Effortless Dental Consulting Full Review – Dentists Paying $2,500 a Month After A Single Rejection-Proof Demonstration Email

I have a crazy story to share with you…

You see I recently discovered a search engine hack that can leapfrog any dentist to the first page of Google almost overnight.

That’s because 96% of dentists have not set up their google listing properly and are missing out on one of Google’s most important features.

Effortless Dental Consulting Full Review

You can get hired by dentists to fix this problem and keep it working for a fee of $2,500 per dentist.

The work only takes about an hour and can be done from the comfort of your home… or if you’re lazy like me you can outsource it for a fraction of the fees you collect each month.

I’ve been booking dentists as clients using a single demonstration email that provides so much value it’s completely rejection- proof…

in this mini webinar you will learn why 96% of dentists are missing out on their best patients by not setting up one crucial part of the Google Local listing…

where to find dentists clients that will hire you to fix this….

And how to write the perfect rejection proof email that sells them on paying you $2,500 a month for this servic.

now I promise this is unlike anything you have seen before!

And by the end of this presentation you will be able to duplicate my results with…

X no software
X no sales calls or presentations
X no techie skills
X and no previous experience

In fact, you don’t even have to speak to the dentist who are hiring you because this system is done entirely over email.

Check this incredible result….

Brian Lowry from Athens Georgia says:

“Hi Luther thanks for reaching out. So far, I have booked nine clients with the email strategy you gave us in the training webinar. I did everything verbatim the way you demonstrated working for about two hours a day this past week. I’m sharing my PayPal results with you and this is only the first month of client fees.” Brian Lowry

And Ronald Harrison from Bend Oregon says:

“Your systems have made my business what it is today. I’ve been using your pre-written emails to consistently land new consulting clients for years and is my number one source of busines.  The business owners who sign up are always open to other services and using your up selling formula I’ve been earning on average of $8,000 from each client plus recurring monthly revenues.  I highly recommend your products and membership coaching to anyone who wants to go full-time a consultan.”Ronald Harrison

and Mark Ellis recently posted results post:

“I’m using the latest dentist approach and so far it’s working. Managed to get 2 clients ranked on the first page for their keywords so they are locked in at $2,500 a month Totally stoked! just send more emails in you’ll land deal!”Mark Ellis

Right now… you have the chance to experience the same results… earning passive income by offering a proven set of services to the dentist who need new patients but don’t want to do the work themselves

As we know, local businesses have no choice but to launch their businesses online to get more clients as people nowadays intend to google anything before buying any products/services.

Dentists is not an exception. I noticed that when I went online looking for a dentist address, I just got a few results to consider. Even worse, they didn’t not provide full details, which made me feel doubtful about these places.

What a pity that dentists are missing out on one Google’s most important features! 96% of dentists have not set up their Google Listing properly!

It is understandable as these SEO skills are not a professional of the dentists. They are eager to pay $1000s a month to anyone or agency who can manage their business’s Google Listing. Well, here comes your chance to make money!

You can get hired by dentists to fix the problem and keep it working for a fee of $2,500 per dentist. The work only takes about an hour and can be done from the comfort of your home.

You might be thinking: This is impossible because I am not a real expert in this field…

Trust me, with Effortless Dental Consulting, you will discover everything from finding the dentist clients to landing them with big contracts.

What is Effortless Dental Consulting?

Effortless Dental Consulting is a professional full program including the training and other necessary materials for your consulting business.

Inside this proven program, you will learn to manage the simple Google listing service that dentists are lining up to pay $500 or more a month. Moreover, don’t worry about where to get the clients as you will be show how. And even the way to write the perfect rejection-proof email that locks new clients into 2 year consulting contracts without haggling for your fees.

The work just takes about an hour and should be possible from the solace of your home. Or then again in case you’re languid, you can re-appropriate for a small amount of the charges you gather every month.

Generating $4,500 in recurring revenue per month offering a simple solution to an urgent problem that dentists have been struggling with is a good idea, right?

In a nutshell, it is a spic and span demonstrated counseling preparing that tells you the best way to gain automated revenue by offering a demonstrated arrangement of administrations to the dental specialists who need to patients, however, they would prefer not to the work themselves.

Who is Created Effortless Dental Consulting?

This amazing program was created by a Professional SEO and a professional online marketing consulting, Luther Landro. His passion is business development and the thrill of well-planned hunt.

If there’s a problem that can be solved by making a sale, He is the first one to jump at the chance, and approach it in a pragmatic and diligent way that produces results.

His philosophy is simple; use the latest tools to understand exactly how customers go through their buying process, and uncover ways to influence their decision. And he dedicate time and effort to analyze, test, compare, and improve every aspect of the digital marketing experience for my clients and projects.

Effortless Dental Consulting is one of his “Effortless Consulting” series. And on this specific program he focusing in dental niche.

Inside Effortless Dental Consulting And Training Package, You will learn

With a Google My Business listing, dentists can add their business details to Google, showcase their services, and much more. But not many of them can handle this task well. In order to make you qualified for the job, Effortless Dental Consulting provides you with:

» The comprehensive professional consulting coaching program

Inside the consulting coaching program You will discover:

How to quickly find dentists that need this service with a simple Google search. Earn passive income by offering a proven set of services to the dentists who want new patients but don’t want to do the work themselves.

Also you will learn:

  • Why 96% of a dental specialist are passing up their best patients by not selling up one urgent piece of their Google Local Listing
  • Where to discover dental specialist customer that will enlist you to fix this and how to compose the ideal dismissal evidence email that sells them on paying you $2500 per month for this administration
  • And that’s just the beginning!

The sneaky email subject line that the receivers can ignore, and get a high open rate

» Soft selling approach

With this selling Approach you can land clients within 3 steps:

  1. Step 1: look for the dentists that had clearly worked on their search engine listing but have not filled out this section properly
  2. Step 2: Send each of them an email explaining this problem, and instructions on how to fix it – give away the entire secret formula
  3. Step 3: at the end of the email, offer them offering to fix it for them and keep them rank on the top of Google for $2500 per month

This 3-step soft selling approach completely eliminates the rejection and gets them on the hook and pay for this solution without any selling or rejection. They either buy from you or send you a thank you

» The guide to manage Google My Business Listing

Inside this guide you will discover: Full, step-by-step walkthrough on how to fix the dentists’ Google Listing. You can use it for many circumstances.

For example, refer to this guide with the demonstration email to earn the trust from your prospects.

In case they agree to let you help them, you can handle the work by learning from this guide and keep all the fee you charge them or give this guide to an outsourcer so they can do the work for you.

» The rolodex of the outsources

This is a complete list of outsourcers and white label companies that can handle the work for you at a fraction of the fees you charge. This means you can sign as many contracts as you want while getting all the work done and making more money.

Including the names of all the outsources and reseller companies that can handle the servicing for you

» Client Upsell Formula

You’ll learn the services that Luther resells to turn $500 clients into happy $5000 clients that pay for the services they need to grow their business and see an incredible return on their investment.

Obviously, these services can be outsourced for a fraction of the fees you collect earning you a healthy recurring profit every month

Is Effortless Dental Consulting A Good Choice?

A Google My Business listing is a huge benefit to any business. By having a profile they can reach more potential customers, increase your brand awareness, increase visits to your website, and even increase the calls you get. That’s why the dentists are more than happy to hire you!

All you need for this consulting career is to follow these simple practices and the strategies Luther has applied before to catch loyal and high paying clients.

It’s up to you to keep 100% of the profits or share a little bit to outsource to have more businesses.

Presently you could charge A LOT more for it, be that as it may, I keep the value low for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s an easy decision value point for dental specialists so the administration sells itself.
  2. Their arrival on venture is high to such an extent, that it opens the entryway to sell them different administrations
  3. $2,500 a month is extraordinary cash for help that takes an hour to keep up. You can without much of a stretch oversee 10-15 customers totally all alone.

So you need a quick method to procure $2,500 THIS week?

Neighborhood dental specialists have a bizarre issue with their SEO that is costing them, patients. Also, they are paying $2,500 per month to any individual who can fix it for them.

It’s the perfect gateway product to establish a long-term business relationship with clients! You can sell other services or products to local businesses after this such as a new website creation, managing Facebook Ads, email list management

Best of all, you can give this fix from the solace of your home PC OR redistribute the work for a small amount of the charges that dental specialists are paying. This stunt will make them resemble a performer and keep customers cheerfully paying you your month to month expenses.

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