Kliqqo Software Review : BEST Link Cloaking, Redirect, Retargeting And Split Testing App in 2021

Kliqqo Software Review by Olusegun Phils Omoba : Everyone needs to track their campaigns and measure how many clicks they are getting, and split testing what works best.

The engine of the internet is the humble link, and for almost every type of online marketing, you will be sending traffic via a link to some sort of offer.

This will be via email, Facebook ads or something else. Without knowing who clicked on the lnik and what actions they took, you are “flying blind”.

Smart marketers don’t just guess, they track, measure and act. We have a brand new app that lets you do all of that, and more. It’s called Kliqqo “BEST Link Cloaking, Redirect, Retargeting And Split Testing App in 2021”

Kliqqo Software Review : BEST Link Cloaking, Redirect, Retargeting And Split Testing App in 2021
Kliqqo Software Review

Kliqqo Software Review – Details

Kliqqo is a a brand new Link Cloaking, Redirect, Retargeting And Split Testing App in 2021 that lets you run tracking campaigns for all your marketing channels, and also lets you retarget traffic, split test, password protect and more.

This software can easily run multiple link tracking campaigns, view stats for all your marketing campaigns, add retargeting code for your links, password protect redirect pages, split test campaigns, operates on any device, fully cloud based, and loads more!

Kliqqo will let you take the guesswork out of your marketing! When you run an online marketing campaign, in many cases you are sending traffic to an affiliate link. The trouble here is, with most click trackers, you send the traffic then lose all control over it.

And with Kliqqo you can now retarget your traffic before they are redirected. This means, you can not only send traffic via your normal campaign, you can now also run retargeting ads for that traffic, massively increasing your ROI.

In a nutshell, Kliqqo Software is a powerful, but extremely easy to use new software program that saves you time and lots of stress and frustration by allowing you to: Track clicks, Redirect links, Split test, Retarget, All from one Convenient Platform!

See more details and grab your download here: Kliqqo Software

Kliqqo Software Review : BEST Link Cloaking, Redirect, Retargeting And Split Testing App in 2021

Kliqqo – Key features & Advantages

Kliqqo Has ALL of the Following Features:

  • Create a full campaign
    you can send traffic to a specific link, create a short URL and more
  • Split test
    Direct traffic to different locations to find out what really works … this will improve your conversion rates dramatically by using more URLs to find out which marketing messages really work and which ones don’t
  • Retarget
    Give your prospects your retargeting code before they are redirected to another site. you can have Kliqqo do all of the following: capture clicks, redirect your traffic and deliver your retargeting code.
  • Use secure sites
    you can even redirect traffic to a password-protected secure URL!
  • Detailed Statistics
    find out instantly how many clicks a URL gets as well as other information about visitors, such as geographic location and more
  • Short URL Masking
    so you can write your custom short URLs for link tracking
  • Unlimited Campaigns
    You can run as many campaigns as your time and creativity allow
  • Password Protection
    You can set up password protection on URLs to control who is able to access them
  • Convenient Access
    Kliqqo is a cloud-based software program. You can access and take advantage of all of Kliqqo’s features from your desktop, laptop or phone!

There really is no better way to maximize the value of your traffic, generate more sales and create a highly responsive list.

Kliqqo - Key features & Advantages
Kliqqo – Key features & Advantages
Kliqqo - Key features & Advantages
Kliqqo – Key features & Advantages

Kliqqo Software – How does it works?

In this sections, Let me just show you how you can easily create a campaign using Kliqqo Software.

First … please go and click create campaign and it’s got a very simple four-step wizard.

For doing link tracking… so first of all is a campaign title, Then put your the long url. This is the url you want to redirect people to.

And now we have the short url that you will use then or what your customers will use to send their traffic through.

So you can either use randomly generated url or you can customize one yourself.

And before you go to the next steps, you should click check button to make sure it’s available or not. If it is available then we click next.

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

Now we have split testing as an option. This is pretty cool now the split testing is really done by uh in combination with the destination page so if you had three different sage pages on each sales page at a different buy button.

Inside this section… you’re going to see where the sales came from. In this function you can turn on the split test. It lets you add the different links and then click distribute the traffic between those links and you can determine which result works best for the split testing.

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

Next one is tracking… this is for retargeting, so it’s pretty cool a lot of a lot of tracking. Tracking apps wouldn’t have this so it’s a really strong selling point for your customers and i’ve seen apps that just do only this.

What this does is… it lets you paste in your facebook or any other platforms retargeting codes without either would be in the head or in the body and what this does.

Then is it captures click before the redirect is done. so in that way you can build up your custom facebook audience, and everybody who clicked on your link could be added to my facebook audience for this campaign normally. that’s something you can’t do because you’re sending people to an external website.

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

And the last main function here is password protection.

how to create Link Cloaking, Redirect, Retargeting And Split Testing With Password?

So if you wanted for some reason password protect the link redirect, you can esily protect it. You can even use this for things like bonus delivery or sound and client stuff.

You can just set up a redirect with a password protect and you have to give people the password then. So you just enable password protect and it’ll set up the password protection.

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

After finishing your campaign. then back to the dashboard.

You can can edit your title at any time just by clicking on the dashboard and hit return it’ll change the name.  and You can click in here to view all your stats:

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

It gives you a map before the traffic’s from facebook activity & everything else. so you can see how it’s performing that way…

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

Then you can go in and edit it you can clone your campaign, you can also preview it, click the link which will copy the link to your clipboard or you can delete the campaign.

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

Those are all the basic settings. so if you click on preview ,then they will open up in a new window. And then the user gets presented with the the page with the style you picked. And also you can turn on your logo like i said before.

Now enter whatever password you defined continue and then we’ll just continue with your redirect ..

Kliqqo Software - How does it works?

So it’s pretty cool all straightforward but this really is a big in-demand app that people really just jump back and now you can see the stats like i said, the location, so it’s got different stats and things kicking off there so really it really is very simple for you to set this.

Look at the Results I’ve Been Getting After Tracking, Retargeting & Split Testing:

Kliqqo Software Results
Kliqqo Software Results

Here’s A List Of Everything You’re Getting Today With Kliqqo

  • Kliqqo pro/unlimited Software –
  • BONUS 1 – Affiliate Pro Software – $997 Value
  • Bonus 2 – Geovisitor Software – $1,997 Value
  • Bonus 3 – Lead Book Generator Software – $497 Value
  • Bonus 4 – OptRoi Software – $1,497 Value
  • Bonus 5 – Paid Traffic Pack – $297 Value
  • Bonus 6 – GeoTargeting Pack – $297 Value
  • Bonus 7 – Marketing Automation Pack – $297 Value
  • Bonus 8 – Pinterest Marketing Pack – $297 Value
  • Bonus 9 – Split Testing Pack – $497 Value
  • Bonus 10 – Social Marketing Pack – $497 Value

Getting This Software Puts You Directly on the Fast Track to Success!

Imagine being able to make money much more easily. Imagine being able to make six or even seven figures a year.

That would mean no more worrying about paying the bills each month. You could get a new house and a new car if you wanted.

You could basically live your dream life – and it all starts with being able to make the most of your traffic and to also generate more of it … two things which this software specializes at!

Now the choice is yours …

You can carry on as before, vainly searching for that amazing silver bullet of a product that will shower you with riches with no effort at all on your part (and which you know – deep down – doesn’t really exist).


You can grab this life-changing opportunity to use link tracking, retargeting and split testing to get maximum value from your traffic AND create more of it!

We’re sure you’re shrewd enough to see what an amazing unfair advantage this software gives you … so we are eagerly waiting to welcome you aboard and give you full, unlimited access to this software’s many features.

See more details and grab your download here: Kliqqo Software

P.S. Remember this special introductory offer won’t last long.

P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If Kliqqo isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify us within 365 days and we will refund your money immediately.

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