InstantVidz App Review FrontEnd + UPSELL OTO Details

InstantVidz App Full Review : Best Vertical Video Editor Apps for iOS and Android Devices

In 2022, investing in vertical videos can be game-changer for your business growth! Vertical vids are killing it when it comes to reach, unique views, click-throughs & swipe-throughs.

  • Vertical ads have greater reach.
  • Less cost per click compared to square or horizontal formats.
  • Viewed average, 9 times more than their horizontal counterparts.
  • Attract almost 4x more engagement than square videos on Facebook, and 2.5 times more on twitter
  • Work 24/7 to attract target audience, increase engagement & boost your traffic, leads & sales.

When you post videos on social media, the alignment of your video is more important than you think. While it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge difference between horizontal and vertical video, studies show that some video formats are better at driving views, engagement, and interactions.

Vertical video is the new king of social media! So, if you want your videos to perform well on your brand’s social media platforms, you need to start posting vertical videos.  

In this article, I will share one of my recommended software that can create and edit unlimited Vertical Videos easily. This is an amazing product that you will going to love. Create powerful, engaging, and stunning vertical videos for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, & YouTube in minutes… All from a single app!

InstantVidz App Full Review : Best Vertical Video Editor Apps for iOS and Android Devices

InstantVidz App Review FrontEnd + UPSELL/OTO Details

FrontEnd (Main Product) – InstantVidz App ($37)

InstantVidz App is Best vertical video creator & Editor app! With InstantVidz App you can easily create incredible vertical videos for professional ads, stories, shorts, reels & video updates that get huge buyer traffic for free – all inside a single app in minutes!

Key features:

  • Ready to use 100 Vertical Video Marketing Templates & 100 Horizontal Vertical Video Marketing templates with 10 Niches
  • User can choose any one vertical marketing templates at a time and convert into vertical marketing video -using editing tool (Video Must be 30 Second to 60 Second)
  • Video Editing tools
  • Searchable Vertical Videos
  • Choose from any templates from search and create vertical video of Minimum 30 Second to 60 seconds
  • Create Vox and add Vox to vertical videos with Volume Controller
  • Can Add background music with vox in vertical video with Volume Controller
  • Speed Control, Trim Video, Add ready to use stickers, add image watermark, add test, add music into video, add Vox, add Emoji ETC
  • Download Videos from the APP into your system and upload on any social media channel for promoting your business.
  • Convert Horizontal Videos into Vertical Videos
  • Store up to 1 GB (FE) and 2GB (Upsell) of Videos per month
  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • 10000 Downloadable Vertical Videos
  • 10000 Downloadable Horizontal Videos

Types of vertical video content you can create for brands & influencers: Instagram Reels & Stories, Facebook Reels, Snapchat Stories, Tiktok Videos, Promotional Video Stories, Memes & Quotes Videos, Discount Offers, Event Launches, Business Tips, Yoga, Meditation & Health Videos, Special Offer Videos, Youtube Shorts, Promotional, Intros, Product Demonstrations, Social Media Ad Videos, Tutorial, Videos, And So Much More…

You cannot say no to InstantVidz App.. It is the most profitable investment for you…

  • Get free traffic, engagement and leads, use them to grow your own business
  • Convert horizontal video into vertical
  • No need to invest in money-sucking, low quality apps or freelancers
  • Save thousands in buying vertical video marketing templates from stock sites and developmental costs
  • Single app to run an entire business – no need for extra add-ons or downloads
  • Sell them to others, do it for clients for insane
  • An additional income stream with your marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat, Tiktok or any other social media channel.
  • Bundle it with your other products and sell a bigger package for even bigger
  • Get competitive advantage over your competitors
  • And so much more…

Watch How Easy InstantVidz App Works –

Making Money With InstantVidz App is Super Easy… There are multitude ways to earn with InstantVidz:

  • Become an influencer, create, and use videos for your own channel.
  • Create and Use vertical videos to upscale your own business.
  • Sign up as a Freelancer on websites and provide vertical creation services to brands, and content creators.
  • Set Up a vertical video creation business selling these services.
  • Create vertical videos for your own business + Start selling them as a freelancer w/ Commercial license only for $37!.
  • Create vertical videos for your own business + Start selling them as a consultant or business!
  • There are multiple ways to set up that 6-figure business with InstantVidz

In a nutshell, InstantVidz App is the only tool you’ll ever need for creating vertical videos. There are multiple ways to create videos. There are 100 + editable and searchable video templates in 10 niches. You can create your own voiceover and add it to videos. You can share on social media channels from inside the app.

Just login, select a template or a horizontal video, edit it with our robust editor – add music, trim, speed control, watermark, images, create music with Vox, etc and share on social media or download.

InstantVidz = built in video creator + templates + vox creator + video editor (All these features make InstantVidz unique in the market.)

OTO #1 – InstantVidz App PRO ($37)

InstantVidz App PRO is the first OTO from InstantVidz App. With PRO Version you can quickly  create hundreds of horizontal videos videos in 11 niches, unlimited searchable & 100 editable horizontal marketing templates, designed to stop-the-scroll and optimized for social media feeds & ads from inside the same app for your business…

And InstantVidz App PRO also comes with commercial license, just add horizontal video creation to your service offerings. You can also double or triple your sales and profits from the same amount of work with this pro upgrade. And unlock now to MAZIMIZE your business’ growth, sales, and profits in any niche!

InstantVidz App PRO Features:

  • Additional 100 Editable Horizontal Vertical Video Templates In 10 Niches.
  • Significant boost in profits with increased capacity of video production
  • Create stunning Video Content For Facebook, Instagram & Other Social Media Without Any Hard Work – All in one dashboard
  • Quickly Charge $300 And Above For Videos
  • Create videos from Unlimited Searchable horizontal templates from the web.
  • Sell Unlimited no. of Horizontal Videos of 30-60 seconds each W/ Commercial Rights!
  • Fantastic Deal For Marketers, Online And Offline Business Owners, Ecom, Affiliates, Youtubers, And More!
  • Exclusive 10,000 vertical & 10,000 horizontal stock videos Included At No Extra Charge!

This InstantVidz App PRO platform is going to give you a massive head start in making HUGE profits by not just creating Vertical videos But also horizontal ones ..and not just create but even sell to all businesses and agencies at a time when they are in a desperate situation.

But we know that as a customer the only thing you wanted was… MORE of it. Once you grab InstantVidz App PRO, You will be able to create MORE videos, sell MORE and create MORE of everything easily.

InstantVidz Pro gives you 3x more firepower to more profits & sales…for a one time price today. You can automate everything easily in Minutes… InstantVidz Pro has cutting edge features and technology…and is easy to use!!

Beat Your competitors and become the No.1 business in your area…

So, Here’s What We Did… We pumped in an insane amount of extra money…to upgrade our system, design unique merge features, unlocked unlimited access to everything and created something EXCLUSIVELY for you.

That’s why InstantVidz Pro is something that will speed up your video creation, unlock professional features, video storage, giving you the ability to create studio quality videos you should be creating.

OTO #2 – InstantVidz Template Club ($27)

The second OTO is InstantVidz Template Club version. With this upgrade, you’ll get access to 10 (Option 1) – 20 (Option 2) FRESH new templates every month… That’s a total 120 (option 1) – 240 (option 2) templates added to your account over the year!

InstantVidz Template Club can easilyIncreases Your Savings & Income Potential..You Spend Less And Make More Sales = More Money! You can crank out amazing videos like clockwork with fresh vertical & horizontal templates added to your account every month – sell more & make more money!

You Get 10 Vertical & 10 Horizontal Templates = 20 Every Month..

Just Imagine: Getting 240 (Over The Year) Fresh New Vertical & Horizontal Video Templates & Cranking Out Super Cool, Result Driven, Engaging Video Stories, Shorts, Reels, Etc For Your Business Or Your Influencer & Business Clients For Huge Paychecks.

When you create fresh new videos for your clients, offer new variety to them, you make more money from new sales!

Set up monthly subscriptions or one-time prices from your customers and charge any amount you like. You can easily create & sell videos at $100 + each… create a 6-figure video agency right away! Influencers, top brands & businesses will pay any price for these in-demand, hot videos!

Our users are already making money like clockwork – their social feeds exploding with subscribers, a high boost in their following, loads of free traffic, conversions, and huge client pool dramatically overnight!

SO, Join The Template club today and…

  • Publish more engaging videos, get more following & subscribers
  • Outsmart your competitors with new and latest videos
  • Easily set up a 6 figure video business, Sell to influencers, brands and profit
  • Save thousands in creating and sourcing videos from outside
  • Save Time in learning to create, edit videos by self or dealing with designers, freelancers etc.

Honestly, Much More can be achieved with this upgrade. This Isn’t Even The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Last but not least, you can use these video templates for free! In any case if you are not satisfied with the video templates, you can ask for a refund within 30 days and we’ll promptly give your money-back! There Is Absolutely No Risk For You!

OTO #3 – InstantVidz Reseller License ($197)

The last OTO is InstantVidz reseller license. With this reseller license you will get an access to Resell InstantVidz app to anyone you want & keep 100% of the profits! No Start-Up or maintenance Costs. You can also use our all high converting sales pages, videos & funnel. And make unlimited sales with our high converting material. And the best part is You can keep 100% of the profits for every sale you make… No Sharing!

RIGHT NOW there is an explosion of video content online & vertical vids on social media are killing it. Just like you invested in InstantVidz so you can have your own video creator App and build huge following, subscribers on social feeds & increase sales, there are millions of others who would love to do the same.

People everywhere are discovering that they need to use videos to demonstrate their business & products and services on social media. And they can make money off from the billions of smartphone users who can be readily converted into buyers through video marketing.

BUT… they need help. They need InstantVidz! You already learned how powerful the InstantVidz App can be for your business, and that’s why you invested in it. Hence, we decided to let you in on this special offer. With this exclusive InstantVidz reseller license, you’ll be able to send people to InstantVidz – and receive cash for every item in this funnel.

This special offer is fully backed by our iron-clad 30-day money- back . If you feel like this is not the opportunity for you and would like a refund of your small one-time investment – just drop us a message at Support and get it processed instantly. So, it’s totally a Risk-free deal!

Making Money with this Reseller Opportunity is Easy… Just follow these 3 simple steps…

  • Step 1 – Get your InstantVidz  Reseller License <= here
  • Step 2 – Send Traffic to our high converting sales page with your reseller link
  • Step 3 – Earn 100% Commissions

Now you too can be a software reseller and start selling a hot software while putting 100% of the profits in your pocket! You Keep 100% Of The Profits For Each Sale.

You will be authorized to sell InstantVidz in the Reseller Pack you purchase to anyone you like on our sites and keep 100% of the sales you make for yourself.

  • You can easily add thousands of dollars to your bottom line with our Reseller Packages. Become A Software Vendor Without Investing $20,000-$50,000 Of Your Own Money Upfront
  • You can start selling software like the gurus do without investing a dime in product development, testing, and what we sometimes refer to as “trial-and-terror”.

The best part: is that you will not be putting any of your own capital at risk to get the product to the level that would make it attractive as we have done.

There Is Nothing to Upload, Host, Configure … You are ready to rock. We have already done all the hard work for you. You won’t need to create your own website or create marketing materials or banners to sell this.

YES – You’ll get to use all our Marketing Pages; Members Area; Sales Videos, Sales funnels, etc. We got you covered all the way. You simply send traffic and pocket all the Profits.

You Won’t Need To Provide Any Staff Support, Do Customer Service or Product Maintenance!

We have a dedicated help-desk available to handle support, product delivery, product training, and handle customer complaints to make it Hassle FREE for you. You simply sell, and we take it up from there. We even help you collect and pay the money directly to your account.

We will take care of virtually everything else for you!… Just collect your profits and find a way to spend it.

InstantVidz App Full Review FrontEnd + UPSELL OTO Details InstantVidz App Full Review FrontEnd + UPSELL OTO Details


InstantVidz App – Conclusion

Come to the conclusion of my InstantVidz App review. As you can see, InstantVidz App is best vertical video creator & Editor app! With InstantVidz App you can easily create incredible vertical videos for professional ads, stories, shorts, reels & video updates that get huge buyer traffic for free – all inside a single app in minutes!

It is The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need For Creating Vertical Videos. There are multiple ways to create videos. There are 100 + editable and searchable video templates in 10 niches. You can create your own voiceover and add it to videos. You can share on social media channels from inside the App.

So, If you’re looking for a platform that can help you you create vertical video to get free buyer traffic, build a huge following on social feeds and bring in huge paychecks… then InstantVidz App is definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many videos can I create?
    As many as you like! There’s no limit on the number of videos
  • How many videos can I store?
    You can create and store unlimited videos but only upto 1 GB of storage on the cloud. Once 1 GB is consumed, you can download those files into your system and 1 GB storage would be available again for creating & saving new video files.
  • Is there a commercial license included?
    There is an option to buy commercial license. Buyers can opt for personal access as well as commercial license. Commercial rights will enable you to sell these services and make money.
  • Is there any training included?
    You’re covered by our industry-leading support team. Yes, we have created a video tutorial to guide you how to use the software just to make sure you make no errors and do it easily, hassle free.
  • Is it still worth if I have only few videos ?
    Sure. Would you prefer to spend $100 or more getting a video made, when you can do all this for endless videos… and for just one small investment in InstantVidz App instead? Remember, with our software, you don’t have to search for freelancers or deal with contracts.
  • Is it newbie-friendly?
    Yes. You don’t need any special skills or technical experience to vertical videos with this easy to use friendly interface.
  • Will this work on mac and pc?
    Yes, it doesn’t matter what operating system of device you’re using. It is easy to use and works perfectly, every time.
  • Do you provide support and updates?
    Yes! InstantVidz App is super easy to use, but if there’s ever an issue, we’re right here. Send us an email and we’ll fix you up! We’ll also let you know when new updates are available, and offer them to you for free, as a valued customer!
  • Is there a money back policy?
    Yes, you get 30 days to use InstantVidz App and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a refund of your tiny investment here today.

So, How to get started?

Just click on download button below and activate your InstantVidz App account today!

Get your copy of InstantVidz App <= Here!

Remember: You Are Completely At Zero-Risk With Our Product!

Our Awesome InstantVidz App Comes With A Special 30-Day 100% Money Back Policy! If, At Any Time Within 30 Days Of Purchasing, You Are Not 100% Satisfied, You May Return It To Us For A Refund. No Questions Asked!. Your Satisfaction Is Our Primary Concern.

The explosion of video content is presenting a golden content marketing opportunity! Get ready to drive your vertical video game to new heights & make phenomenal income with instantvidz App. See you on the inside.

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