Perfect Affiliate Companion Review – Manage To Buy You A Domain, Install Your Site and Teach You How To Edit

So… you don’t have a website yet?

This is sad…

Well, do you know that you’re losing customers and earnings.

You’re letting fly away your authority as a freelancer, online marketer or your enterprise?

Do you know that having a website is going to bring you more visitor, customers to your services or to your own promotions?

In the vast sea of people over there trying to make their own stand online, you need to stand out you need to be committed to your people.

They need to know who you are to trust your services, your review videos or any product that you’re launching.

Trust me, I’ve been more than 20 years making websites for hundreds of customers and having a website is one of the most important things to think about It

With Perfect Affiliate Companion, I’ll manage to buy you a domain, install your site and teach you how to edit.

Check my full review below or check this sales page because you’re going to be surprised about how many people is going to find you online and all the profit that is going to bring to you.

What is Perfect Affiliate Companion?

✅ I’ll get a .COM Domain for You
✅ I’ll Rent a Web Host
✅ I’ll Install WordPress
✅ I’ll Install all the Plugins that I Use
✅ I’ll install SSL for your site
✅ I’ll configure a Professional design (DIVI Theme)
✅ I’ll create a personal e-mail
✅ I’ll take care of any updates
✅ I’ll teach you how to use a FREE method to talk to your visitors
✅ I’ll teach you how to edit yourself your content
✅ I’ll teach you how to build efficient Bonus Pages

Who am I?

My name is Jorge Vila and I have been more than 20 years in the Internet Business. Started as a programmer doing plugins for well-known apps online for e-commerce, then working for enterprises as a programmer and IT guy.

I’ve been doing websites through all this years so I have great experience in installing and solving problems with customers. I have my very own site for developing websites, you can check it here.

I also have a blog with more than 2.000 paying students since 2011 where I solve problems and sell online tutorials. I have been helping developers to find it’s place on the Internet for years, most of them are now advanced developers.

Why am I offering Perfect Affiliate Companion at such tiny price? Just because of my experience is letting me doing this kind of work, the fastest possible way using a very powerful hosting and a set os WordPress that I have been building for years.

I want to help other marketers to stand out and enterprises to be online the proper way, and one of the most important things to have a good impact is having your own entity online.

Are you still using Commission Gorilla?

Let me tell you something… You are LOSING TRAFFIC

I’m so sorry to tell you that, but your Bonus Pages are in an external Domain and your visitors are flying away with NO knowledge of WHO YOU ARE.

You’re not giving any options to your visitor

You don’t know if there is any visitor

You’re not offering a menu to crawl your site for other products

Considering Thrive?

You need to know this… You may Be in Danger.

First of all, Thrive is not giving you all the options that DIVI Builder is offering, starting with Transformations and Animations that will make your site Shine.

If you got Thrive through a Fiverr user, you may find one day that you’re not fully licensed to use it or even worse, your site will not work and maybe is shutdown.

I’ve a DIVI license to run as many sites I need as long as they are under PAC umbrella.

This means that I have true access to Support, which means, no problems in the long term

Take a Look at my Organic Results

Yes, having a Website means Boosting the Results in the Search Engines

What about my Warrior+ account?

Look what’s Included

✅ .COM Domain
✅ Hosting
✅ WordPress Installed
✅ Plugins that I Use
✅ Installed SSL
✅ DIVI Theme (I’ll get you 3 options out of 150, you can change it as you wish)
✅ 1 e-mail
✅ Auto-updates
✅ FREE method to talk to your visitors
✅ Tutorials to edit yourself your content
✅ 2 Sales Pages ready for editing (this one included)
✅ 7 Days auto-Backup of your entire site
✅ Full Access to Support Magic for help
✅ All this for 1 Full Year

It’s Only 3 Steps

  1. Choose your .COM Domain
  2. Choose one of the 3 suggested designs
  3. Access your own WordPress site and edit it to your liking through my Video Tutorials

Choose one of this 3 preinstalled themes or one of the other 150

Why I choose DIVI amongst other WordPress Builders?

OK, You Got it… And is PAC for everyone?

  • Ready for newbies
  • Necessary for Entrepreneurs
  • If you need a site for your business
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Launch Jackers
  • Product Launchers
  • JV Managers
  • Marketing e-Mail Troops
  • You name it…



  • WP Advert Plugin – This WordPress plugin offers 30 promotional toolbars packed into 1 simple user interface!
  • Azon Box Deals WP Plugin – Azon Box Deals is a profitable WordPress Plugin that shows Amazon’s most up-to-date Gold Box deals.
  • WP Testimonial Pro Plugin – This plugin is the fastest way to conveniently display testimonials, reviews or even quotes with just the click of a button.
  • WP No Right Click Plugin – Stop any attempts to steal your blog content or view your source code by showing a custom HTML pop-up with this plugin.
  • WP Tube Maximizer – Quickly and easily monetize and add content to any YouTube video in under 5 minutes and watch in amazement how your income literally soars through the roof.
  • WP iAsk plugin – Effortlessly create insightful and engaging surveys, gather critical data such as statistics and answers from your visitors…all in one place.
  • WP News Pro plugin – Easily display news boxes from sources like facebook pages, twitter, youtube and pinterest on your blog, unleashing server-melting traffic.
  • Recently Viewed plugin – Reduce your bounce rate, increase your page views, and give readers exactly the information they need and want, every time they visit.

We know what we’re talking about here, we have a long term experience with traffic and social media and site building over the last 20 years.

That is why, if you do not see results for any reason, or you are unhappy, you can get a full refund either by emailing us or through our retailer, WarriorPlus!

We’ll get you a refund of your tiny investment right away if you ask within the next 30 days from your purchase date and something of this happens

– We weren’t be able to make your site installed within a week

Once you’ve chosen your domain, no refund will be available.

We’ve taken on all the risk here. You get a fresh start with the perfect system to make you stand out! Get Perfect Affiliate Companion Now


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