Quizzmate PRO Version Upgrade Review & Download + Full OTO Details

Quizzmate PRO Version Upgrade Review!

You know, everyone wants viral traffic and leads. That’s a given. However, it isn’t so easy, is it? You have to come up with crafty social media posts, landing pages, giveaways…

Instead, picture this… What if you could get the traffic and leads you want, WITHOUT all that hard work, and in as little as 2 minutes?

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “Content is king”. However, I beg to contrast. I believe that “Interactive content is king”. Content without interacting is a waste of time and money.

Online quizzes can generate 1000s of leads without spending a single cent on ads. Don’t believe me? Drew Duboff used an online quiz to generate 1,310 leads from Pinterest traffic without paying a dime. And companies like a small teeth whitening brand used online quizzes to generate 19,212 leads… and $123,855 in sales!

And on my review today, I’m gonna show you How To Take Quizzmate To The Next Level With These ADDITIONAL AMAZING Pro Features!

Quizzmate PRO Version Review
Quizzmate PRO Version Review

Quizzmate PRO Version Review – Full details

Quizzmate is a fantastic SaaS with 5 types of online quizzes, all with a drag-n-drop editor that totally simplifies quiz creation. Even the most complex multi-branch quiz for narrowing people down into tightly focused targeted groups is a snap with this editor. Then, just copy the single line of code for pasting into any website anywhere, or posting to your social media. Viral sharing is built-in, plus lead capture, emailing through the buyer’s SMTP, and more.

Quizzmate is the most affordable quiz building app anywhere! You can get started for as little as the cost of a pizza.
No need to buy traffic, just share your quizzes on social media to get the ball rolling. And Watch your traffic grow as quiztakers share your quizzes with THEIR friends!

I’m sure that you’re going to love Quizzmate and all that it has to offer. And while I know you’re anxious to get targeted leads coming in with your first quiz… How about adding three key benefits that can multiply your results?

Your current Quizzmate app works just as I described so no worries there. But if you want to take things to the next level, then you owe it to yourself to today… Here’s Everything That’s Included In Quizzmate PRO Version Upgrade: Unlock Unlimited Quizzes, Unlock Unlimited Emailing, And Unlock Completely Done-For-You Affiliate Email Campaigns!

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Quizzmate Online Quizzes App
Quizzmate Online Quizzes App

Quizzmate PRO Version Review : Overview

Product Vendor : Yogesh Agarwal
Launch Date : 7th Sept 2021
Launch Time : 11 AM EST
Official Website : https://quizzmate.com/
Price : $47
Bonuses : $2000+ (from my site and invaluable bonus in the package)
Skills : All Level’s (100% beginner friendly)
Guarantee : 30 day’s money back guarantee with risk free
Niche : Quizzes, Lead, & Sales generator Software
Recommendation : Highly recommended
Support : 24/7 world class Support

Huge benefits of Quizzmate PRO Version

First of all, I want to say that no other app on the market does what quizzmate does for this low price!

Online quizzes and polls are simply getting larger and larger, people who take movement now might be poised to construct huge flawlessly focused lists withinside the very close to future. The motive lies withinside the truth that one of the number one elements Google seems at in its rating set of rules is the common time spent on site.

This is how much time people spend on your site before leaving. Interactive experiences like quizzes, polls, and surveys are proven to increase the average time spent on site up to 65% or more!

Also, quizzmate gives everyone access to these hot tools. If you can click a mouse, drag & drop, and copy/paste, you can add the power of interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys to your site! No tech knowledge, no coding, no headaches.

And do you recognize that there are numerous approaches to make the most of this product?

Here’s some of profits from QuizzMate: Generate leads for your own offers; Generate targeted leads to sell to other businesses; Sift your incoming traffic by interest and send them to affiliate offers or put paid ads on your quiz pages for an additional income stream.

For example, let’s say you have a beauty website and multiple affiliate offerings for different types of makeup. You can add an engagement questionnaire to your website and ask the visitor a series of yes / no questions to find out if they’re interested in lipstick and foundation. , Eyeliner, etc.

You can also use it to create a very targeted list of prospects for your own deals, affiliate offers or sell leads to companies. As you can see, the potential of this product is unlimited! And I can assure you that these tactics work because they trigger deep-seated psychological responses in perspective.

They want to participate, they want to fill out the questionnaire that determines the best part, they want to choose and / or buy what you offer them. Overall, you’ll love how you can create multiple perfectly specific niche lists with a single quiz. Content creators can easily generate sticky content that reduces bounce. Join the site and keep people on the site for more ad views and subscriptions. That’s a real winner!

Quizzmate PRO Version Review
Quizzmate PRO Version Review

Key Features

Here’s what Quizzmate is made up of: Simple interactive technology that hooks up to any traffic source.

  • Add quizzes and polls to your videos: Insert multiple choice quizzes, polls, and short answer questions into your videos with a ground-breaking new interface. (Embed and share everywhere engage traffic and increase sales)
  • Create stories, quizzes and more: Increase time on site by giving your readers an easily digestible content experience they know and love in the narratives they read. (Capture leads and increases sales.)
  • Create ctas quizzes, generate leads: Create different type of interactive content, and start generating leads, engage traffic and convert sales. (Capture leads and increase virality. Embed and share everywhere)
  • In-depth analytics & statistics: Discover what quizzes, surveys, etc are the most viewing. Get results for all your Video, Stories, Quizzes, and much more.
  • Create hq graphics in minutes: Create different type of graphics and images and start using it directly on your interactive content in a few minutes. (High-Quality Graphics Editor, Easy and No Skills Needed)
  • Tons of high-quality images: Very Powerful feature, that can help you get tons of high-quality images in seconds using a keyword or simply by choosing a category.
  • List integration: Connect your favorite autoresponder to collect your leads. (Integrated with MOST of the Powerful AutoResponders in the market Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, Activecampaign, Sendlane, and Convertkit).

And here’s Everything That’s Included In Your Upgrade:

  • Unlock Unlimited Quizzes!
    Your current level of Quizzmate lets you create 100 number of quizzes, which might be good enough for a few people. But for the majority of people (like yourself), you’ll be able to create UNLIMITED quizzes! If you plan on generating a LOT of leads for multiple offers or niches, then it’s best to have no limits on what you can do. With Pro, the possibilities are (literally) endless!
  • Unlock Unlimited Emailing!
    You’ll love this… Your current level of Quizzmate lets you send 100 emails through connecting your SMTP service. That’s a lot. But if you’re able to create unlimited quizzes for generating huge leads and sales, you need to be able to send unlimited emails, as well… So I’ve unlocked that capability for you! You won’t ever have to worry about hitting the limit when you have a highly productive campaign… or even a series of them! All your opt-in email messages will get sent, multiplying your results.
  • Unlock Completely Done-For-You Affiliate Email Campaigns!
    This one’s really cool… I know you want to hit the ground running. You want to create your first quizzes and start generating leads. To help you out, I’ve assembled completely done-for-you email campaigns, ready to mail, for 10 of the best affiliate offers out there. Just plug these in to an appropriate quiz and your leads get sold on the offers they’re perfectly targeted for… and YOU make the commission! We’ve even included a pre-made quiz for each campaign, so this is TRULY 100% Done-For-You!

Quizzmate Online Quizzes App Review

Here’s what will you get inside Quizzmate PRO Version

Take A Look At The Five Compelling Viral Traffic Grabbers Included In Quizzmate!

  • The Engagement Quizz
    Starts with a Yes/No question to draw the prospect in and polarize them. Then, it progressively narrows them to your desired result, question after question. Add a timer and you’ll giver your prospect scarcity, plus the rush of adrenaline to complete the quiz on time!
  • The Poll Quizz
    This allows you to create polls to collect opinions from your prospects. It also lets them enter answers for questions. EVERYONE wants to be heard, and you are giving them the perfect chance to state their opinion, feedback, and thoughts on whatever subject you want!
  • The Score Quizz
    It’s so simple to set up a quiz, along with the correct answers. When the prospect reaches the end of the quiz, the score is automatically calculated and shown. And they will reach the end… nobody can start one without seeing how they score! Based on the score, you can then redirect the prospect to any lead gen or affiliate offer you wish.
  • The Surveyor Quizz
    Another great tactic for drawing your prospect in for an opportunity to state their opinions! You easily add in quiz questions with ratings. For each question, the prospect can specify their rating and move on to the next question.
  • The Response Pumper Quizz
    This is a simple question & answer quiz with multiple options. Scarcity and interactivity are pumped up to the max with a timer and a spin-the-wheel section. This is a complete experience for your prospect that will keep them locked in and on task (as you’ve directed them!).
Quizzmate Online Quizzes App Testiomny
Quizzmate Online Quizzes App Testiomny

Quizzmate PRO Version – Honest Review

Upgrade To Quizzmate Pro! And You’ll Multiply Your Lead Generation Success!

One irritating thing about many other lead generation apps is that it seems you’re never getting everything you need in order to succeed. But that’s not the case here. Quizzmate works fine on its own. No gotchas, no bait ‘n switch, nothing to worry about.

Online quizzes can generate 1000s of leads without spending a single cent on ads. Don’t believe me? Drew Duboff used an online quiz to generate 1,310 leads from Pinterest traffic without paying a dime. And companies like a small teeth whitening brand used online quizzes to generate 19,212 leads… and $123,855 in sales! And they did it the hard way, without the easy drag & drop of Quizzmate!

However… since we both know that you want to generate the most targeted leads and sales possible… then it just makes sense to go Pro, right? Especially when the investment is so low. As a way of saying thanks for putting your trust in Quizzmate, I’d like to offer you access to this upgrade for a very modest fee.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… The Guarantee Still Stands… So You’re Protected No Matter What. I’ll still honor the 30 day money back guarantee. This way you can upgrade today with total confidence. If you don’t feel that Quizzmate Pro is everything I promised, simply request a refund and we’ll part as friends.

While I’m offering you an incredible discount on this upgrade… unfortunately this won’t last forever. The cost of unlocking features in your account is available at a discount during this special launch phase. Once the time runs out, the price will increase drastically. So go ahead and click the button below and we’ll get this added to your account in the next few minutes when you log in…

Get instant access here now: Quizzmate Online Quizzes App

Click here to upgrade now : Quizzmate Pro Version


NOTE:Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love. If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.”


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  • OTO/UPGRADE 3: Quizzmate Reseller License
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