Comic Templates Mastery Review – A Brand New App That Can Create Blank Comic Pages & Trapezoids For Unique Page Layouts In Seconds!

I went searching for a new Kindle Direct Publishing and printables market And I discovered gold!

Comic Templates are crazy easy to make and crazy easy to make money with in 2022. The typical blank comic pages book is simply filled with boxes. Page after page of squares, rectangles, and trapezoids. Some of the books also throw random speech bubbles onto the pages.

Don’t know what a trapezoid is? No worries! You don’t need to learn geometry. I’ve made it easy with a special trapezoid shape generator – and using it is optional. It is there if you want to get fancy.

Don’t know what speech bubbles are? No worries! These are easy to find graphics and I’ve included a set of them to use. The real selling point to these books is the cover. I’ve included Canva training that shows how to create the elements that go on blank comic page covers. Really fun to create!

Why wait? This market is so ridiculously easy to get into! And profitable! The leading books in this market are making hundreds and thousands of dollars each and every month. Could you use some passive income like that?

Here are some of the better selling blank comic books on Amazon:

Comic Templates Mastery Review
Comic Templates Mastery Review

Those are exciting numbers but I think there is even a better angle to this.

What about blank comic page books that are niched?

For example:

  • Comic drawing for lefties
  • Travel comic drawing to keep the kids busy
  • Bible comic coloring
  • Seniors comic drawing to keep the mind sharp
  • Swear words comic coloring pages
  • and much more!

In other words, there are many possibilites here to dominate a niche with blank comic pages!

i have this great market for you to put content into it could be amazon books etsy printables sell them on your website.

And today there is a Comic Templates maker for you to put content into… it could be amazon, books, etsy, printables, sell them on your website and etc. And easily make you money like selling blank comic books on Amazon! Its called “Comic Templates Mastery“. 

Comic Templates Mastery Review
Comic Templates Mastery Review

These books are super easy to create with the Comic Templates Software. Create a book in seconds! Comes with 12 page layouts and the trapezoid builder. This also come with a Video training that shows you the market, how to create blank comic page books, how to create the stunning covers these books have.

Everything needed to create blank comic page books or templates. Includes 12 page layouts, the trapezoid shape builder, full training.

Here’s what is included in Comic Templates Mastery :

Where can I sell my books?

Anywhere! Most people will sell them on Amazon, as a KDP print book (not an ebook). Other likely places to sell are on a website, on Etsy, on eBay, on a vendor platform such as Gumroad. You can also give them away. For example you might use a set of puzzles as a ‘lead magnet’ – a freebie someone gets when signing up to your email list.

Can I use the same title as someone else’s book?

Yes, as long as there is no restriction such as a trademark or patent.

For example: you cannot include brand names like Pepsi, Nike, etc. in the title. Otherwise if I have a title such as ‘Word Search Puzzles For Summer Vacation’ there is nothing stopping you from using the same title. But it is not a good idea. That title, even though no patented words are in it, is quickly identifiable as a certain angle of title creation.

The other author could complain that you are copying their work. That’s not how you want to proceed with this. Finally, very general names like – ‘250 Great Word Search Puzzles’ – is fine. But again – why do that? Make something unique.

Can I use the same cover as someone else’s book?

No. You could have a similar cover. But not an exact copy.

What are blank comic books?

Blank comic books / Comic templates books most often contain pages with empty shapes on them. Mostly squares and rectangles. Often there are trapezoids that make the pages more fun for people.

Can I sell these other places in addition, or instead of Amazon?

Aboslutely! You have commercial rights to the generated PDFs. Sell them wherever you wish.

My opinion – Comic Templates Mastery Honest review

This market needs more content! There are not many blank comic page books, and those that are there sell really well. It’s all about the covers of the books. The real key is to have a blow-you-away book cover, and in Comic Templates Mastery I show all about how to create these fantastic looking covers!

There are opportunities for you to create blank comic page books and printables, but also to sell sets of the comic scream bubbles. The software creates dozens, even hundreds of comic pages in seconds. This is a great niche for low content and printables publishers to add to the business and bottom line profits.

Now is your turn to get into this hot niche market! Best sellers in the niche are earning hundreds and thousands of dollars every month, Blank comic templates are super easy to make with the included software. Full training. Get started today!

Check more details and get your account here: Comic Templates Mastery!

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