Linked Assist Chrome Extension Tool – New Software that will ROCK your SALES & Conversions!

Marketing on LinkedIn (the right way) is something that even professionals marketers struggle from. This is why they like to stay away from this platform and focus on other social media sites.

For you, that’s a big pool of high quality sales and revenue, waiting to be brought into play.

But, since it is almost impossible to market on LinkedIn, due to limitations put by LinkedIn itself, almost everyone finds it impossible to tap into that big pool of high quality clients.

Unfortunately, it’s too risky for marketers to gamble on LinkedIn and hope to get a profitable ROI ‒ since marketing on it is unaffordable for small to medium businesses.

And now you don’t need to worry, because there is a tools, more precisely a chrome extension, that can solve this problem.. Its called “Linked Assist“.

What is Linked Assist?

Linked Assist is a brand new revolutionary software that will ROCK your SALES & Conversions! This is a powerful automation tool that was designed as an easy-to-use Chrome extension that anyone can manage. Not only does it automate your targeted Connection Requests but it will help you to automate the most important marketing tasks in mere minutes.

Linked Assist THE LinkedIn Automation Tool is all about generating Leads, so if you are getting ready to dive in with full steam ahead, this product is going to be your secret
weapon to take your business to the next level.

This revolutionary software does all the work for any business looking to maximize their marketing efforts… is ideal for professionals marketers and recruiters. LinkedIn Assist is easy to use there’s no technical expertise needed. Has more features than any similar software on the market with more planned soon.

Unlike other LinkedIn Automation Tools & Browser Extensions” that just make “promises” and never deliver you the desired effect you actually crave for; this LinkedIn Automation Tool delivers because it works!

It includes:

  • Automate Connection Requests
  • Auto Messaging
  • Auto Profile View & Endorse of Skills
  • PLUS a whole lot more, with an incredibly
  • Bonus package for your LinkedIn Marketing!

In a nutshell, this is an easy to use but powerful LinkedIn Automation Tool that includes everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately for both yourself, and even clients you work with! Now, Let’s check Linked Assist video below to see it in action!

Linked Assist Demo Video

There is a Difference between Quality Sales VS Quantity

As a marketer, you must already know that quality sales will always triumph over the quantity of sales you generate for the business. For example, if your business is a digital marketing agency and you provide high-quality services; you can easily attract high-paid clients who are willing to pay thousands of Dollars per month (or more) for your services.

The thing is: you would have to find those kind of clients; and LinkedIn is the best platform for it.

People who use LinkedIn, are there for professional reasons. They are either looking for a professional community or seeking talented professionals.

This is why Linked Assist is the perfect way to reach those high-paid clients. In simple words, here is why you should be buying it right now:

The rewards are limitless as there are plethora of possibilities to take benefit from this automation tool. I am sure by now, you must have realized the importance of it.

Furthermore, We Are Not The Only Ones, Our Members ARE GETTING RESULTS TOO!

Here Is What Linked Assist Can Do For You

If you are still reading this, you must be looking for the technical details of what this tool does.

Whether you want to increase the network of your clients, marketing brands, products or services, Linked Assist can do it for you, and it can do it autonomously.

So, let’s discuss a bit about the powerful features that Linked Assist is equipped with:

Send Automatically Connection Requests.

This is probably the feature that you are looking for, and of course, Linked Assist is equipped with it. Linked Assist can send requests to 2nd, 3rd connections and beyond. To increase the chances of getting more connections, you have the ability to add a personalized message!

Message Directly to People You Are Connect With.

That’s right, you have the flexibility to send direct messages to your connections on LinkedIn. How cool is that? Just imagine sending messages to potential clients, and getting loads of high quality leads in return, without spending countless of hours on LinkedIn alone.

Endorse Profiles Autonomously

Linked Assist also includes an incredibly useful feature of endorsing multiple profiles simultaneously, and of course, automatically. This allows you or your clients to get those recommendations they need to progress further in their career or build trust and credibility among their customers. This unique feature saves you hours of time alone.

Save Messages and Signatures as Templates

Last, but not least; Linked Assist also allows you to save personalized messages and signatures (such as contact details) as templates. This might not be a crucial feature, but sure helps you save a lot of time writing a message/signature again and again.

This is just the beginning. With upcoming updates, we’ll be adding more features that you can put in use, for better, and far more superior marketing.

You are probably smart and, you know it that this is the best LinkedIn tool you have ever read about; and we both know that you want this tool desperately.

So, what are you waiting for? Get instant access by clicking the button below:

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Now, you don’t have any excuse not to buy this LinkedIn Automation Tool.

DISCLAIMER: The LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool is a stand-alone program that is specifically designed to help you make the most out of LinkedIn social media network. However, the tool is not, in any way, related to LinkedIn or its associates. In simple words: Linked Assist is not a product of LinkedIn. Like any software or tools, you understand that LinkedIn Corporation does not endorse the use of Linked Assist nor does LinkedIn Corporation have any association with Linked Assist.

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