The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review – Create Printables & Books In Less Than A Minute!

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 By Amber Jalink – Discover The Faster, Easier Way To Create Colouring, Activity Books & Printables For All Ages, With A New Faster, Easier Way That Cuts Your Creation Time to Just 5 minutes or less.

Is your life busy? Of course it is!

We all have a ton of things going on in life, and for many, this past year made things worse in a lot of ways. And if you want to create low content books (activity books, colouring books, game books and more)…. well it can be hard to find “extra” time.

WHAT IF you could speed up the process of creating coloring & activity books and printables, by Cutting Your Time IN HALF (or better!)?

It seems like there are hundreds (probably thousands) or gung-ho creators who love:

  • spending hours upon hours creating and editing graphics…
  • spending further hours upon hours researching and finding new ideas…
  • spending hours crafting their sales write ups for Etsy, KDP and more…
  • spending added time listing their products for sale…

But it’s easy to burn out fast on some of that, especially the creating side.

Yes, with a software that i will show you today, you can Create Printables & Books In Less Than A Minute!

Interested? Let’s check all the details about it in my The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review below…

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review

The activity book generator does exactly what it says: It creates Coloring and Activity books (and more), AND PRINTABLES with the click of a button. These can be published on Amazon KDP, or Etsy and anywhere else. With Version 1, the system was broken down into two parts: the Coloring book generator, and the Activity book generator, which also includes coloring mixed in. The coloring book generator includes both adult coloring images Mandala and Line Art styles (created by me personally!), as well as Kids coloring images (which was created by my in-house graphics specialist).

But we’re now releasing: The Activity Book Generator 2.0, to take it EVEN further! Our members can now CHOOSE the images they want, build and save projects, and so much more. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours have been spent over the past YEAR creating these graphics in addition to the expanded programming. (And it’s STILL growing). The point of this software-as-a-service is to help people REMOVE the barriers to publishing by having to come up with everything themselves, position it in the pages, and so on. It’s SO simple, with about 3 clicks of the mouse, they have you could say, a “push button” approach to product and printable creation.

We currently have over a whopping 20,000 60,000 coloring & activity pages in our system (at the time of this writing, September 2021)!  These were created by our team for this project, and we STILL add NEW images every single week on Mondays (except when Monday falls on a holiday locally). The system is broken down into two parts: the Coloring book generator, and the Activity book design generator, which also includes coloring mixed in. The coloring book generator includes both adult coloring images (created by me personally!), as well as Kids coloring images (which was created by my in-house graphics specialist). The images for Kids fit both preschool and up, and you can easily add text to the pages if you wish using a simple (free) pdf editor.

The Activity Book Generator does exactly what it says: it creates coloring and activity books and printables, for both adults and kids, with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. These can be published on Amazon KDP, Etsy, Gumroad, or anywhere else! And yes, you can use them as a parent, a teacher, etc! You don’t “have” to do it as a business, but many do – and that’s why we do focus on that. The activity book generator is a WEB BASED TOOL to cut your time drastically. There is othing to install. Simply log into the members area to use it. You do need an internet connection of course, because it runs online.

>> Try the software here: The Activity Book Generator 2.0

The Activity Book Generator 2.0
The Activity Book Generator 2.0

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 – Overview

Product Vendor : Amber Jalink
Launch Date : September 9th 2021 @ 09:00 AM EST
Official Website :
Front-End Price : $25
Skills : All Level’s (100% beginner friendly)
Niche : Colouring, Activity Books & Printables software generator
Recommendation : Highly recommended
Support : 24/7 world class Support

About the Creator

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review By Amber Jalink

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 was created by Amber Jalink. She has been working online full time since May of 1997… yep, over 24 years! Back in 2007, She created her own planner because nothing out there worked for her. Staff saw it in 2014, and started begging her to create it for them too, and it expanded from there.

she is happy to bring you the next phase of our creation, that lets YOU create books, printables and other fun things, for any age – with just a few clicks of your mouse!

A huge benefits of The Activity Book Generator 2.0

  • Create printables and books in less than a minute every time, allowing you to create 30-60 books or multi-page printables in an hour.
  • Choose between Coloring or Activities (Activities also may include some coloring), and if using the project system, combine both as you wish!
  • Completely random so you will rarely (if ever) see the same image twice. The odds of having an exact same book are in the millions because there are so many images in the system.
  • Easily edit the PDF with a free editor if you wish to adjust or add words
  • Royalty free! Publish as many as you want, and keep all the profits
  • Change the page sizes, without the hassle of figuring out margins and inches.

YES you really CAN create a printable or even a book, and have it published in 5 minutes or less! The majority of your time WILL be creating your cover and listing!

Doesn’t it make sense to speed up the process where you can?

How does it works?

With The Activity Book Generator 2.0 You can build your products in less than 7 simple steps!

  1. Choose a Category, or Search for an image (i.e., dogs, farm, beach, etc.)
  2. Drag and Drop the images you choose into the right side project builder
  3. Rearrange the images to the order you want
  4. Choose the page size (Letter (8.5×11″), A4 (210 x 297 mm, 8.3×11.7″), or C5 (6×9″))
  5. Save the project (in case you’d like to use it again later, or finish later)
  6. Click to “Compile” your book/product
  7. When prompted, save the PDF file to your computer!

YES it’s THAT simple! But don’t just take my word for it…

Watch this Demo Video on how to use the NEW Activity Book Generator Version 2.0:

Isn’t it crazy how fast that was? I didn’t even speed up the video! That book creation was done in REAL TIME.

Here’s what will you get inside The Activity Book Generator 2.0

There are over 1,000 adult coloring images (over 700 new created JUST for this project), plus another 1100+ kids coloring (preschool and up), AND over 3,800 activity pages included. The activities include your typical hangman, tic tac toe pages, but also find the match, activity placemats, what doesn’t belong, how many words can you find, and more that we CUSTOM CREATED for this.

In addition, there are (currently) over 250+ mazes and sudoku games, also with answer sheets!

Here’s a quick sample, but be assured, this is a VERY brief glimpse of what is all included, because we’re ADDING ALL THE TIME.

A brief glimpse of adult coloring (there’s over 1,000!)

Yes, they print well for easy or complex colouring (we have different variations).

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review

A tiny glimpse of the kids coloring (Over 1,100!)

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review

A glimpse of the kids activities….

Includes mazes, connect the dots, find the match, redraw the animal and SO MUCH MORE! Now over 3800!

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review

Is the activity book generator the “end all be all” to creating books and printables?

No, of course not, and we don’t claim to be. However, the sheer time savings that it does for you (with high quality 300 dpi printables) to allow you to create so quickly, is time you can spend on getting them up for sale and promoting your products. PLUS we’re the first to release this type of product (last year), and we are ALWAYS working on it and releasing new things.

In fact, almost EVERY single Monday of the year, we release something new, whether it’s new colouring or activities added in, or new features. The ONLY Monday’s we do not release something, is when the Monday falls on a holiday (for Ontario Canada). Realistically, that means we are releasing something new 45+ weeks of the year! It’s crazy… but don’t take my word for it. Here is just a SMIDGEN of the feedback we’ve gotten from our weekly updates and releases (I couldn’t screenshot a whole year’s worth!).

Can I make money from The Activity Book Generator 2.0 ?

Need proof that these will sell?

Here’s an example of some REAL stores that are selling the types of coloring, activities and printables you’re getting… (note some of the dates on the Amazon books might seem older, but those are the publication dates- the BEST SELLER ratings are from AUGUST of this year 2021! = CURRENT!)

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 - Real Proof
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 – Real Proof
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 - Testimony
The Activity Book Generator 2.0 – Testimony

Obviously we do not guarantee how much money you will make with these. It is against the law for us to claim anything, and that’s because it’s entirely up to you what effort you put into selling these.

However, I’m sure you can recognize that what we’ve just done – is taken away ALL the “creation” hassles for you!

Simply create your own cover (if you’re creating it as a book for Amazon/KDP), or, if you’re simply selling as printables, there’s NOTHING else for you to do except create your listings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I add my own images?
Not at this time, however it is on our “to do” list and will be added very shortly.

Q. If I want to have a bigger book or different images to combine into one, can I do so?
Yes you can, but you have to use a PDF editor to do so. Our system does not let you merge at this time. *If you use the Project system, you can create books up to 60 pages.

Q. Am I limited to how many I can create?
Nope! You can create as many as you wish 🙂

Q. It says 10 Projects… does that mean I am restricted or have to buy more?
The 10 projects simply means they are 10 SAVED projects. You can create an unlimited number of books and printables. To use more projects once you’ve reached your max, then you can simply delete one that you may not be using to free it up.

Q. Do I get PLR rights?
You have PLR rights in that you can use these to sell as you wish, however, you can not include plr rights to others. (There is an add on Developer option that allows that).

Q. Are there any other restrictions?
You can not extract the images and upload these to any free or paid file sharing sites, and that includes graphics sites (free or paid). And obviously you cannot share your access to your account to anyone.

Q. Will others have the same books or printables as me?
The pages “could” potentially be in books or printables others create, but realistically, if you bought the rights to use images somewhere OR used any free site like Pixabay, it’s quite obvious that others have the same images in use – so while ours are images we paid for the rights to use this way, the fact is, it’s highly unlikely you’ll repeat the same as others. The odds of creating two of the exact same 20-30 page books for example are almost astronomical, but not impossible. Don’t let that be something to hold you back.

Example: We created a word search book with a series of specific topics that *WE* personally pulled together. Amazon said there are others out there with the same content. We replied (and I had proof) that while the words may be similar to others, the fact is, words are words, they can be used anywhere. So yes, it’s possible that others will have similar, but the chances are slim to have the exact same.

The Activity Book Generator 2.0 – Honest Review

In my opinion: “This is one you should add to your book creation toolbox.” First of all, it’s easy, the quality is good, and I can really create 2-3 different ActivityBook booklets in less than a minute. If possible, the current state of the randomized output would allow you to type in a keyword or select interest for a theme and the output would follow that theme. This request will be realized soon, I think. The next surprising thing is that there is no duplication in the output. For more than a week, ActivityBookGenerator responded satisfactorily to multiple consecutive requests for output, almost daily. There was no duplication in the generated forms. “In “Activity Book Generator” you get a simple interface that will save you time when creating simple activity books interiors, time that you can put back into the “rest of the process” of activity book creation…

“I couldn’t imagine a more useful software than this one. I mean, every low content creator should run to secure their access. Really easy to use, quick to generate PDFs on demand and not much work involved on my part. In fact, I first grabbed it for myself: No more searching the internet for hours to find suitable coloring and activity pages for me!So what are you waitng for? get access to The Activity Book Generator 2.0 now!

>> Download your copy here: The Activity Book Generator 2.0


Thank you so much for reading my The Activity Book Generator 2.0 Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

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