[Black Friday Deal] QuizTarget Review – The Most Powerful Interactive Quiz Builder!

I have brought a secret recipe that can get you limitless leads without spending tons of money and time!

Video Marketers are absolutely going to love it!

It is called “QuizTarget”!

With this tools you can creates engaging video & lead quizzes that Skyrocket Leads, Boosts Conversions for Any Niche!

Interested in? If yes then you need to check out all the details in my QuizTarget Review below!

What is QuizTarget?

QuizTarget is a new age tool that creates Dynamic, Interactive, Hyper Engaging Quizzes with Logic Branching for any niche in just a few minutes.

This is very Powerful, Easy to Use and 100% Newbie Friendly Software!

I’ve used QuizTarget and I must say it’s really impressive! QuizTarget is loaded with powerful features which helped me grab hot leads. At the same time, it’s very easy to use.

QuizTarget can create any of quiz (Open ended quiz, Multiple choice quiz, Fill in the blanks, Polls, True or False, Personality quizzes, Score based quizzes, Image quizzes, Audio quizzes, Video quizzes, Text quizzes) in just few clicks.

Plus, it’s loaded with Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns which allows you to publish a lead gen quiz in just a few clicks. This way, it helps in saving your time, money that you’d usually spend on other tools for lead generation.

QuizTarget also gives you everything you need to build your list and make sales fast and works for any niche or offer!

  • More Leads
    Embed on any site to start capturing leads now!
  • More Traffic
    People love taking quizzes and sharing the results with their friends!
  • More Optins
    Quizzes are proven to boost optins up to 78%!
  • More Sales
    Show targeted offers based on people’s answers and watch your sales explode!

All you have to do is select a Quiz template, make a few changes as per your needs and hit the publish button. That’s it! Highly recommended.

Why Quizzes Work So Well To Generate Hot Leads?

The straightaway answer is that quizzes provide people with personalized results.
It is one of the most effective ways for brands to shout – yes, we value your voice, and we get you!
As a result, quizzes work as the driving force to engage your prospects easily.

Here Are Some Facts To Prove That Quizzes Work Amazingly To Engage Your Prospects:

⮚ 96% of users who begin Buzzfeed quizzes complete them.
⮚ One of the Buzzfeed quizzes has been viewed for a whopping 22 million times.
⮚ 81% of the marketers believe that interactive content grabs readers’ attention well, and quiz is one of them.
⮚ An average quiz is shared for 2,000 times on social media platforms.
⮚ An average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate.
⮚ Forbes says that the demand for interactive content like quizzes will continue to grow.

The ultimate benefit of using quizzes is that you get to know how a customer thinks about something. Yes, based on their responses, it gets easier to pitch them an offer or product in exchange for leads.

QuizTarget Works in Just 3 Easy Steps

  1. Step 1 – Choose a ready made Quiz Campaign from our huge library of Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns or simply create your own Quiz Campaign from scratch with our easy Drag-n-Drop Technology.
  2. Step 2 – Customize it as per your requirements.
  3. Step 3 – Publish your quiz on your own site or share it on social media.
    Then sit back and watch as people start taking your quiz, giving you their emails, buying your stuff and sharing your quiz with their friends!

QuizTarget Demo Video

Let’s check QuizTarget demo video below to see it in action!

Key Features

QuizTarget is loaded with Tons of Powerful Features like:

  • Capture Leads at Any Stage of the Quiz
    Unlike other quiz creators, QuizTarget allows you to capture people’s emails at ANY stage of the quiz.
    • Ask for emails upfront to capture leads, even if they don’t finish your quiz
    • Ask for emails later in the quiz to reduce friction
    • Ask for emails after a certain question midway through your quiz
  • Keep Users Engaged With The Progress Tracking Bar
    • Proven to keep people engaged
    • Boost quiz competition rates
    • Customize the progress bar
    • Instantly grab attention with built-in placement feature
    • Edit color, size and much more!
  • Reward Quiz Takers With A Unique Point Scoring System
    • Give people a score for each correct response
    • Offer rewards for high scores
    • Provide training content for low scores
    • Reward people for completing the quiz
    • Make people feel smart or valued (and more likely to engage with your quiz!)
  • Gather killer intel with Powerful Polls
    • People love giving their opinions and seeing how they compare to others!
    • Create Text, Image or Video polls for quick and easy market research.
    • Users can see the results of the poll by giving you their email
  • Embed your quiz on Any Website!
    • Add your quiz to your website in seconds by pasting one line of auto-generated code wherever you want your quiz to appear!
    • Put it on a Time delay pop up, scroll bar, exit pop up, lightbox and more!
    • Works on any website with any site builder.
    • Make your quiz appear on the page after a certain time
    • Make your quiz appear based on your visitor’s behaviour!
  • Dynamic Quiz Builder with Logic Branching
    Show specific questions, content or product suggestions based on people’s answers… and watch your sales go through the roof!
  • Lead Segmentation
    Based on the responses of your quiz takers, segment your subscribers and build a custom audience list directly in your auto-responder. It helps you run highly profitable campaigns by offering what your audience is looking for.
  • Quiz Mindmap Designer
    Map out your quizzes with drag and drop designer to plan perfect flows that convert like crazy!
  • Multiple Quiz Types
    Create any type of Quiz that suits yours needs to boost conversions. Choose from Multiple Choice Questions/ True or False/ Fill in the Blanks/Open-Ended and Multimedia quiz types, and more.
  • Video Quiz Builder
    Ask your quiz questions via video, run awesome pre-launch video quizzes and grab the attention of your target audience like never before.
  • Funnel Quizzes
    Show your audience specific questions, offers, affiliate links, content and more, based on their answers!
  • Sales Quizzes
    Turn your quiz into a “virtual sales rep” that asks all the right questions and presents people with the solution that’s right for them.
  • Lead Gen Quizzes
    Ask a number of questions and capture emails before showing the user’s results. Or capture their email at the start, middle, end or after any question you like!
  • Feedback Quizzes
    Find out what your customers really think about your stuff, or run surveys for your paying clients instead.
  • Market Research Quizzes
    Gather golden intel on your market by asking them questions about what they like, hate and need help with. QuizTarget makes these quizzes fun and engaging so they want to participate!
  • Prelaunch Quizzes
    Build a massive prelaunch list and keep them engaged with additional quizzes during your launch. Based on their answers, you can show targeted content or different product offers and watch your sales blow up on launch day!
  • Quiz Mindmap Designer
    Drag & drop elements help you map out your quiz before you build it. Visualize your entire Quiz Flow Sequence with a birds-eye view. Save your Quiz Maps in the cloud. Perfect For Client Work!
  • Design Custom Forms
    Create eyeball grabbing opt-in forms that get the info you need from your leads.Choose your own layout, look and feel, customize the CTAs, and even add different images, frames or colors! Awesome For Boosting ROI And Building Your List Faster!
  • Add your own logo
    Brand any quiz template with your own logo in a couple of clicks. Essential For Serious Players!
  • Drag-and-Drop Quiz Builder
    Add backgrounds, images, videos, frames, borders and heaps more from our huge graphics library! Great For Non-Techies!
  • URL Redirect
    Send your audience to different URLs depending on their Quiz result. Redirect them to your Website, Sales Page, Affiliate Offer and more. By showing the right content based on their answers, your conversions and sales will shoot sky high!
  • Add a Timer
    Create scarcity and encourage people to finish the quiz. Choose from multiple timer layouts and designs!
  • GDPR Compliant Lead Generation
    Stay protected with a built-in checkbox for GDPR which allows you to collect leads safely.Boost engagement and optins by reassuring people their Data is protected.
  • Multiple Income Streams Built Into Each Quiz!
    Earn more from YouTube views, affiliate offers or your own products as people engage with your Quiz.
  • Commercial Rights Included
    Commercial rights are included. Offer quiz services using this license. Also, sell lead generation quiz campaigns.

And many more like…

  • Quiz engagement booster elements like timers, call to actions, transition effects, sound, stickers, emojis, GIFs and many more included
  • Capture leads at any stage of the quiz when quiz takers drop mid-way
  • Training and tutorials on how to ask the right questions and create quiz campaign included
  • Fully tested tool
  • 24/7 dedicated support team

Whatever type of quiz you can imagine QuizTarget will create it in seconds! Multiple Choice Questions, True or False, Fill in the Blanks, Open-Ended, Multimedia Quizzes (Image/ Audio/ Video/ GIF).

Now you can create a quiz for any situation, audience or niche faster, easier and more affordably than ever before!

Check How Big Brands and Influencers Are Using Quizzes to Grab Hot Leads

Even Big Brands are leveraging the power of quizzes and generating 1000s of leads on a daily basis.
Here is a proof-

Amazon places different quiz sets on its platform to ask questions to its potential customers to pitch products and fetch rich leads. They have increased their app downloads by almost 78% using this Quiz Lead Gen technology.

Ben Angel uses quizzes to find out multiple aspects of its respondents to generate quick leads. He generated more than 50,000+ leads which he later used to pitch his product.

Here is an example of Masterchef Mother’s Day Quiz, which had generated 198,425 leads for them.

QuizTarget – Is Worth Buying?

I have brought QuisTarget Software. I ran a lead generation quiz campaign on social media. Using QuizTarget’s video quiz builder technology I deployed a video dental quiz on Facebook and Instagram. And it instantly went viral, getting me hot leads for my dental clinic. Frankly I was overbooked with the dental appointments! – Stave

The best part is QuizTarget Works for Any Niche:

  1. Affiliate Marketers
  2. Video Marketers
  3. Online Marketers
  4. Ecommerce Marketers
  5. Local Businesses

And many more… As a Marketer and Business Owner I Highly recommend QuizTarget for your Online Business.

Plus, You Get These Amazing Fast-Action Bonuses If You Buy Today Only…

These are thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, but yours absolutely FREE when you buy QuizTarget right now!

✅ BONUS #1 – An Exclusive Guide that Makes Quiz Framing Easy! ($299)
Creating money-making and lead generating quizzes are now a child’s play! Yes, you read that correct! We have unlocked a special training bonus for you that will guide to framing engaging quizzes super easy!  The bonus comes with 3 features that will make your quiz creation time saving and interactive. You have exclusive access to this amazing bonus which will guide you on how to frame engaging lead generation quizzes for your campaign.
✅ BONUS #2 – 50 Whitelabel DFY High-Quality Lead Magnets ($457)
Lead magnets are the fastest way to build a list, and now you’ll get 50 solid lead magnets in the B2B niche to start integrating into your Quizzes and build your or your client’s lists with.
✅ BONUS #3 – Local FB Reviewer App ($749)
Facebook is giving huge importance to reviews and page ratings now. In fact, if your Facebook reviews are low or negative your ads cost will significantly rise. Help your clients take advantage of this and get more customers to their business with Facebook reviews and this amazing software.
✅ BONUS #4 – Reseller Rights to Viral Mobilio ($1259)
One of its kind of app that truly utilizes the power of mobile messenger apps, that have 90-95% open rate and a very specific and proven mind hack to deliver amazing results in any niche and any product you can think of.

What Others Say About QuizTarget


For businesses to thrive, they need to generate leads and convert them into sales. But most of the businesses and marketers struggle to generate leads online. They spend thousands of dollars on Ads, SEO and other marketing techniques and tools just to generate traffic and leads for their business. Specifically during this COVID-19 crisis, where most of the businesses are forced to go online, Marketers are in a big time worry!

It is where QuizTarget comes in! Allowing you to save tons of money on lead generation tools and Ads, avoid spending lots of time and efforts with QuizTarget!

Now, generating leads online and converting them into sales will be a child’s play. With QuizTarget in action you can create engaging dynamic quizzes in seconds, publish them onto your own site or social media, and get more hot leads like a pro!

So, what are you still waiting for? The ultimate way of generating quick leads is right here and is ready to help you!

If you are really serious about generating hot leads without hassles, then you need to start using QuizTarget today. It is surely a new way to capture massive leads and beat competition without wasting your time and efforts. Get Instant Access to QuizTarget Now

Frequently Asked Questions

➤ Is this a beginner friendly tool?

Yes, QuizTarget app is newbie friendly. No technical skills required. No design skills required. Even if you are a newbie, you’ll be able to create your first Quiz Campaign in a few clicks under 5 minutes.

We are also giving a quizTarget tutorial video which will help you set up your first Quiz Campaign.

➤ How can I decide the right questions and frame quizzes using QuizTarget?

QuizTarget comes with Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns. You can simply select the most suitable Quiz Campaign from the dashboard, edit it as per your needs and publish it right away.

If you still want to frame quizzes from scratch, then use our step-by-step training guide that you’ll be getting with your Commercial License only. This guide will show you how to ask the right questions that engage your target audience.

➤ Do you offer support and training?

Yes, you can see our support link at the bottom of this page. We offer full support and training. Our team is here for you, 24/7.

➤ Does it work on MacOS or Windows OS?

QuizTarget is a cloud-based SaaS app. So no installation needed. Just login to your online QuizTarget account and start working.

➤ Does it work on any website and any niche?

✅ Yes, it works on any website. Be it WordPress or PHP or any other website, QuizTarget works on all. You can also share Quiz URL onto social media and start getting viral traffic and leads.
✅ Yes, QuizTarget also works for any niche.
✅It works for E-Commerce, Health and Fitness, Local Business, Automobile, Digital Marketing Services, Make Money Online, Education and Training, Video Marketers and many more niches…

➤ How is this better than other lead generation tools?

QuizTarget comes with an advanced Quiz Logic Branching feature allowing you to offer the most suitable products/ promotional schemes to your Quiz takers based on their responses. You can also segment your audience based onto their responses. Plus, there are so many powerful features.

All of these amazing features are available for just a one-time price. Unlike others there are no monthly fees.

➤ Funnel Information

OTO 1: QuizTarget Pro – $97 (Sales page)

QuizTarget Pro Pack gives unlimited access to campaign creation and website license packs. You also get to grab unlimited no. of leads with this upgrade. It also includes amazing features like Leadlock Pro, Facebook Pixel Integration, Google Tag Code Integration, My Convert Lab, QuizTarget hosted Quiz URLs, Build Custom Audience Funnels right inside Facebook and Google and more.

OTO 2: QuizTarget DFY Club – $47/Quarter (Sales page)

This pack gives users 4 Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns and 4 Templates each month. Each user also gets to suggest 1 new template design to the QuizTarget team each month.

OTO 3: QuizTarget Agency License – $97 (Sales page)

Users can offer Lead Generation and Quiz Maker services to their clients using QuizTarget Agency License. Users will get 100% Done-For-You Agency Business setup, which includes DFY Website with Paypal checkout, DFY Website Setup, Facebook and Google Ads Suite, Email Swipes and many other items worth $8,747. Users will also get access to amazing QuizTarget Agency features like Team Member Access, Unlimited Client Logins, Share Quiz Funnels and Campaigns and many other powerful features. They will also get our secret Lead Finder Tool and Client Appointment Scheduling App

OTO 4: QuizTarget Whitelabel Reseller – $297 and $497 (Sales page)

Users will get Whitelabel Reseller License rights of QuizTarget. Grab a chance to make money and make 100% profit by reselling QuizTarget. QuizTarget team will provide all the support needed for reselling QuizTarget. Whitelabel license will allow users to rebrand and rename QuizTarget and sell it at any price they want.


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