Tips for Choosing Hosting For Beginners

Hosting and domain are two things that can not be separated in the internet world. When you want to create a website that can be accessed by others, of course you need a domain as well as hosting. Domain is the address of a website. (Tips for Choosing Hosting For Beginners)

Let’s say you have a website. Well, the name is a domain. This domain will lead visitors to the website location. Well, the location where the website is placed is here is called Hosting.

Want to know more? Please check Domain Differences, Hosting, SSL and Website. Many people feel confused in choosing a good Hosting and “fit” for the website. Especially for beginners who are new to the world of websites. But do not worry, this time we will give tips on choosing Hosting according to your website! ?

Tips for Choosing Hosting For Beginners
Tips for Choosing Hosting For Beginners

How Does Hosting Say “Fits”?

To choose a Hosting, not only the price and disk space is only worth noting. You’ll also need to customize it to the website you want to create. For example, what website you want to create, what are the estimated visitors per day, need SSH access or not, need high speed or not and so on.

This is very influential when you choose Hosting. You can imagine when you create an online store website that is accessed by 1000 visitors every day. Of course the Hosting you choose should also be able to accommodate all 1000 visitors, have enough CPU and RAM Core and a capacity of approximately 2 GB.

You can’t choose Hosting with a capacity of only 300 MB. Can- can your online store will not be maximized and experiencing overload or resource limit. Hosting is said to be “fits” if it matches the website you want to create. Nothing more and nothing less. What is the cheapest hosting that can’t be used to the fullest?

I’m Confused By The Terms In Hosting!

To choose the “right” Hosting you should pay attention to the resources in the web hosting. This resource will certainly affect the performance of a website. For those of you who are still beginners, sometimes feel unfamiliar with terms in hosting such as CPU, RAM, SSD Disk Space, Bandwidth, VMEM, PMEM and so on. Hmm don’t confuse dude,  We’ll explain one by one.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer calculated in bit time units per second (bps). Or in other words, bandwidth is the maximum capacity of communication lines to perform the process of sending and receiving data in seconds. Internet connections with greater bandwidth can move a certain amount of data (e.g. video files) much faster than internet connections with lower bandwidth.


CPU or Central Processing Unit is one of the computer devices that carry out instructions from the software on the computer. In essence, this CPU is the brain of a computer. In the CPU there is a processor (core) that serves to manage all activities on the computer. Hosting is a plot of a computer server. Well, it is this CPU that will carry out what the software instructs. And the software in question is the website. So, when you “click” the button on the website, the CPU will execute the instruction. Therefore, selecting Cores on the CPU is very important to note. Usually, Hosting with a Core of 0.5 GHz – 1 GHz is more than enough to accommodate a regular website. But for business needs, we recommend using Hosting with a standard 2 GHz CORE CPU for maximum performance.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary data storage memory. The greater the RAM owned, the faster hosting will be in processing the website.

SSD Disk Space

SSD Disk Space is the capacity of hosting itself. You know the hard drive? Well, it’s almost the same as that. However, hard drives cannot provide good performance for a Hosting. A good Hosting service, will definitely provide SSD (Solid State Drive) as its storage media. One of them is 5CloudHost . We implement SSD storage for super-fast and stable access to your website. For more information about SSD excellence, please read Ssd Advantage Compared to Hard Drive.


Inodes are the number of files that a single hosting account can accommodate. If the inodes are full then of course it will affect the hosting performance. In 5CloudHost, you can get UNLIMITED Inodes for ALL HOSTING PLANS. So, you don’t have to worry if at any time the inodes are full.


VMEM is Virtual Memory while PMEM is Physical Memory. VMEM(Virtual Memory) is virtual memory taken from an SSD. PMEM is physical memory that exists in RAM. Usually the RAM size will be the same as PMEM. The bigger PMEM hosting has, the faster the website process will be.


EP stands for Entry Processes. This Entry Process will set up many web scripts running at all times. For example, your Hosting has 15 EPs. That means, at one time (millisecond) there are 15 website script processing. For business purposes, we recommend choosing Hosting with 25-40 EP. While ENPROC is the Entry Number of Processes. ENPROC is basically the same as EP. However, ENPROC also manages many scripts, web server applications, databases that run every time. Usually Hosting has 100 ENPROC.


IO stands for Input Output. Then IOPS is Input Output Per Second. This IO and IOPS will affect hosting speed. This IOPS will set the number of uploads and downloads in 1 second.

Memcached, SSH Access, DNS Manager, FTP

Memcached is one of the features to speed up dynamic web applications. With this feature, hosting work will be lighter. For those of you who have a website with a fairly dynamic look and many features, We recommend to choose Hosting that has this feature.

SSH is a Secure Shell that allows you to view server activity, monitor servers, view server directories, restart servers and view server jobs. If your Hosting has this feature, then you can access your own server via console / terminal.

While FTP (File Transfer Protocol) will facilitate you in the business of uploading website files on Hosting. So, try to choose a Hosting that comes with FTP features.

5 Tips for Choosing Hosting
5 Tips for Choosing Hosting

5 Tips for Choosing Hosting

Before purchasing Hosting, make sure you prepare everything. Here are 5 tips on choosing Hosting to “Fits” with the website:

  1. Customize the hosting specifications with the website you create. Do not let you choose Hosting with a capacity of 48 GB but only used for personal websites. Or do not let you choose Hosting with a little capacity when for a large enough online store.
  2. Make sure you consider the SSH and Memcached features. Whether your website needs such features or not.
  3. Make sure you consider the resources in hosting such as CPU, RAM, SSD Disk Space and so on. Don’t be surprised because the website error due to resource limit.
  4. Security is also important! Make sure you choose Hosting with good features and security support. Make sure it comes with antivirus, antimalware and backups periodically. If possible, choose a Hosting service that supports CloudFlare, Imunify360, Railgun or others.
  5. And lastly, always choose Hosting with clear details. Don’t want you to be lied to by domain and hosting service providers. Make sure you know the hosting specifications you want to buy.


5CloudHost Has Provided the Best Hosting!

what is 5CloudHost ?

5CloudHost is cheaper than other web hosting services. They provide 5 years of first-class web hosting for less than the price of 1.

It’s extra fast and reliable. Its powerful servers (40 Cores CPU, 128GB RAM, SSD Storage, 10Gbps connection) and 1Tbps Network connection of the data center will help your website load faster. Our Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure with redundant network and the RAID protected SSD Storages won’t let your website go down.

Firewall, WAF, malware & virus protection, daily backups, free SSL certificates everything ensures its “best security”.

5CloudHost’s parent company is a CloudFlare Partner, so you can enable CloudFlare’s CDN from your cPanel account with 1 click. Check a real testimony from chris below:

Thanks to the powerful technology, 5CloudHost is also instantly activated and easy to use. It provides fully automated services, and it’s ready to run with just a few clicks. Nonetheless, dedicated support is available 24/7, just in case you need help.

There is no reason any more to pay huge amounts month after month when you can get 5 years of Blazing-Fast Web Hosting at a fraction of what you pay every year to your current host!

5CloudHost is now offering all the features you need at a special price – for a limited time only – when you buy the 5-year plan. All packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked. Check out the pricing packages here <<


Hosting is one very important thing for websites. Therefore, we provide tips on choosing hosting so that you can know the “fits” hosting for your website. Why buy Hosting at a high price and a lot of capacity but only used for personal websites? Why buy Hosting with a small capacity and cheap price but it does not match the website you create? For that, make sure your Hosting “fits” with the website.

last but not least Choosing a web hosting company is also one of the most critical decisions that you will make in the early stages of your business. So, take your time. Study the company’s corporate culture and go with a web hosting company that is interested in your success; most especially one that helps you to deploy your website on their blazing-fast, easy-to-use, secure and reliable platform with enterprise servers that are powered by cPanel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Our Support Team.

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