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How To Get $2,500+ Consulting Clients By The End Of The Month?

$2,500+ Consulting Clients System

Want to get $2,500+ consulting clients quickly before the end of the month?

Then you should read every word on this page, because I’m about to reveal how an underground group of rookie consultants has been banking $2,500$5,000… even $10,000 deals with local business owners… All while sitting at their kitchen table and using an online service to send $0.40 post cards.

How To Get $2,500+ Consulting Clients By The End Of The Month?

This system is NOT about mass mailing, spamming, Facebook ads, or any of the generic sales advice you read about on marketing blogs. A colleague introduced me to this untapped sales strategy a few months ago, and after seeing it in action, I had one thought:

This is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen!

You see, for the last three years, a small, ragtag group of internet marketers has been milking government websites that list new businesses the day they start their corporation (sometimes before they have even opened).

It usually takes about 60 days for these businesses to appear in the databases of lead companies, and months before they appear in the yellow pages or other online directories. This means you have a 60-day head start on selling these business owners before anyone else has even approached them.

Fact: More than half of these new businesses do not have a website, and the primary reason given is the cost of developing one:

Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd
Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd

The strategy is simple and clear: contact these businesses before anyone else and offer them a website for only $2,500… an offer these new business owners can’t refuse

According to Forbes Magazine, 543,000 new businesses are launched in the United States alone each month. By utilizing this free government lead source, YOU will have access to an almost limitless supply of hungry clients.

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This is how it works:

Step 1: Only target new companies:

We find new businesses even before they open by using little-known government websites:

Passive Consulting Profits System Review FrontEnd

Every prospect will have a contact address, owner’s name, phone number, and business information. It usually takes about 60 days for these new businesses to appear on the ‘lead lists’ used by most large agencies.

That gives YOU a 60-day head start on any other agency looking to sell them.

Step 2: Let postcards do your selling for you.

Send a carefully crafted post card selling a discounted website to these businesses using a point-and-click online service.

Listen up: The mailbox is still the cleanest inbox. For the first few months, you may be the only mail that these new businesses receive ( outside of bank statements and IRS forms).

These obnoxious postcards stand out and are read by decision-makers. If you include all of the following sales elements, business owners will stop what they are doing and pick up the phone to take you up on your offer:

  • A compelling offer – Provide the business owner with a website for a fraction of the price that other designers charge.
  • A strong perceived value – To avoid appearing ‘cheap,’ make the price appear to be a significant discount from what you normally charge.
  • A ‘why’ that makes them feel as if they earned this discount – Inform them that your ‘discount’ is only available to new businesses.
  • A powerful call to action – Tell them exactly what they need to do to get their discount.
  • A fear of missing out – Include a deadline for when the client’s discount will be LOST.

This $2,500+ Consulting Clients System formula appears to be straightforward, and it is. However, if you miss any of these sales elements or get them in the wrong order, you will KILL your chances of making the sale (read on for proven post card templates in a copy-paste format).

Step 3: Delegate all of the actual work.

When you use a pre-built WordPress theme, it costs on average $500 to hire a web designer to build a professional-looking website. (See below for a list of the ones I use.)

We’ve been charging $2,500 for the websites, which is a sweet spot price that business owners are saying yes to with few reservations while still allowing you to make a healthy profit:

  • The client has made a payment of $2,500
  • $80 in advertising costs (200 $0.40 post cards)
  • Outsourcing fees of $500 ( paid after you collect your fee)

Total: $1,900 in profit per deal.

Remember: that’s $1,900 in pure profit before offering the client monthly services indicated in the survey.

SEO, site hosting, social media marketing, reputation management… are all necessities for new businesses. Services for which you charge monthly fees while outsourcing the work for a portion of those amounts. (My average client is worth about $5,000 per month in fees.)

Oh, and don’t forget the best part: for at least 60 days, you’re the only one marketing these services.

Consider this: it only costs $0.40 to send a physical post card into the hands of a decision maker… When they initially open their doors, this may be the only piece of mail they get.

Physical mail stands out, is read, and remains on their desk until they call or visit your website to take action… It’s everything for $0.40.

When compared to paying $1 or more PER CLICK on Facebook advertisements, where you have to compete with dozens of other ads offering dozens of other offers…

AND compete with all of the funny cat videos and ex-girlfriend photos that your prospect is probably looking at on Facebook in the first place. (Hint: If you compete with cat videos and ex-girlfriends, you’ll always lose.)

The startling truth about the world’s largest online advertising companies…

Do you know what the number one way Google and Facebook use to attract businesses to their online ads is?

Here’s an example: Both Facebook and Google, the online advertising behemoths, use direct mail postcards sent to new businesses to acquire customers:

They provide a limited-time discount to new businesses looking to get started…

Does this sound familiar?

When you use postcards to sell new businesses, you are standing on the shoulders of giants, and using these government lead sources means that YOUR postcards will arrive in their mailbox EVEN BEFORE Google’s…

A marketing plan stolen from… a carpet cleaning company?

Jessica, a student and close friend, has been quietly using this method to build her work-from-home consulting business for the past three years. Her father owns a carpet cleaning company and has been building his customer base for over two decades by sending post cards to new home owners.

These post cards warn new homeowners about the dangers lurking in their new home’s carpets. He offers to eliminate their allergies (guaranteed) by performing a full home cleaning at a significant discount IF they respond by a specific date (strong offer with a deadline for scarcity).

A simple, yet brilliant approach that has worked for more than 20 years.

Jessica decided to use the same strategy to find web design clients. She discovered dozens of local government websites that list new businesses’ contact information before anyone else (via chance and weeks of Google searching).

She began selling discount websites to new businesses in her hometown using the same sales tactics that her father employs in his post cards. The end result was incredible… Jessica earned six figures her first year as a consultant and has since doubled the size of her business every year since… Postcards are being used to sell all of her clients.

Jessica now gets $2,500 website deals for every $80 she spends on postcards, thanks to three years of trial and error. (Not including the upsell funnel, which converts half of her clients into $5,000/month SEO and other service packages.)

She recently joined my coaching program to assist in compiling this method into a system that ANYONE can use to start their own consulting business from home.

After all, with 543,000 new businesses being established every month, there are far more businesses in need of websites than there are consultants available to service them. Jessica wants to provide ordinary people with the same opportunity she did: complete financial independence while working from the comfort of her own home.

I collaborated with her to compile EVERYTHING that has worked for her over the last three years into a done-for-you package that we call The Passive Consulting Profits System.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does this work outside of the United States?
A resounding YES! You can work as a consultant from anywhere in the world as long as you have a PayPal account. The course contains all of the necessary information.

Q: Can I do everything on my computer? (Or do I have to go door-to-door to sign up companies?)
A resounding YES! You can do everything from your computer. Remember that business owners are also busy, so they prefer to avoid a face-to-face meeting and sign up over the phone or via email using PayPal.

Q: How much money can I expect to make?
A: There is no guarantee that you will generate money when selling services to business owners; in fact, most new consultants make no money at all since they take little effort and give up quickly. Having said that, my coaching students have earned anything from a few thousand dollars per month to over seven figures per year offering consulting services to local business owners via email.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: This program will teach you how to invoice and bill business owners using PayPal on a monthly basis. Once set up, you never have to worry about collecting money from your clients again; PayPal handles everything securely and automatically.

Q: How quickly can I be paid?
A: How quickly you can get paid is determined by the amount of action you take. When first-time consultants follow the instructions, they can be paid in as little as 36 hours.

Click the button below to get started TODAY so you can have REAL financial freedom by this time next month:

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My name is James – a young online marketer who loves music, guitar, and playing around on the magical internet machine. I’m also a man who is passionate about the sorts of making money online.

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