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Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd – Rookie Consultants Are Booking $2,500 Deals With This System!

Passive Consulting Profits System Review – Full details

Passive Consulting Profits System is the best done-for-you system that secures $2,500 website deals with new businesses by utilizing a low-cost online direct mail service. This system includes everything you need to turn $80 in postcards into $2,500 in consulting deals: ALL of the ‘government’ lead sources for new businesses, ALL of the post card designs and sales copy in a done-for-you, copy-paste format, And Jessica’s list of all the outsourcers she uses to service her clients. Inside you’ll discover what’s included in the Passive Consulting Profits System:  You will first receive Jessica’s tell-all guide, which will walk you through her entire process of selling not only websites, but any monthly service that a new business requires.

The strategy is simple: Contact businesses in a unique way before anyone else and offer them a website for only $2,500… an offer these new entrepreneurs can’t refuse. According to Forbes Magazine there are 543,000 new businesses started every single month in the US alone. Tapping into this free government lead source means YOU will have access to a nearly endless supply of hungry clients. Here’s how it works: Step 1: ONLY target new businesses, Step 2: Use postcards to do the selling for you, and the last step is: Outsource all the real work. That’s it!

Passive Consulting Profits System is unlike anything I’ve seen before… You see a small, ‘rag-tag group’ of internet marketers have spent the last 3 years milking government websites that list new businesses the day they start their corporation ( sometimes before they have even opened). It usually takes about 60 days for these businesses to appear in lead companies’ databases, and months before they are listed in the yellow pages or other online directories. This means one thing: YOU can have a 60-day head start selling these business owners before ANYONE else has even reached out to them.

The unusual way that an underground group of rookie consultants have been banking $2,500 $5,000even $10,000 deals with local business owners… All by using an online service to send $0.40 post cards from their kitchen table. The system outlined on this page is NOT about mass mailing, spamming, Facebook ads, or any of the generic sales advice you read about on marketing blogs. This is about tapping into a little-known but FREE ‘government list’ of new businesses, and using cheap direct mail postcards to sell the business owners a service they are already looking for.

Get your copy here : Passive Consulting Profits System <<

How To Get $2,500+ Consulting Clients By The End Of The Month?

The Passive Consulting profit system works for both newcomers and seasoned consultants…

If this is your first time consulting with local businesses… In addition, I’ve included a 30-day challenge course that will take you from zero to first paying client in under 30 days.

Simply follow the following instructions for 20 minutes each day:

  • Days 1-10 will guide you through the process of establishing your consulting firm as well as provide you with confidence-building exercises to help you become a productive machine.
  • Days 11 through 20 By copying and pasting the done-for-you templates into the online mailer service, you’ll begin sending out your first post card campaigns. It’s as straightforward as sending an email.
  • Days 21 to 30 You’ll start getting phone calls and emails from the owners of the company. With tried sales scripts, copy-paste email responses, and quick PayPal payment setup, I’ll walk you through the process of handling customer orders.

I guarantee you a new consulting client after just 20 minutes per day for 30 days!

If you’ve worked in consulting before… I’ve included two quick start videos to help you skip the learning curve and get started landing deals right away:

Look over my shoulder as I generate 10,000 new business leads in about 20 minutes in the’speed lead’ video… Leads that you can use to expand your consulting business or sell to other consultants for a profit. Learn by doing alongside me, whether you’re the one doing the work or an outsourcer.

’20-minute direct mail’ video – follow along with me in this video to set up your first lead generation campaign in under an hour. AVOID all of the rookie mistakes to ensure that your post card campaigns are profitable from the start.

Now I can’t take all the credit for this system…

Jessica learned this strategy from her father, who has been using it to generate customers for his carpet cleaning business for more than 20 years. It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for a business strategy. Jessica has perfected this method over three years of trial and error by sharing her success and collaborating with dozens of more experienced consultants in a private Facebook group.

Consider the following outcomes for members of this core group:

Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd

Inside you will learn

  • Local government websites that provide a daily list of new businesses
    Search through over a dozen different sources of new business leads that include the owner’s direct contact information in a matter of seconds. After reading the guide, you’ll have thousands of free, exclusive leads downloaded to your desktop in minutes.
  • How to Legally Claim 20+ Years of Experience
    You can use their portfolios in your advertising by outsourcing all of the work to the designers in this guide.This immediately establishes credibility and trust with your clients.
  • The sweet spot pricing for any service you want to sell
    It took years of trial and error to figure out how much to charge new businesses that provided the most profit while also making the business owner happy that he got a good deal. (At these prices, business owners say yes without hesitation.)
  • How to generate passive income by providing free websites to new businesses
    By providing new business owners with a free website, you open the door to selling them other monthly services such as SEO, Reputation Management, Web hosting, Mobile apps, and so on. All of this can be outsourced for a fraction of your fees. (Some of Jessica’s clients pay her up to $5,000 per month.)
  • How to get new business leads delivered to your inbox on a daily basis
    Instead of searching for leads, have them delivered to your inbox via a low-cost service that saves time and places you as the first person to contact the new business owner with a proposal. (You’ll be surprised at how open business owners are when you’re the first person they talk to.)
  • Why becoming a “niche specialist” will have business owners rejecting other offers to pay you more money for the same service
    It costs nothing to target certain local niches, but you may charge Larger prices and have a higher response as a consequence (I’ve had clients TURN DOWN more experienced and lower priced designers just because I said that I specialize in restaurant websites).
  • The’rejection proof’ sales scripts that are used to close every inbound phone call generated by these post cards.
    This rolodex of sales lines and rebuttals will make you, or any outsourcer you give them to, as smooth on the phone as silk. End each call with the client thanking you for the pleasure of doing business with you. (Ensure that your salesperson pays close attention to the tonality exercises in this section, as they can make or break any sale.)
  • How to avoid client phone calls and instead close deals via email
    These post cards can be customized so that business owners email you their orders… Use the included email scripts to guide prospects from their first response to thanking them for their first payment. This ’email conversation in a box’ is packed with responses to the most common objections and is designed to help you close deals no matter what a prospect throws at you.
  • The website that makes sending postcards as simple as sending an email
    With this new online service, you can start sending post cards to new businesses in minutes for as little as $0.40 if you can copy and paste some text.
  • How to entice clients to sign annual contracts that will keep you paid every month
    learn how to use paypal to collect payments from your clients automatically each month and lock them into an industry standard annual contract. Earn passive income, paid on the first of every month before you do any work, and never have to deal with a check or credit card directly. Never have to go out of your way to find clients for your pay.
  • Earn $5,000 or more per month from each new client by providing the five “core services” that every new business requires
    Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door with these postcards, you’ll have established yourself as the go-to consultant for EVERYTHING the business owner requires. (Clients would see an advertisement for a new service and bring it to Jessica, who would find a provider and charge a fee.) Learn which services to provide, how much to charge, and where to get work done for you at a fraction of the cost.

You’re also getting all of Jessica’s most successful postcards…

Simply enter your name and contact information into the sales copy, upload it to the mailing service, and you’re ready to launch your first 6-figure campaign…

Here’s a sample of some of the cards included in this set:

The ‘Free SEO Scan’ offer, which converts one out of every fifteen new businesses into paying $1,000 per month for SEO services. This free scan will result in a flood of phone calls from business owners. Enter their website address here:

It will also generate a report outlining everything they need to do to rank their website at the top of Google, providing MASSIVE value to the client at no cost to them or you.

Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd

This report SELLS the business for you for $1,000 per month to do all of the work for them (every smart business owner would rather hire a professional than do the work themselves). Outsourcing this work costs only $500, leaving you with $500 in pure profit from each client you land each month.

Get your copy here : Passive Consulting Profits System <<

How does it works?

Step 1: ONLY target new businesses.

We use little-known government websites to find new businesses even before they open:

Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd

You’ll have the contact address, owner’s name, number, and business information for every prospect. It typically takes about 60-days before these new businesses show up on ‘lead lists’ that most big agencies use.

That gives YOU a 60-day head start on every other agency who wants to sell them.

Step 2: Use postcards to do the selling for you

Use a point-and-click online service to send these businesses a carefully crafted post card selling them a discounted website.

Listen: The mailbox is the still cleanest inbox. You’re likely to be the ONLY mail that these new businesses receive for the first few months ( outside of bank statements and IRS forms).

These ugly post cards stand out, and get read by decision makers. Biz owners will stop what they are doing and pick up the phone to take you up on your offer IF you include all of the right sales elements:

  • A compelling offer – Offer the business owner a website at a fraction of what other designers charge.
  • A strong perceived value – Make the price seem like a steep discount from what you normally charge to avoid looking ‘cheap’.
  • A ‘reason why’ that makes them feel like they earned this discount – Explain that your ‘discount’ is only available to new businesses.
  • A strong call to action – Tell them exactly what to do to claim their discount.
  • A fear of missing out – Include a deadline for when the client will LOSE their discount.

This formula may sound simple, and it is. However, if you miss any of these sales elements, or get them in the wrong order you will KILL your chances at getting the sale ( Read on to get you’re your hands on proven post card templates in a copy-paste format ).

Step 3: Outsource all the real work.

It costs on average $500 to hire a web designer to build a professional looking website when you use a pre-built WordPress theme. ( Look below to find out which ones I use )

We’ve been charging $2,500 for the websites, which is a sweet spot price that business owners are saying yes too with few objections, and still provides you with a healthy profit:

  • $2,500 payment from the client
  • $80 in advertising costs ( 200 post cards at $0.40 each)
  • $500 in outsourcing fees ( paid after you collect your fee)
  • Total: $1,900 in profit per deal.

Remember: That’s $1,900 in pure profit before selling the client monthly services like the ones mentioned in the survey above.

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New businesses need everything: SEO, web hosting, social media marketing, reputation management… Services that you collect monthly fees to provide while outsourcing the work for a fraction of those fees. (My typical client is worth around $5,000/month in fees).

Oh and don’t forget the best part: You’re the only one that’s pitching these services for at least 60 days.  And think about this: It costs just $0.40 to get a physical post card in the hands of a decision maker… Quite possibly the ONLY piece of mail they will receive when they first open their doors.

Physical mail stands out, gets read, and lingers on their desk until they pick up the phone or visit your website to take action… All for $0.40. Compare that to spending $1 or more PER CLICK with Facebook ads where you have to compete with dozens of other ads promoting dozens of other offers… AND compete with all the funny cat videos and ex-girlfriend photos that your prospect is probably on Facebook to look at in the first place.

Now, legally, I must warn you that these are not typical results. In fact, the vast majority of people who try this make no money at all, usually for one major reason:

The majority of people are not takers of action and do not follow through on their commitments. Students who take the time to use these sales materials, on the other hand, earn thousands of dollars in fees for every $80 spent sending post cards to new businesses.

Assume you spent an hour a day looking for new businesses that opened in the last week… You spend another 20 minutes using an online service to create a direct mail post card. It is as simple as sending an email: Simply copy and paste some tried-and-true sales copy, then hit send.

Within a few days, you begin receiving phone calls from business owners eager to send you $2,500 for their new website…

After receiving their deposit into your PayPal or bank account (and then closing them on paying an extra $1,000/month or more on other services using my upsell funnels), you send $500 of that fee to an outsourcer who handles all of the work.

Listen: Local consulting is more than a work from home opportunity… It’s a way of life.

Sure, you’ll have the financial security that comes with earning six figures per year… You’re also the person who assists new businesses in your community in getting started and growing their customer base. The town’s tastemakers come to you and recommend you to anyone considering opening a new business in your area.

The fringe benefits are almost as good as the salary… Jessica receives a large number of free meals from her restaurant clients… My chiropractor clients have given me free back adjustments to help me sleep at night… And I’ve had students cater to lawyer clients specifically so they could get free legal advice if they ever needed it.

Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd

Don’t be fooled by how simple this system appears to be. Sure, all it takes is a few post cards with the right sales message sent to new business owners. However, there are numerous ways to get this wrong and jeopardize your chances of converting these business owners into paying customers.

There are hundreds of free lead sources that are out of date and contain incorrect information… There are mailing services that do not deliver all of the mail that you order (in fact most bulk mail gets dumped) Most direct mail is flashy and expensive, and it completely ruins the sale by sending the wrong message.

Your shortcut is the Passive Consulting Profits System!

Why waste years of trial and error, thousands of dollars in ‘test mailers,’ and the embarrassment of rejection figuring this out on your own when all of the work has already been done for you? Jessica took three years to perfect this system, despite having her father’s 20 years of experience to guide her.

Learn this system while earning money by putting it into practice. Simply follow along, use the proven sales templates included with this program, and you’ll see results right away.


Get your copy here : Passive Consulting Profits System <<


It would be one of your best investments this year for sure. Because the price can increase surprisingly, do not hesitate to buy and enjoy this software. I believe that better things are waiting for you ahead.

Now is the time my Passive Consulting Profits System Review comes to an end. Thanks for your time in reading. I hope that my review has given you a hand in looking for a profitable online product. Goodbye and I will see you very soon.


My name is James – a young online marketer who loves music, guitar, and playing around on the magical internet machine. I’m also a man who is passionate about the sorts of making money online.

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