activities help to increase my bottom line. It is not necessary for you to learn every activity. Whatever speaks to you is fine.

You deserve more than just some videos to watch for the investment you will make in this program. Weekly live sessions are held to answer questions and learn new tips, tricks, and techniques. There is a Facebook group specifically for those who purchase Your Freedom Ticket. I want to make sure you get the most out of your membership in Your Freedom Ticket Training course! However, I am limited in my abilities. This requires action taking on your part.

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman

What is inside Your Freedom Ticket Training Course?

The focus is on three types of online income: Passive income, active income, and expanded income. These roughly equate to affiliate marketing, email marketing, and product creation. This is the only course you need to master making money online.

A key goal is list building!

A list is a valuable asset to have. There is training about list building, traffic, affiliate and email marketing, and how to create and release your own products. Product creation does not have to be hard (many people think it is). We all know things that others can benefit from. That knowledge can be turned into a course or product.

Do I need a website?

No, however it may be beneficial to have one. There is no need to have one to start. You will need an online form to collect email addresses, and this can be setup without having your own website. And you have no worry if you don’t have no experience with having a website. Because many people create websites built with the WordPress platform. There is an endless amount of help for this. There are other easy platforms such as Wix. Thousands of people with no tech skills have websites.

Inside the course, There is also a focus on having a YouTube channel. Making review videos is one of the easiest ways to get started. Making videos of things you are good at are easy to make. People are actively searching on YouTube for what you have to offer. It’s all covered in the training.

If I make YouTube videos, do I have to be seen in them?

No, there is no requirement for that. It is suggested but many people are camera shy. You can make videos without being seen in them.

Check my real results below:

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman

For affiliate marketing I show the marketplaces and products. As a member of Your Freedom Ticket you have guaranteed approval to promote any of my products. If you have never made any sales as an affiliate then a key activity is to get that first sale.

You will learn how to create an Autoresponder account and start building an email list. This really is a key part of an online business. I know this can be confusing. I break it down, and make it easy to follow.

Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman
Your Freedom Ticket Training Course By Ken Bluttman

Will I be able to profit from this?

In my opinion, I cannot guarantee that you will profit. Nobody can guarantee it. I provide training and knowledge on how to make money online, but it is your responsibility to make it happen.

If you are not familiar with marketing or working online, then there are some things to learn. There are no shortcuts for that. However it may not be as huge a task as you think. The thing is – every day we are marketed to. This is the flip side to that. You will be marketing to others.

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Note: Please be sure this is a program you are really interested in! You need to take action to make this work. There is no instant reward, but the possibilites are huge. Please contact me with any questions. In the meantime if you are ready, select the payment option that works best for you…

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