PLRXtreme: Sales Funnel Blueprint 2.0 Full Review – Have Your Own Funnel Marketing Course Right Now!

Dear Marketing Professional, Do you agree that having your own product line is important, but it sure takes a lot of time to produce and you need… a particular set of skills?

That if you hire someone else to do it, it would normally cost you a small fortune upfront?

And it would be a waste if you wind up working hard to create a product that only ten people in the whole wide world want?

If you answered yes, then I have a solution that would not only help skip this painstaking process, I’m also going to point you in the right direction of a buyers market that’s been here for years – and will continue to be here!

Who Am I And Why Am I Helping You?

I’m Edmund Loh. Long time Internet marketer and producer of several hundreds of information products, online courses and software.

When I started, I was in business mostly for myself and along the way, I learned that many other business owners and marketers face the same problems I had: coming up with winning ideas, creating the product and then the marketing materials to sell it.

So yes, it’s a frustrating experience I am all too familiar with, small wonder why most people don’t finish what they start.

But because I have the advantage of a team and years of experience, I want to see if I can help you overcome this struggle by handing to you a ready-made solution and even let you rebrand and resell it as your own product!

When I released Sales Funnel Blueprint with Private Label Rights in 2015, it sold more than 1,800 copies and got JVZoo Pick Of The Day. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as business owners and marketers graps the concept of having a sales funnel in every business.

As you probably know, quite some things have changed in the last few years.

Funnels have grown beyond just being adapted to digital products with Front Ends leading to Upsells and Downsells…

In fact, funnels have evolved to be applied to various other business models like e-commerce, Free + Shipping, webinars leading to application calls or online courses, and more… I know this, because I do these and work with my Clients from various markets to implement such funnels!

So when I revisited this course, I realized it needed not an update… but a REMAKE! Thus a brand new course was rebuilt from the ground up.

Just so you know this isn’t a generic product or I wrote this for the sake of just selling the Private Label Rights, here’s a screenshot of results from implementing funnels…

In the last few years, sales funnels have evolved beyond the now understood “Front-End to Upsell1 to Downsell1 to Upsell2” process.

Funnels have grown more sophisticated since then, and it’s not just for digital products; it has evolved to adapt to the likes of e-commerce, Free + Shipping model, webinars, and more (I know, because I’ve done these and work with Clients that build these)

So instead of a little update, this warranted a remake. A makeover. Built from scratch. Hence Sales Funnel Blueprint 2.0.

Despite sharing the title, this is a brand new product and I’m introducing this with Private Label Rights. This means buyers of this product will be able to rebrand, edit and resell as their own!

This is by no means suggesting everyone will get the same results; I’m just demonstrating what’s possible.

However, that should give you the assurance you can confidently take over this training product and rebrand and sell under your own name! And because this is a private label version, all mentions of my name, company and website are removed.

Inside this packages you will get:

Let’s See What You’re Getting In This Special Private Label Rights Bundle…

Component #1: Sales Funnel Blueprint Training Course PDF and Word (138 Pages!)

The latest version of Sales Funnel Blueprint packs a whopping 138 pages of solid content that covers various funnel models as used by top Internet marketers and Online Business owners worldwide.

This is practically double the page count from the first version, and the content is tactfully filled with rich examples and diagrams. However there is no mention of my name in the book thus you can easily re-label this for your own.

I’ve also included the images used in the book separately in another folder.

Here’s A Sneak Peak At The Table Of Contents:

Component #2: Ready-Made Sales Copy And TQ Page

The next thing you get is my sales copy and thank you page. Just add in your own name or pen name, put your own buy button in, and set it up on your web host… you’re ready to go!

While I normally provide the HTML page, I understand that page builders are common tools today (although there’s a ton of them out there). Thus I also provide the Word document version, so you can copy paste the contents into any page builder you are using.

+PLUS I am also including an updated version of the 3 minute sales video to go with this sales page!

Component #3: Professional Graphics Set with PSD Files

While you can use the Graphics set as it is, I am also including the PSD files to them.

So if you have Photoshop or GIMP (a free graphics editor software you can download online) you can edit the covers however your creativity sees fit.

Component #4: Lead Magnet Report in PDF and Word

The next thing you get is my lead magnet report, that you can use attract visitors to opt into your mailing list and lead up to your main offer i.e. the paid training course.

It’s a great credibility builder that doubles as your ‘calling card’. You can edit and personalize it further from the Word document version, and make it your own.

At 26 pages, it is deliberately written straight to the point so it’s fast to read by your prospects, and that makes an amazing build up to your main offer or at the very least, warm them up to you and your subsequent offers!

Component #5: 4 x Autoresponder Email Series

As soon as your prospects opt into your email list, what happens next? They get your email series!

One of the main challenges marketers constantly face is coming up with ideas on what to write, and if there is any winning formula to follow.

I’ve got both of these taken care of for you, and even proved it myself after running paid ads to get thousands of email leads through this email series!

As I’ve saved you the trouble of writing them all by yourself – all you need to do is add your own sales page links, again personalize where you see fit, and load them into your email autoresponder account (I recommend that the emails are set to DAILY interval)

Component #6: Facebook Ad Creatives And Ad Set Suggestions

You get my ready-made Facebook Ad Creatives and Ad Set suggestions.

The ads were made to be compliant by Facebook advertising policies (as of the time of this release) but you’re always advised to modify them to your personal branding and message.

You get my ad copy text – 3 ad copies are rolled into 1 text document.

You get 4 image creatives – usually 1200×628 pixels (I find this to be the winning dimensions) in PSD and JPEG format.

You also get 2 30-second Video Ads – the source files are also included if you want to make any editing of your own.

This is an absolute time and effort saver for you, but if you’re familiar with Facebook ads then you know the virtue of always testing and tweaking to get your campaigns winning.

Component #7: The Private Label Rights License

Ultimately, you get the Private Label Rights to it all. I have mentored Clients to build sales funnels and between me and them, my materials had always been for personal use – up until now.

In this special offer, I am bundling the Private Label Rights license to the training course and the components above. This means you…

✅ CAN put your name or pen name as the author
✅ CAN change the title
✅ CAN edit the contents i.e. book contents, watermark the videos, intro/outro, etc.
✅ CAN edit the sales letter, thank you page and any other pages if any
✅ CAN edit the graphics
✅ CAN sell and keep 100% of the sales
✅ CAN repurpose content to other formats e.g. video content transcribed to book
✅ CAN put into paid membership site
✅ Can be published offline (physical book, home study course, DVD, etc.)
✅ CAN be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price
✅ CAN be used as a bonus to another product you are selling
✅ CAN be broken into smaller mini-products or mini-courses as seen fit
✅ CAN be translated to other languages
✅ CAN sell with Resell / Master Resell Rights

There are limits to the license, so I want to also make it clear on the following list that you CANNOT do:

X CANNOT resell or give away the Private Label Rights. I am the only and sole authority to sell the Private Label Rights to this product
X CANNOT be given away for free. Which wouldn’t make business sense anyway, plus you can do that with the Lead Magnet report (which is the one component allowed to do so)

This is my hard work, so if you are going to get the Private Label Rights to it please respect and abide by the terms and conditions.

Act Now And…

Claim These Limited Time Bonuses:

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Limited Time Bonus #3


I am releasing the Private Label Rights version to a new digital course I created on sales funnels. I first released this in 2015, and with the ensuing changes in the Internet Marketing landscape and the introduction of other sophisticated funnel models, I rebuilt this course as new.

With the Private Label Rights, you can put your name as the author, edit or personalize the contents, resell the product and keep all the sales, and more (refer to more ideas I share above)

If you want to cut the chase on product creation and research, and start having a product you can resell as part of your product line, get this now as I am letting this go at a rather nominal fee.

I’ve lowered the barrier of entry so all you need to do is make just 1-2 sales to cover, and the rest of the sales you make after this is profit.

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