NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius | World’s #1 NFT Collection Maker App With TTC AI Technology!

Are you ready to discover the first-to-market revolutionary app that uses patented TTC AI technology to automatically produce software-verified unique artworks that you can sell as NFTs?

If so, I’m going to show you a 100% turnkey system that creates large NFT collections ready to sell and allows you to not only charge one-time fees, but also receive passive royalties every time your NFT is traded on a secondary market like OpenSea.

And, because TTC AI technology handles all of the heavy lifting, it is statistically impossible for you not to obtain any collector-worthy results, even if you have never made any art in your life and have no technical experience.

PLUSYou’ll get all the information you need to sell as many pieces of art as possible.

Don’t worry; creating huge crypto art collections using our software is as simple as it gets. Because of our patented TTC AI technology, anybody with no prior art or tech expertise may create an NFT ready crypto art collection.

NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius
NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius

What is Crypto Art NTF?

Maybe you have only heard the term crypto art or NFT some time ago because of the rampant controversy about this new type of art. In fact, crypto art is the practice of presenting art on the blockchain network that has been going on for seven years.

Crypto art is preferred for its ability to verify ownership of digital works. Just like the original paintings Picasso signed, whose authenticity and ownership can be identified. Crypto art can be verified in the same way through NFT or tokens.

NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are digital tokens that are now widely used in digital commerce and are already almost ubiquitous in the world of music, art, and sports. This digital token uses a computer network (Blockchain) to mark the value of a digital upload in the form of a video, image, or song as an authentic product.

What is Crypto Art NTF? | NFT Collection Maker PRO Review
What is Crypto Art NTF? | NFT Collection Maker PRO Review

Crypto art is a term that refers to physical artwork or digital artwork that is tokenized on the Blockchain platform. According to Jason Bailey of Artnome, crypto art is a rare digital artwork (therefore you’ll often encounter the term Rare in crypto art transactions) that is associated with unique tokens that exist on the Blockchain.

NFT is what enables the exchange of artwork in this digital realm. NFT is a special token that represents a unique ID linked to a crypto artwork that cannot be replicated and used to verify other digital goods. This token can be attached to anything: JPEG, GIF, MP4, even music. The token that allows ownership of these “native” files is stored on the Blockchain, a permanent ledger-like network that can be accessed from any computer in the world.

Through NFT, the idea of ownership, uniqueness, collectibles, and rare (super rare) digital items is possible. If you buy a product with NFT, then you are buying an original product that is guaranteed to be the only one. By some users, NFT is also often equated with shopping cards (trading cards).

NFT Collection Maker PRO Review – Full details

NFT Collection Maker is World’s #1 NFT Collection Maker App With TTC AI Technology! This software allows you to Generate massive Crypto NFT Art collections automatically with TCC AI Tech & have them ready for sale with as little effort as humanly possible. Unlimited traits, deep rarity setting & not-available anywhere else multi-image traits. It is super easy & straightforward to use for artists, and anybody who hires artists on fiverr,, upwork etc. In short, NFT Collection Maker allows everybody to have their own NFT collections created without any technical experience. And because NFT Collection Maker is a blockchain agnostic, that means you can use it to make massive NFT art collections for Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom etc.

The crypto art market is expected to expand further, with consumer brands and the movie industry leading the way. With Coca-Cola, the NBA, Disney/Marvel, and countless other top brands releasing their own NFTs, mass adoption is just around the corner, accelerating, and when it hits like a 100-ton truck, you could be very well positioned with a collectible art business already up and running. Furthermore, you can collect passive royalties from secondary market sales for the rest of your life for every piece of collectible art you sell. It is obvious that the sooner you join in the NFT collectible art craze, the sooner good things can happen for you.

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NFT Collection Maker PRO : Overview

Product Vendor : Purvesh Mahajan
Launch Date : 12th Okt 2021 @10 AM EST
Official Website : Visit here <<
Skills : All Level’s (100% beginner friendly)
Guarantee : 30 day’s money back guarantee with risk free
Niche : Cryptocurrency Art NTF Software
Front-End Price : PRICELESS
Recommendation : Highly recommended
Support : 24/7 world class Support

About Creator

Andrew Darius

The vendor of this amazing software is Andrew Darius, He’s a CEO of EXPLAINDIO. Investing in Crypto, NFTs, NTF gaming. Tech entrepreneur.He also a well-known expert in both digital marketing and software development. If you’ve been working in that field for a while, you may have used one of his products. You can use Storyxy, Vocalizer Bundle, Speechdio, Vidicious, and so on.

Furthermore, he strives to assist a large number of his customers in thriving in their niche markets because the common thread in his offers is that his method is proven to deliver consistent results. This MotionNFTmaker Review will reveal how much time and effort he devotes to his work.

NFT Collection Maker PRO – Features & benefits

  • Consider keeping your first collection small – 3,000 pieces of art.
    In addition, if you are new to the collectible art business and want to save even more money on freelancer work, we recommend creating a smaller 3,000 art collection with fewer base art variations. To be clear, if you do not want to spend any money on base art creation and are not inclined to create the base art yourself, the NFT collectible art business is not for you, because NFT collection makers will not have anything to work with if they do not have a base art.
  • Go Ahead & Become A Part Of New NFT Economy.
    If, on the other hand, you think what you’ve heard so far makes sense and you want to join the new economy, we’ll make hiring a freelancer as simple as possible by providing you with a ready-to-use project template and detailed instructions on how to prepare the base art. Because your base art will be one-of-a-kind, your entire collection will be unlike anyone else’s who uses the NFT collection maker. The NFT collection maker employs advanced TTC AI technology to not only create, but also programmatically-verify artwork uniqueness, which is required for NFT art collection.
  • Freely Host The Entire Collection Of Thousands Of Art Images For Your NFTs.
    After you’ve created your collection, you’ll need somewhere to store the images, and we have some good news for you here as well. We’ll show you how and where you can host the entire collection of thousands of art images for your NFTs for free. Yes, you read that correctly. You will not be charged anything to host those images.
  • You Are The Owner Of The Ethereum NFT Token Contract.
    You will also receive an Ethereum NFT token contract template in addition to access to the NFT collection maker app. The Ethereum NFT token contract is what enables you to convert art images into NFTs on the blockchain. The only things you’d have to change in the template are the names, description text, and price. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to edit them so that your custom contract is ready to use in a matter of minutes.
  • Videos with Step-by-Step Instructions.
    After you’ve entered your names, descriptions, and prices, all that remains is for you to publish your contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Simply copy/paste your edited contract text into an easy-to-use free web app, make a few settings, click a few buttons, and you’ll be the proud owner of an NFT art collection. We will provide a detailed step-by-step video that will walk you through the entire process, from copy/paste to clicking the final deploy button.
  • Simply Copy/Paste The Buy Button.
    After you generate your NFT art collection and place your NFT contract on the Ethereum blockchain, your collection is ready to sell, but you still need the ability to sell it from your website. You must have a web code that allows people to not only buy your art from your website, but also to instantly mint the art they bought to the blockchain after they pay. While creating such a code is normally a difficult step, the NFT collection maker makes it as simple as it gets.
  • Access Pass To The Secret ”Alpha” Group.
    As an NFT collection maker user, all you have to do is copy/paste the ready-made code from your account into your web page, and you’re done. Last but not least, your membership gives you access to the secret “Alpha” group, where you can not only share your collection, but also discuss everything related to NFTs with others, including hot new trends to jump on and under the radar top NFT drops.
NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius
NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius

How does it works?

Before we get into the specifics  of what you get once you sign up, let’s take a look at the simple process of having base art created. You can create the art for the first step if you are an artist or can draw at least a simple doodle.

If you are not an artist but have access to websites such as fiverr or, you can have your base art created without having to do anything other than describe how you want the art to be done.

Demo video

The super cool art collection you saw in the NFT collection maker demo, for example, was created from a base art created by a part-time freelancer hired on Hiring a freelancer to create your base art will not be cheap, but it will also not be free.

NFT collection maker was created in such a way that it will reduce your freelancer costs as much as possible, because the graphics designer will only need to create parts of the art, and the software will automatically combine these parts to create the entire art collection.

NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius
NFT Collection Maker PRO Review By Andrew Darius
NFT Collection Maker PRO Review - Feedback
NFT Collection Maker PRO Review – Feedback

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do I need to download and install NFT Collection Maker on my computer?
A: No, NFT Collection Maker is cloud software, so nothing needs to be installed on your computer.

Q: What is the cost of updates?
A: For the duration of the license, we include all updates to version 1.x for FREE.

Q: Do you offer instructional videos?
A: Yes, we have created a comprehensive set of video tutorials.

Q: How can I get help?
A: It’s simple! Simply go to team support

Q: Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the software a try. If you give our software and system a try and you decide it’s not for you, we’ll happily give you ALL your money back. There is 100% no­-risk. We’re here to support you, and unless we AMAZE you with our product, we won’t keep a penny of your money. If at any point you are unhappy in those 30 days, please contact us. We will quickly send you every penny back. No questions asked.

It would be one of your best investments this year for sure. Because the price can increase surprisingly, do not hesitate to buy and enjoy this software. I believe that better things are waiting for you ahead.

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Now is the time my NFT Collection Maker PRO Review comes to an end. Thanks for your time in reading. I hope that my review has given you a hand in looking for a profitable online product. Goodbye and I will see you very soon.

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