Small Business Superstore Review – Designed For Small Business School Owners

Welcome to the Virtual Project Small Business Superstore. I’m Simon. You know covid has hurt so many people. But today, there may be a way of getting our business up and running again online. I know i didn’t believe it either until I experienced it myself. I’m speaking about something so ahead of its time. Virtual Project has created the perfect Virtual Superstore. I think we all know virtual is not going away. Does your business need a virtual presence online? The right answer is we all do. Let’s head out to the Virtual Super Store to pick out one today.

Here you can continue with your existing business or start a new business all online. I’m talking about a space that gives you the opportunities to work with your previous students and clients in real-time.

If you’re not sure the story you’re living right now is the right one for you, let me help you change it, we have developed tools designed to bring income to your business, and i’m not talking about one tool; we are talking about many tools.

  • Run Competitions
    Run Competitions, tournaments, contests, fundraisers, charity events for yourself, or invite other businesses that do what you do to join your events .
  • Sell Advertising & Digital Content
    Create income from the sale of advertising right on your platform with rotating banner ads. Deliver your digital products to your students and clients.
  • Online Training
    Provide online training for students and clients using your built-in monthly subscriptions.
  • Excalibur VCO
    We are building our own Zoom-like Platform that will rivals what zoom is offering you.
  • Excalibur Stream
    Want to run live events? You will be able to do it right from your platform.
  • Sell or Rent Your Content
    How would you like to offer your content to others to help them with their virtual classes by providing them a monthly subscription.

  • Social Media
    Now for best part Social Media and how our platform will drive your business on automatic.
  • On Automatic
    You will receive monthly lists of students and clients that have voted for your students, along with phone numbers, zip codes.
  • For You
    The videos they compete with will travel the world to bring all kinds of people back to you and your site.

Want more? We do too. That’s why we will never stop developing. You can go ahead and cancel all those other companies that you pay each month and add those savings to what I am showing you here.

Let’s Go Inside The Superstore: Step by step details on design and functionality

Small Business Superstore Review

What is Small Business Superstore?

Small Business Superstore is The World’s Fastest competions powered design and social media automation target up to 3.5 billion social media users! Small Business Superstoreis providing a platform where anyone with that entrepreneurial spirit can continue to run their schools. Income and structure are all here. The owner’s chances of staying in business in this new virtual world will increase by using our platform. PayPal integration, as well, is all built right inside our software.With Small Business Superstore you an still interact with their students while allowing them to stay on a path of accomplishing the goals that they have set for themselve.

What we are looking for from you?

We are looking for the next generation of school owners who keep their options open to improve their business, make more money, and provide a new and exciting student, client experience.

A new wave of excitement will grow for students and instructors as they provide this whole new way of competing. Owners of our Platform will run their classes daily as they create video competitions and activities of never seen before movie-making skills added to our classes to create a new level of excitement for their students.

We are all knows that Covid-19 has hurt us all, but there is a way back. The world is full of schools and businesses that will have to change the way they do business.

You do know virtual is here to stay. Business+Virtual= Survivability! If you are not willing to learn something new, you will be DOOMED.

How we designed our platform?

Our platform was created with the following mission objectives in mind.

  • First, it must run side by side with the existing school curriculum. Nobody wants or needs more work; we are all busy enough.
  • Second, it has to bring in that extra cash.
  • Third, student acquisition. It has to find new students and or clients on a continuous basis.
  • Forth, last, but in no way least, it has to help with social media marketing.

Persons using our platform will create video competitions, events, challenges, and fundraisers as they also create the categories of challenges within their events. No extra work.

You do what you teach! Students, clients, friends, and family will pay entry fees to participate in the events you create. You will set up a PayPal account available to take payments from your students or clients for these events. Your business revenue increases in this way.

Detailed reports are given to you each month as to friends of students and clients that have participated in events you have created.

Social Media, no problem, once your events start, your students and clients send access to these videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Benefits of Small Business Superstore Platform

  • CHANGE Your Story
    If you’re not sure the story you’re living right now is the right one for you, let us help you change it.
  • TOOLS To Play With
    We have developed tools designed to bring money to your business, and i’m not talking about one tool. We’re talking about many tools.
  • PROOF Time To Take Action
    Because I hate marketers that try to hook you with their outrageous statement, take you through meaningless pages of adevrtising before they get to the point. You have seen our video and read the information here, and that should be enough to make you fill the form above. See if you think any of the following ways our platform makes can help you.

Virtual Competitions New Platform is a humanitarian thrust forward to meet the world and its people where they live . Imagine if you would the young man or woman that shows you in a video how they continually undermine records set by our best athletes. The world’s reach we have always hoped for has been realized now with our Virtual Competitions Platform.

Bringing competitors from all around the world to a platform that will show us all in a four-minute reality show who these competitors are and what they bring to the world just became much easier.

There will no longer be a social problem of a forgotten child, man or woman with a dream of being the best in the world at something they know in their heart and mind they are. Not having the ability to go beyond personal circumstances that rule our lives is to be paralyzed mentally as well as physically; poverty, sickness, or just the need to care for aging parents, Virtual Competitions eliminate the drawbacks of circumstances and provide an opportunity for every person no matter where they live or their conditions .



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