How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant? – The $5 Consulting Handbook 2021 Review By Luther Landro

The $5 Consulting Handbook By Luther Landro

How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?

$81,726.65 that’s how much money my friend, Kenny Clark earns as a consultant last month… even crazier! All that money was in recurring payments for a service he doesn’t even provide himself.

Today you’re going to learn about the completely unique consulting strategy that my friend, Kenny Clark used to bank over $80,000 a month in consulting fees from his laptop computer. This is a system that doesn’t require you to provide any service to clients yourself. Requires absolutely no Direct Selling to get clients on board, and most of the money comes in on a recurring plan every month.

The $5 Consulting Handbook 2021 Review Luther Landro
The $5 Consulting Handbook 2021 Review Luther Landro

Sound like your kind of opportunity?

Well here’s the deal: Kenny found a bunch of white label programs at all for everything from SEO, to mobile apps, to reputation management… Everything that a business owner would need to grow their business.

White label means that the entire service is branded with your name, logo, and information. The client never knows that someone else is servicing them. The unique thing about these services is that they also offer sales executives who get on the phone and sell clients for you. All you have to do is: find business owners who need a service like reputation management, and pass the name onto these sales executives. They call the business, get them sold, and pay you 50 to 75 percent of the fees collected.

Kenny has been collecting $80,000 a month worth of fees after just six months as a consultant. It turns out nearly all of the major consulting firms are using white label services to grow their business… and offer new services to their clients.

In this article I’m gonna walk you through: How can he built his business over the past year to $80,000 a month! So you can go to work duplicating his success. And if you get attention until the very end you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on Kenny’s master list of these white label services for just $5. This way you could start using these services to sell business owners in your area, and collect outrageous fees in the process. The $5 Consulting Handbook Review

Check these members that already have a copy of Kenny’s book….

Just see to some of the results they have achieved with the system:

Ella Watkins from Fort Lauderdale emailed me saying:Luther I wanted to send you a quick testimonial about Kenny’s white-label book. I’ve been offering one of his reputation management contacts to businesses near me who have bad reviews on Yelp. I’ve managed to book five shops each paying $997 dollars a month for the service it was an easy sell since the service closed three of the deals for me. This list is a goldmine, and I can’t thank Kenny enough.

How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?
How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?

Jimmy from Norcross Georgia says:The SEO services in this book are really top-of-the-line. I use one for my biggest client and they got his site to the first page in three weeks with some on-page tweaks, and they reworked his local listing to give it a boost as well. The client is more than happy even though he doesn’t know I use the service to deliver this boost. Overall I’ve collected about $6,000 in fees from this client, and I expect to keep them paying for years. Thanks for the tip.

How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?
How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?

Warren Peterson from Gibson North Carolina says:The lead gen service in Kenny’s book is an entire business in itself. I offered the leads to a few of my current clients, as well as new businesses that. I knew would be open to buying leads I cleared $15,000 dollars this month just selling this lead service… and it looks like every business will keep buying the leads for months. Please use me as a case study in your webinar with Kenny. I can give you complete examples of these services in action.”

How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?
How to Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant?

Download here: The $5 Consulting Handbook By Luther Landro <<

For members who got access to this list have been earning passive income as consultants... Letting these white label services do all the hard work for them. These services literally sell themselves! many even have their own in-house sales teams that will get on the phone and close clients for you. And now for the first time an Insider is revealing these services to the public.

You see… Kenny wasn’t always the ‘James Bond of consulting’. Spending most of his time on hobbies and traveling while these white label services work on his clients. Like most people he started from the bottom… literally knocking on business’s doors trying to sell them everything from credit card machines, to websites, to SEO. Unfortunately he could never seem to compete with the bigger agencies out there.

The big consulting and SEO firms have huge teams of people to work with clients and sophisticated software that the average Joe consultants simply did not have access too. And so Kenny gave up on his ambition as a freelancer and decided to join an SEO firm is a hired gun. “If he can’t beat them join him!” he figured…

He interviewed with a number of firms in New York City big firms that make millions of dollars a year in sales and only offer top-of-the-line software and consulting for their clients. He expected their offices to be huge with teams of programmers and PhD computer scientists doing SEO for their clients. To his surprise every office he went to was well tiny… no teams of people, no huge IT department with custom software… just small offices with about five or six salesmen making phone calls. When he asked the owners of the firm how they service their clients they all replied with the same answer: Private label services.

Imagine: Multi-million dollar consulting and SEO firms all built using white label services for their clients! This took Kenny by surprise it was like he stumbled upon a dirty little secret of the consulting and SEO world. Kenny decided to give up his job search and start his own consulting business.

After all, why work for a middleman when he could just resell the same white label services they do?

He kept going on interviews and grilled a company owner about the white label services they used. Most of these were unheard of except for industry insiders. By the end of his interviews, he had a master list of services for everything from SEO, and web design… to lead generation and reputation management. Premium white label business opportunities that were only available to high-end consultants in the know. He even found services that have a call center in Sales Executives to help sell clients for you. All you had to do was send them the contact information for business owners that needed the service and they would do the rest paying a 50% or more commission on all the fees collected!

Here’s How Kenny Earn $80,000 Dollars A Month As A Consultant:

First Kenny signed up for all the white label services he could find, and put together a series of Emails and Sales videos to pre sell these services to business owners. He sent out these emails and videos to businesses that needed his service. And he sent reputation management emails to businesses that had bad Yelp reviews.

And then He sent SEO emails to businesses that were not ranked properly on Google. He sent emails advertising lead generation services to attorneys, contractors, and finance professionals. All of these emails directed the business owner to get on a call with one of the ‘white label’ sales executives.

The sales executives closed the deal and Kenny got paid 50-75% commission on the deal. And the best part about white labeling is that everything was in Kenny’s brand! So as far as the client was concerned, it was Kenny sales executive that called them… And it was Kenny software that they were using… And so anytime a business needed something else for their business they called Kenny… And all he had to do was direct them to the branded service the client needed and he would get paid!

Kenny started this business in 2015 and in October of that year he took in $47,559.69 in sales and commissions. He made a bigger effort for the Black Friday and Thanksgiving rush in November.

The $5 Consulting Handbook
The $5 Consulting Handbook

A time when business owners are hungry for any service that will help to drive more customers. As a result, in November he took in $61,749.34. In December, he continued his push to book clients for the Christmas and New Year’s rush he banked $87,032.89 in fees. He’s currently on point to continue earning over $80k/month in residual Commission’s just for working a few hours each week maintaining his client relationships. The best part is that clients now call him whenever they needs something for their business.

  • Bad reviews on Yelp? Kenny has a service to help remove them..
  • Need their website boosted in Google? Kenny has the best SEO company in the business taking care of his clients!

Business owners continue to hire new services from Kenny, and they refer their friends which is how he is able to grow his business part-time, work exclusively from these referrals. The best part of his business of the fringe benefits which is why I call him “the James Bond of consulting”.

Just imagine it: You have local restaurants, contractors, salons, as clients paying you every month to help them grow their business. Any time you visit these clients they treat you like royalty… free drinks and even meals on the house when you eat at a client’s restaurant, contractors, roofers, and other home repair companies do jobs it cost for helping them out with their SEO. All while earning tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for selling white label solutions to these business owners. All it takes is knowing which services to offer to them.

Here’s what will you get inside The $5 Consulting Handbook

inside The $5 Consulting Handbook, Kenny has put together a handbook for members of luther profit h4ckers coaching program that lists all the white label services he uses in his business. You can put these services to work immediately to duplicate his business.

Take a look at just some of the services inside of this handbook:

  1. The drag-and-drop app builder that Kenny uses to sell apps for $5,000 a piece. This service allows anyone to create an iOS or Android mobile app at the click of a button. Mobile apps can keep a business’s customers coming back to the location by offering deals, discounts, and special promotions. This service is complete with push notifications, and full analytics like the users phone and location. Charge a monthly fee for these services, and everything is handled for you in a custom branded dashboard.
  2. The lead generation service that will generate customer leads for any business. Including: lawyers, doctors, insurance sales, car sales, contractors, financial planners, etc. From email leads to live call phone leads. This is a one-stop shop for all leads that you can offer as your own lead business to a business owner. It even includes a fully branded lead management system that you can offer clients who buy these leads from you.
  3. The white label SEO system that handles regular and local SEO for your clients. Kenny uses this service to get his clients to the top of Google and it includes your own dashboard, schedule PDF reports to your clients for a monthly fee, and a single sign on a branded portal for your clients to see. The best part is that this whole system is branded with your information and ever do your own domain, making this service completely yours.
  4. The reputation management service that commander our social media for mentions of a business. It can even remove bad reviews from some review sites making you look like a hero.
  5. Customer tracking software that allows businesses to track the value of each of their customer. Restaurants go crazy for this opportunity to identify and market to their highest value customer. My own dad signed up for this for his restaurant as soon as he saw it.
  6. The email marketing service that allows you to create your own fully branded Aweber style email service. Collect monthly fees from clients while the software handles all of their email marketing for them.
  7. The All-In-One White Label Dashboards that can keep all of our clients campaigns in one place. social media, SEO, SEM, PPC, web analytics, leads and sales all in the same place branded with your name and logo. You will look like a real Automatic agency system with this dashboard.
  8. And most importantly The marketing service that provides Sales Executives that will reach out to your client and sell them for you using your brand and then completes the work quickly. You call their executive, tell them about the potential client, give them your marketing materials and logo and they will contact your client using your name and brand to sell them. Depending on the client and the fees you decide to charge, you keep anywhere from 50-75% of the profit while they do all the work!
  9. And also you’ll get Luther landro’s profit h4ckers packages. Inside profit h4ckers you will have access to every product I have ever produced. All the trainings, sales material, and software that I have sold over the last five years is free to download. As well as any new products that I release in the future. It’s the community of driven entrepreneurs that brings people back. We help each other get started refer each other business, and celebrate each other’s success. You’ll meet mentors, business partners, affiliates, and friends along the way.

Listen: Kenny spent months trying out nearly every white label business opportunity to find this master list of in-demand services. He has built an $80,000 a month business and under a year, once he found the right ones to offer. Programs that provide a great service to his clients and help him sell new ones along the way. With this master list you will be on your way to offering the best service to local businesses right now only members of my $97 a month profit hackers coaching program have access to this handbook. Which is an incredible deal considering members get not only this list of services, but also access to every sales material and software that I use in my business. This makes booking new Consulting clients even easier.

As a special bonus, I’m giving you complimentary access to profit hackers for five days. All the software, sales material, training, and of course Kenny’s guide will be yours to keep. This offer will not cost you the usual $97. Heck… it won’t even cost you half that to access these materials. You are getting everything for the insanely low price of just $5. Five dollars is less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! After your five day trial, it is only $97 a month to continue as a member.And you can cancel your membership at any time, and you can even keep Kenny’s handbook as my gift for trying out the profit hackers community. There are no OTO, upsells, cross-sells, downsells, or any of those types of shenanigans. You could download your book as soon as you click the download button below.

Download here: The $5 Consulting Handbook By Luther Landro <<

Now so why only $5? Well I’m 100% confident that when you see the services in this handbook, and all the sales materials, software, help, and community and profit h4ckers… you will want to stay for life. Members are earning small fortunes from the materials inside like member and coaching student Lina Zhao who made $30,000 dollars just weeks after joining.

The $5 Consulting Handbook By Luther Landro

It would be one of your best investments this year for sure. Because the price can increase surprisingly, do not hesitate to buy and enjoy this software. I believe that better things are waiting for you ahead.

Now is the time my The $5 Consulting Handbook By Luther Landro Review comes to an end. Thanks for your time in reading. I hope that my review has given you a hand in looking for a profitable online product. Goodbye and I will see you very soon.

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