Funnel Mates Software: The World First And Only Funnel Builder That PAYS YOU To Use It!

This Newbie Friendly Make-Money Twist Has Our Beta Testers Gobsmacked And Is Guaranteed To Land A LOT Of Commissions In Your Pocket!

Funnel Mates Software
Funnel Mates Software

What is Funnel Mates?

Funnel Mates is the first time ever System that literally automates EVERY single aspect of a trully profitable funnel.

With FunnelMates you can activate a complete affiliate funnel with:

✅ Designed landing page giving away a lead capture magnet
✅ Designed funnel pages including thank you, confirmation and downloads
✅ With perfectly tailored niche targeted, high paying ads
✅ All sales copy written for you
✅ 30 days of emails written for you, scheduled and automated
✅ Promoting high converting, high paying products
✅ Your affiliate links in ALL the emails, on the pages … everywhere

Complete. Automated. All in 27 seconds flat!

Which is amazing to begin with. Sure. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When I found out what they’ve REALLY created I knew I just had to tell you about it. Yes! There’s a HUGE collection of these one-click automated funnels in a LOT of niches. But, that collection keeps growing because of this incredible twist. Funnel Mates gives you full access to their drag and drop funnel builder Letting you build massive lists and/or even sell these for profit!

YES! You can activate these done for you funnels, but you can also: Build your own lead capture funnels in any niche,
Automatically make sales for any offer you can imagine, Get paid commissions on JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus, ThriveCart, Shopify or ANY platform you like (or all of them at once!). You can also use the funnels for yourself (private use). Or list them in the FunnelMates store – and when someone activates your funnel? You’ll get paid. In cash. Deposited to your Paypal or via wire transfer. This is insane!

What makes Funnel Mates different from other Funnel Builder?

This cloudbased SaaS gives beginners completely done-for-you lead capture, affiliate funnels. Pages are built (and hosted), emails written and queued (with their affiliate links embedded) and traffic tools are at the ready. Each funnel contains ENDLESS handwritten promotions by our team, promoting top selling offers on JVZoo, W+, CB, Thrivecart, Shopify, Amazon and more. In ANY niche.

BUT – This goes even further! Newbies will love that instant gratification feeling of having a funnel ready SUPER quick. However… the funnels they’re activating are cleverly created by other members of FunnelMates using our drag-n-drop affiliate funnel creator. Whenever someone activates one of their funnels, they’ll get paid CASH!

What other funnel builders pay you to use them? (Spoiler alert: none!)

Here’s Why We’re So Excited About This Software:

✅Activate done-for-you funnels with just one click – includes an existing prewritten email series and lifetime, ongoing email promotions all with your affiliate link added into each one.
✅Enjoy unstoppable commissions on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart & more – in any niche – with every funnel you pick!
✅Design your own funnels fast using our inbuilt customizable templates – one click and all funnel pages are created and ready to customise with our drag and drop designer.
✅Capture an unlimited number of leads using your own funnels or by activating funnels created by other people, hosted, queued and delivered by us. Nothing techie to code or write.
✅Create your own funnels and profit in three ways: use them yourself, sell them to others, or let others use them for free and you get a copy of their leads added automatically to your connected autoresponder.
✅Create or use funnels across a variety of niches (the niches and funnels available is growing daily)!
✅Integrates effortlessly with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank and more!
✅Connects easily to your favorite autoresponder!
✅Want to have affiliates build lists AND promote an evergreen webinar? You can do that too, with our GoToWebinar integration.
✅Lets anyone create a funnel fast – no special skills, knowledge or experience required!
✅Get started in less than 30 seconds with this cloud-based, user-friendly funnel builder and marketplace!
✅Use your own domain names so it looks like you’re hosting the funnel – without any of the tricky or expensive hosting costs.
✅Community reviewed rating system ensures the quality of these funnels stays strong so the funnels your promoting will get more signups and sales than ever!
✅Add your own scripts to activated funnels, so you can add messenger bots, retargeting pixels and more.
✅Track your clicks, conversions and more in your dashboard too.

In a nutshell, No Matter funnel you’re going to make, You NEED Funnel Mates!

To make this software work for you, you simply:

  • Step 1: Tell the system where you want to be paid
  • Step 2: Pick your niche
  • Step 3: Actually… there is no step 3!

You’ll be given your link to a fully designed, fully monetized, fully automated funnel. Seriously, this couldn’t be easier.

This goes well beyond ‘instant affiliate marketing funnels in a snap’ though… (The twist to this software will blow your mind). Once you see it, I guarantee you’ll be speechless. This is unlike anything we’ve seen before and is going to put more profits in more peoples hands than anything we’re likely to see again for years to come. I recommend you drop whatever you’re doing right now And get your hands on this today. Seriously, whatever you planned on doing in the next 27 seconds has got nothing on this. Try Funnel Mates here!

Poweful features of Funnel Mates Software

    ✅ Beginners Friendly:

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use Funnel mates. Then Don’t worry! Funnelmates is only for you. It provides a completely user friendly interface which is suitable for both experts and beginners.

    ✅ Easy to Use :

Funnelmates’ simple interface makes this software super easy to use .It also provides step by step instructions which would help users to use each and every tool properly.

    ✅ No Skills Required:

Yes, Seriously ! you don’t need to have any expertise or skills to use this software. Its simple interface with drag & drop editor will make your work within a single click

    ✅ Provides Maximum visibility:

It will help you a lot to get maximum visibility by tracking your customers frequently.

    ✅ Provides Customized Content:

Here you are also getting options to customize your template according to you so that you can easily convert your non-customers to loyal customers.

    ✅ Dfy Templates :

Funnelmates provides tons of Dfy templates .Here what you have to do is you just have to simply pick a template for you according to your niche. And you can also customize that template easily within a few clicks.

    ✅ Drag & Drop Editor:

It also provides Drag & Drop Editor which will make all your work super easy. You don’t need to build a funnel interface by yourself .Its Advanced Funnel filter will convert your traffic to your loyal customers.

    ✅ Provides Squeeze page:

Funnelmates provides squeeze page links . Send traffic to this link and everyone who signs up will automatically start receiving emails containing your recommended products.

    ✅ Easy Tracking:

You can also track the hits & conversion rates of your squeeze pages. What you have to do is you just need to append your tracking id with URLs links.

    ✅ Unlimited Leads:

Funnelmates offer their own inbuilt advanced funnels to their users . By using those funnels you can get a huge engagement, Leads ,Sales & profit.

    ✅ Integration with Affiliate Platform:

This Tool integrates effortlessly with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank And many more…So that you can launch your own product there.

    ✅ Cloud Based:

Yes! No more worries. Funnelmates is a 100% Cloud Based application ,You can access this app at any time from anywhere in the world within a single click.

    ✅ Track performance:

You can track your Clicks, Engagement, Conversions, and more in a single dashboard within a quick glance.

    ✅ Allow to Add Script:

If you want to add your own script to your activated funnels then, it can be done within a few clicks, here you can also add messenger bots, Retargeting pixels and many more.

    ✅ Webinar integration:

Want to promote your products or want to host a webinar ? Now no more worries at all Guys! Funnelmates allow you to build affiliate lists and also allow you to promote an evergreen webinar with its GoToWebinar Integration platform.

    ✅ Allow All Niche:

Yes, You are Right! Funnelmates allow all types of niche .Whatever your niches is you can easily create or use its funnel templates across a variety of niches.

    ✅ Sell Funnels:

Create your own funnels and profit in three ways, use those funnels for yourself, sell them to others & keep all profits in your pocket, or let others use them for free and you get a copy of their leads added automatically to your connected autoresponder.

    ✅ Customizable templates:

Absolutely! You don’t need to have technical skills or expertise to edit those templates .Anyone With funnelmates Drag & Drop editor can easily customize their funnel Templates.

    ✅ 1-Click Activation:

Activate your Funnels within a single click ,It also includes an existing prewritten email series and lifetime, ongoing email promotions all with your affiliate link added into each one.

    ✅ Dedicated Customer Support:

Funnelmates customer service team are 24*7 hours available to provide you better services, solve your queries and to guide you well .

Funnel Mates Review
Funnel Mates Review
Funnel Mates Review

About The Creator

Cindy Donovan is behind this amazing multi Advanced E-Com funnel builder software Funnelmates.

They have contributed a list of remarkable extraordinary products like eCom product list , Vidtoon, Targeting academy 2.0, Tee Niche list, eCom sniper, T-shirt Confessions, Funneleo and many more…….

All of her software is just amazing and highly demanding .

Well, Now come down to the next section of FunnelMates Review; where I will give you complete key features details of this amazing Funnel Builder software.


Conclusion + Access Link

Cindy Donovan’s made something so extraordinary it almost feels insulting to call it an ‘instant affiliate funnel builder’.

    ✅ Yes it will work in any niche and for any audience
    ✅ And Yes you can have entire funnels designed, hosted and branded to you
    ✅ Yes all emails are written and scheduled automatically for you
    ✅ And Yes you can even request to have one made specifically for you
    ✅ Yes all of the pages have ads, you guessed it … embedded with your links
    ✅ Yes all emails that go out instantly contain your affiliate links

All in under 30 seconds! But that twist?!?

You can use any of the funnels inside the system instantly. And Connect your autoresponder and you’re automatically lightyears ahead of 99% of the ‘so called’ marketers out there already, building your most valuable asset. Your list! But it’s so much more than that…

With FunnelMates you can:

    ✅ Use their templates to make any kind of lead generation funnel you like
    ✅ SELL your funnels inside their marketplace
    ✅ Get paid CASH for each sale

Yep. FunnelMates actually PAYS YOU to use their software

If you are serious about your online business or want to establish your pillar of profit and success within a small time period in the field of eCom. Then I could say that Funnelmates is one of the best software to skyrocket your sales and boost your store’s ranking .

Try this amazing software now from my site with worth up to $2000 Free Bonuses .Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Make Hurry!

If you still have any queries about this Software and its usage ;Don’t forget to drop comments on my blog post ,I will try to assist you. Try Funnel Mates here!

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