Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software : Translate ANY Page Into A Readable (No Design & Code Breaks) Masterpiece In ANY Language & Collect Leads

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos : 5X Your Traffic By Fixing A HUGE Traffic “LEAK” & Then Turns Them ALL Into Hot Leads In 1 Click, Without Optin, LEGALLY.

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos
Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Details

Type Kit is the first ever multi-lingual software that translates your entire funnel, product and content into any language in 1 click, and then GRABS THEM ALL as a lead in 1 click. This software can translate more than 116+ languages!

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software comes with powerful features, such as:

  • Customizable Language Switcher
    With this feature you can easily add your website and generate the embed code to display your Language Switcher with your choice design and layout positioning.
  • Lead Capture
    This software is fully compliant with GDPR policies. That mean it support GDPR compliant Lead capturing of all website visitors.
  • Visitors Insight
    With this feature you can Get instant overview knowledge of who your everyday website visitors are, to allow you know how to offer products or services tailored to their needs.
  • Edit Translation
    With this feature you will be the master of your locale language with ability to further make any translation edit to perfect the AI more if need be.
  • Remote AI Edit
    With this feature you can remotely Edit text on your website and still keep the design intact and never pay a developer or designer anymore.

And this is what will instantly happen after you apply Type Kit to your site in 1 click:

  • Instant Higher Rankings thanks to a significant increase in higher time on site, which signals search engines your site is of better quality.
  • Instant 500% More Traffic thanks to fixing the leak where 80% of your traffic was wasted, and now all traffic, 100% of it, is flowing in the right direction.
  • Thousands Of Leads Added To Your List Instantly thanks to our revolutionary “created by marketers for marketers” lead grabbing technology.
  • Instant Lower Refund Rates & Higher Customer Satisfaction Rates thanks to the ability to translate the entire process from landing page to product, continuing a smooth flow from point A to point B.
  • Finally target non-english speaking countries with ads and get penny clicks
  • Higher Brand Trust & Better First Impression thanks to having a well translated and professionally looking page from the get go and throughout your entire marketing process.
  • 5X More Potential Sales thanks to utilizing 5 times more traffic.

The Results Are INSTANT & The Leads Are All Yours, This Is A Must Have For ANYONE With A Website

The beauty of this is that it works for anyone and it works fast. And it works fast not because we have 600 processors making the TECH work fast. But because the traffic leak is ALREADY going on 24/7/365, like a water leak, once you fix the problem, ALL water starts flowing to the right direction. And all that traffic, the rankings, the sales, the leads, they’ll start flowing RIGHT AFTER APPLYING. This is absolutely a critical addon to ANY website, period.

See more details and grab your download here: Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos
Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos

About creator

Victory Akpos
Victory Akpos

Hi! let me introduce myself, My name is Victory Akpos, I’m a long time 7 figure marketer, I’ve launched many software companies over the years, ranging from the well known Upreachr which makes influencer traffic simple all the way to an incredible and widely used funnel creator, I haveover 30,000 customers using my products on a daily basis.

I see myself as a problem solver. And I recognized this major traffic leak as a problem that needs to be solved IMMEDIATELY. And so I’ve partnered up with my good friend Joshua Johnson, who is a grade A developer, to create a fantastic solution to this major traffic leak.

Your Subscribers website is REJECTING over 80% of your visitors every single minute, that’s why they need Type Kit to help them get all of the TRAFFIC back AND turn them into hot leads In 1 click.

THE CULPRIT: Your Website Is NOT Available In The Native Language Of Your Potential Buyers (And Google Translate DOESN’T Fix The Problem)

The culprit may SOUND not very big or harmful, but it is. Over 80% of your traffic can’t navigate or consume your content, let alone BUY from you, because of the language barrier.

And if you don’t believe me, let me prove it:

This Major Traffic Leak Causes More Than 80% Of Visitors To ABANDON Your Site Instantly!

So here’s what happens, on average, over 80% of your traffic that you’ll get on your page is worldwide traffic, many of which are not English speakers or not GOOD English speakers. Plus, many of them just prefer their native language. Hence they abandon the page immediately because it’s in English only, and not relevant to them.

It’ll Only Get Worse As MORE People Around The World Get Online.

And Yes, It Applies To YOU As Well. Because unless you apply ads to your business where you choose by country, all organic traffic will be worldwide. And besides, imagine how CHEAP it is to target non-English speaking countries, you can reduce your click cost by thousands of percent just by being available to that audience in their native language.

And It gets worse:

  • T.O.S (Time spent On Site) Drops, Hurting Your SEO Rankings
  • One of the CORE rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that drives your rankings up or down, is time spent on your website.

The more time they spend on your site organically, for whatever reason, the higher your rankings will be. The less, the lower they’ll be.

So you tell me, how’s your site’s reputation doing when over 80% of visitors abandon your site immediately?

Very bad, definitely a lot worse than it could. SO the solution is, offering your website visitors a simple way to translate the page and product without effort or harming the page, and as they do it, you get them as an email lead. That’s where TypeKit comes in…

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Review by Victory Akpos

How does Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software really works?

here is typekit in action getting started with typekit for the first time come over here hit on add a new website and add a new website you’re expected to provide your website url and go ahead to select your default language whatever you want your website visitors to see as the different language to your our website you can go ahead select that and you can also come over here to select the number of support languages which you want your website visitors to be able to translate your website into so once you’re done selecting your languages you can then come over here to hit and add new website once a new website is added you find it listed like this on your startup page now you can come over here click here to uh of course customize how you want your language switcher to look like so you can hit and customize at this point you can also go ahead add some more languages if need arises you can also or adjust the position of your language switcher just like you see right here i can change the bottom right i can also change it to my uh top center as well i can also switch it to my uh bottom right as you can see right there as well as getting it to my top right i can also rotate it as much as i want to my right center as you can have right there and you can see the colors to meet whatever color your website is designed on you can also choose your type line art text you want to appear here so you could just have select language instead of choose you could have select language all right so hit then save and continue once you successfully get that done you can then come over to page overview on your page overview you can find your script and you can of course see your entire translations which you’ve done and this exactly how Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software will look like on your website so visiting your website for the first time fab kit content like this requesting for you to choose your language so whichever language i want to get this on i could go ahead select it to prop arabic i could do reset that and it requires that i provide my name so i could go ahead and set my name here and it’s going to remember me and render all my site into arabic so if i visited the next time i’m going to have all of this content right inside here and it does not distort the styling of my website so that’s really how awesome it is to use typekit to translate any of your website for your first time site visitors so coming back to your Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software dashboard and going over to your visitors you can find the entire visitors which has been our capture bedtime kit right here we have our this tool right here showing that we captured right from typekit and you can always come back to your Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software dashboard to our edit or customize your language folder so at this point you can then come over here to see all your translations right inside of the translation you can of course come here to see your edit functionality so right on your translate you can also get to see all translatable texts that are ai can also help you translate or suggest our text which you can change your our front-end view into so right here you can see all the text so if i was to uh make some edits within my filter if i have some arrows within my footage could be copyright so you should put that way i can also get to see uh content i could want to change this so i can then come over here say edit here we have Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software new flows if i change this now to type kit app i have it at step guitar if i hit on save changes this is going to apply on my front end as well so i don’t have to pay any developer to edit my text for me so coming back to the page right here i want to go back and i’m selecting english and hit and save if you scroll down and hit to refresh this page to resolve this scrolling below you see here we have the tab kit app so that’s exactly how you can go here to use the Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software Ai to rewrite your site remotely as well as to translate your website without distorting the content to just about

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software – Demo Video

Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software honest review + Download Link

Typekit fixes a massive traffic leak your customers have because they are NOT making themselves available to 80% of their potential traffic. By offering english only you’re losing out on the majority of your traffic, And TypeKit not only Translates to any language on the go, it keeps the page IN TACT and SEXY as it was before the translation (unlike google translate which breaks the page and thus the experience of the visitor) And then, with a ground breaking feature no one has, it automatically collects everyone who translates in a lead in 1 CLICK. AND, to top that off, a simple step is all it takes to translate your product to be congruent with your landing page!

This software doesn’t just fix a major leak and gets them 5x more traffic, but it also turns them all into leads.

So it doesn’t matter how you spin this, if you mail with traffic angle they’ll be blown away by the leads they will get. If you mail with technology angle they’ll be blown away by the traffic it gets, if you go the lead angle they’ll be blown away by how many extra leads they’ll get. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THIS USP. This is an incredibly sexy USP, your audience will DEVOUR this. Now with this amzing software you can Start selling in only English, means you are loosing potential traffic, leads and money. So. Don’t limit yourself and Sell your products & services to people across the world. Get Type Kit Multi-Lingual Software now

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