FlikViral Work From home Edition By Shelley Penney: Social Media MegaPack of DFY contact. A whole year worth!

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney: A Complete Market Domination With Over 365+ Days of Social Media Content To TOTALLY DOMINATE Any Niche & Claim EXPERT STATUS!

Did you ever share something on Facebook, or Instagram?

Yeah, silly question right? In fact it’s the only way to get more followers!

I just took a scroll through my FB feed and every other post was a SHARED video, or meme, or animated gif. Most of them had been shared hundreds or thousands of times before they reached me.

I’m going to tell you right now… everyone LOVES to share short viral videos and memes, but they are a HASSLE to make.

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney
FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney

My friend Shelley Penney just released a new product that is packed with value. In it there’s 100 video post in MP4 format with PPT AND Camtasia source files!

But they really JUICED up the pack with 365 days of social content including tweets, tweets, blog posts, articles, graphics and more! PLUS a 365 day calendar and 365 ideas to get your social media revved up! It’s calledFlikViral“.

Flik Viral is a collection of 100 Viral videos with PLR and an entire full year of social media posts, content ideas, calendar and planning docs so you can completely dominate Social Media channels in any niche! This is a brand new social media company. Every 2 months we will be launching incredible DFY social content in a different niche!  This Month is WORK FROM HOME content.


It’s no secret! If you want to gain more likes, shares and followers, you have to generate content. A LOT OF IT!

We’re giving your customers more than a full year of incredible content including 100 viral videos with PLR rights designed by our in-house team and including Camtasia and Powerpoint project files. You are also getting blogs, articles, tweets and more content than you can possibly imagine.

Add a social media posting calendar you can follow, and 365 ideas for content, and you have MORE than enough to completely dominate social media in ANY niche.


And It’s All Done For You By OUR in-house team of professionals! Over 365 days of content to completely dominate any niche and explode your follower base!

  • Module #1 – 100 new Viral Video posts with PLR and project files for PPT and Camtasia
  • Module #2 – 365 Social Media Posts Ideas
  • Module #3 – Daily Content Planner
  • Module #4 – 80 Content Creation Ideas
  • Module #5 -20 Ways to Increase Interaction
  • Module #6 – 50 Work At Home Articles
  • Module #7 – 10 Work At Home Blog Posts
  • Module #8 – 260 tweets
  • Module #9 -Daily Content Planner
  • Module #10 – 1 Year Of Content Calendar

It’s everything you could possibly need for social media world domination!

Maybe you think being an influencer is out of reach. Well Shelley got her first brand sponsorship when she hit just 500 fans on her Facebook page. Every month they send free product for her to use and review. Her hobby costs were basically covered with that first brand relationship!

Even if you have zero followers right now, where do you think you would be one year from now, when you get a calendar to follow and more that 365 days worth of content ALL DONE FOR YOU!

Seriously! Can you tap the button that says “post” or “upload” or “send”?

That’s all you’ve got to do to get more likes, shares and followers!

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What Are You Getting Inside FlikViral?

Well we know that some of our customers want a complete DONE FOR YOU finished video that they can just set and forget, AND SOME WANT TO EDIT IT TO BE MORE PERSONAL! So here’s what you are going to get:

Module #1100 Viral Video Quotes With PLR And Source Files For Easy Editing.

  1. Camtasia Studio Project
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  3. PSD file of the static image
  4. Static image of the viral video
  5. MP4 format of the viral video
  6. Wav file of the royalty free music
  7. Fonts

You CAN simply grab the MP4 or the static image and use it right out of the box!

But having the source files gives you the option of editing the words, changing the music, adding your branding like a logo or website. So many different options.

You can even use our viral videos as templates- change the background and add your own words and you’ve got UNLIMITED content for the rest of your life!

Module #2365 Social Media Posts Ideas

We’re making sure you are NEVER stuck for posting ideas again! You’re getting 365 ways to get engagement from your followers (which increases visibility and brings in more followers!)

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney
FlikViral Work From home Edition By Shelley Penney

Module #3Daily Content Planner

This value packed planner gives you the prompts you need to plan your postings in advance!

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney
FlikViral Work From home Edition By Shelley Penney

Module #480 Content Creation Ideas

Brainstorm with us! Over 80 ideas for blog posts and articles, PDF reports, ebooks, checklists, transcripts, videos, podcasts, live streaming…. and so much more.

Module #520 Ideas To Increase Interaction

How do you get people to interact with your posts? Here are 20 ideas to get the conversation going…. use them as a springboard for more juicy engaging content!

Module #650 Work At Home Articles

That’s right! FIFTY articles in the Work At Home niche. Now just because we’ve slapped a label on them, doesn’t mean they aren’t suited for other niches.

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney
FlikViral Work From home Edition By Shelley Penney

50 articles gives you thousands and thousands of words- use them for blogs, break them up into stories, add visual or audio to them, turn them into videos, send them in a newsletter. So many things you can do.

We recommend you change them up a little so you don’t have the same article as everyone else. You don’t have to, but it’s probably better if you do. 🙂

Module #710 Work At Home Blog Posts

Blog posts are just another name for articles, really. These are a little shorter than the articles and you can use them any way you like. 🙂

Module #8 260 Tweets

You’re never going to run out of short little conversation starters! These can be used anywhere, but they are the right length for all the microblogging platforms.

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney
FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney

Here’s 260 short posts you can use on any social media channel to grab some viral love! Your going to get:

  • 30 Time Management Tweets
  • 50 Procrastination Tweets
  • 70 Increasing Productivity Tweets
  • and more!

Module #950 Things To Blog About

Are you starting to get the idea about this massive content deal? In case you get this far, and still don’t have any ideas, or you want to write your own blogs completely from scratch, here are 50 things people LOVE ready about!

Module #101 Year Of Content Calendar

Finally here’s the topper on the cake! 365 days of content ideas, laid out in calendar format. There are ideas on every single day of a full year calendar. Don’t know what to write or talk about? never worry about that ever again!

Here is 1 full year planned all out in advance for you!

FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney
FlikViral Review By Shelley Penney

So, How can I make money Using this FlikViral?

  • Use them on your own social media​ to gain massive traffic.
  • Post them on your blog to begin an article.
  • Include them in your autoresponder emails to your list
  • Start a Social Media Management agency.
  • BECOME A SOCIAL INFLUENCER! Post Viral Videos, and all the rest of the content to increase your audience (These pages gain hundreds of thousands of fans and sells for big bucks) The Ad revenue is awesome too!
  • Create viral gif for added reach! Creating gif file from video is super easy with free online software!
  • You can also sell the videos to clients for THEIR content! You get white label and resell rights. Do whatever you want with them. (This license is only for the viral videos. You can’t resell any of the documents, calendars, articles or checklists)
  • Your Idea Here!

There are so many different ways you can make money with Flik Viral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. WHAT’S FLIK VIRAL- Work At Home Edition?
Flik Viral- Work At Home is a collection of 100 Viral videos with PLR and an entire full year of social media posts, content ideas, calendar and planning docs so you can completely dominate Social Media channels in any niche!

Q. How To Edit?
The viral videos come with Camtasia and Powerpoint project files – use either software to edit, or use as is!

Q. How Will I Receive My Order?
After your order has been processed, an email with the login instructions will be automatically sent to your email. Please check your email instruction on how to access your ordered products.
Our products are delivered through the JVZoo platform, so if you don’t want to wait for an email, just login to JVZoo to find it.

Q. What License Do I Get?
You will receive PLR/White Label License for the viral videos and commercial license for the documents and articles. You can relabel and resell the videos if you wish, and you can use the rest of the Flik Viral package for your personal and customer projects. If you manage social media for other individuals or brands, feel free to use the content to earn money. 🙂

Q. What’s The Refund Policy?
You should pay attention to our requirements. We ONLY DO the refund if there is an issue with the product and our technical support can’t solve it for you. We’ll provide a refund for you within 7 days of your purchase.

Q. Refund Process?
DO NOT dispute via PayPal Please send your support request to : https://www.shelleypenney.com/support All refunds must be processed by JVZoo system per their Business Policy

Q. Can I Get More Templates ?
Yes And We Recommend It! We have incredible upgrade packages available to you. You will be presented with upsell options after you leave this page!

Q. How Can I Get Started?
Get You account here: FlikViral Work From home Edition

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