Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO Review By Anthony Hayes – Get Mass Page Building On Google Sites With Multiple Marketing Elements

Google Sites Poster App Review By Anthony Hayes

Imagine you were able to tap into a source for free that is so powerful that it can rank for some of the most competitive keywords!

Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO Review By Anthony Hayes
Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO Review By Anthony Hayes

What is Google Sites Poster App?

Google sites poster App is an automated “Mass Page Building App” with google sites to drive rankings and traffic with mass page building on google sites with multiple marketing elements built in. This is the most simple and effective way to get more traffic from google sites. This system is being exploited by a few shrewd online marketers. Drive traffic and rankings with google’s mass page building system. Google sites poster App will do mass page building into google sites. So that you can go for keyword phrases that you want to rank for. Like affiliate programs, ecom marketing or even for local SEO. You can do this as well and you can tap into the power of google sites.

This is a fantastic tool this is a powerful tool that can help you to tap into one of the most powerful and one of the most untapped powerful resources on the internet that is google sites you can take advantage of that today just make a decision click on the buy button but watch that demo video because it’s very very interesting stuff thanks for watching This is super simple ‘mass page building’ traffic system being exploited by just a few shrewd affiliate marketers by using google sites… I like this strategy so much that I automated it!

Google Sites Poster App Review – Demo Video

Watch This LIVE Demo! (3 Minute Campaign Building)


As you can see in the video… this is a fast and easy way to create thousands of posts around any topic and have unique multi media content every single time to drive traffic and discover easy to rank and REALLY Targeted keywords With Multiple CTA’s On EVERY Page.

Google Sites Poster App Review – Features & Benefits

Features & Technology

  • Simple SEO & Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Creates Unique Multimedia Content On Google Sites
  • Discover Keywords That Have Traffic That You Can Rank With Zero Backlinks
  • Additional Training and Tutorials In Member Area
  • Stupid Simple SEO app That Works
  • Mass Page Building Automation Software
  • Run Affiliate Or Keyword Poking Campaigns With Hundreds Of Keywords
  • Add Multiple CTA’s On Every Page
  • Congruent Funnel With Extra ‘In-Software’ OTO’s Features
  • Infiltrate ANY Affiliate Niche With This Powerful But Simple To Use Traffic Strategy & Training!
  • Easy Mass Page Building With Unique Content On Every Page
  • Rank & Get Traffic Without Backlinks
  • Simple Multi-CTA Landing Pages
  • Just Add Your Core Content
  • Add Your Keywords & Click Start
  • Post Scheduling Enabled
  • Unlimited ‘Easy SEO’ Campaigns
  • BULK Automated Pages Created In a Single Click
  • Strategy Training Included
  • Create Call To Action On Every Page

By Using Mass Page Building, you can easily:

  • Reach Buyer Intent Audiences With Very Little Effort: People Are Searching for Buyer Intent Keywords And You Are Going To Be Ranking & Waiting Right Where They Will Be Looking For More Info With Up To THREE CTA’s One EVERY Page
  • Super Fast Bulk Campaigns: You have no limitations for how many campaigns you can create. I have timed it to around 3 minutes per campaign. Thats very scalable and easy to rinse and repeat several times a week to be in the right place at the right time when people are searching with buyer intent keywords.
  • Easy Rankings To Drive More Exposure To Your Offers:
    That’s the result you should aim for with your content. Once you’re ranking for the right keywords you have your CTA’s Waiting For The Traffic Long Term.

A huge benefits of Google Sites Poster App 

  • Gets you first page rankings, FAST!
  • Create Unique Content For 100’s Or Even 1000’s Of Pages
  • Adds Images, Video Embeds, Playlist Embeds & Maps
  • Auto Links Back To Home Page For Internal Linking
  • One Click Indexing, Mass Pinging & SO MUCH MORE!

Google Sites Poster has made it as simple as

  • Submitting the keywords you want to rank
  • Selecting the type of syndication you want
  • Sitting back and collecting your profit!

Check Out How Powerful Google Sites Are For SEO (Software)

What Benefits Of Using Google Sites?

  • Google likes to rank their own properties
  • Google sites allow for super easy design suitable for landing pages or even review posts.
  • They can absorb high volume backlinks to rank them fast
  • You can easily rank for low to medium difficulty keywords
  • You can also rank for competitive keywords (with backlinks)
  • You can take advantage of fast indexing using Google sites for mass page building

Google sites is also a seriously good option for keyword poking. Keyword poking is making large volume posts with intention of finding keywords that you can rank without backlinks, it is really suitable because of fast indexing, and easy integration with google analytics which allows you to see which of the keywords that rank actually have traffic.

Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO Review By Anthony Hayes
Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO Review By Anthony Hayes

Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO Review – Full Details

Front End : Google Sites Poster App by Anthony Hayes

OTO 1 : Google Bulk Rank Checker

  • Auto-sends All Successfully Published Post URLs To The Rank Checker. Unlimited Use, You Can
  • Use To Check Rankings For Any Domain (Not Just Google Sites), Any URL and With Unlimited Keywords For Google Rankings.
  • You can save campaigns, import, export and check as often and as much as you like without having to pay any monthly fees.

OTO 2 : Google Plus RSS Xtreme Sites Syndication

  • Google Sites Does Not Provide an RSS Feed So We Built Our Own Tool To make RSS Feeds From
  • Google Sites, Do Some More Ninja SEO Stuff and Then Syndicate To Feedburner, Index and Ping

OTO 3 : VAA Vid Attack Alpha Lite Google Sites Offer

  • Create RankAttack SEO System With CTR Clicks From Search Engine Combined With High Retention Video Views. This is a MAJOR Discount!
  • Top Affiliates Use This Strategy To Generate 5 Figures Per Month
  • Ranks Your Videos On Google & YouTube

OTO 4 : Google Sites Poster LeadBlasta

The most powerful lead magnet creator ever built. Creates interactive chrome extension checklists that builds your email list, sms lists and push notification lists, all at one time without needing complicated funnel software.

  • Our case study chrome extension got 18,600 users in less than 6 months.
  • 10 Chrome Extension Package
  • In Built SMS and Push Notification Posting Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What else do I need to use this tool efficiently?
A: You’ll need some YouTube API keys, we provide step by step insutructions with screenshots. You Do Not Need Proxies or Captcha Solvers. 3rd party Indexing Services Can be Added (Optionally)

Q: Do you provide strategy training?
A: The main strategy that we use this tool for mass page building with rankings that attract a buyer intent audience. We have several strategy training sessions alreadfy recorded and planned via webinar too.

Q: Can I use this software on a Mac?
A: This is a windows only software, you cannot use on a mac. If you use Parallels Desktop to run Windows on your Mac you can use it, but you can’t run the program natively in Mac OS.

Since 2011 Anthony Hayes have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing. He  believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today, and my tools are designed to kickstart rankings and drive traffic to your offers. And this Google Sites Poster App tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped tens of thousands of marketers just like you.

Take advantage of Google Sites Poster App for fast rankings with this easy to use tool for mass page building & keyword poking with simple cta pages. As you can see in the video this is a fast and easy way to create thousands of posts around any topic and have unique multi media content every single time to drive traffic and discover easy to rank and really targeted keywords with multiple cta’s on every page. Don’t miss this google sites poster limited opportunity. Get Google Sites Poster App FrontEnd & OTO now!

Get your copy of Google Sites Poster App here <<

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