Are You A Digital Marketer Who Helps Local Business Clients Grow ? Then Text Connector WordPress Plugin Is Perfect For You.

Hi there guys James here and welcome to my text connector review. Text connector is a WordPress plugin and sales technique which can be used in the local marketing Agencies ,coaches, consultants, SaaS platforms ,website developers etc.

Text Connector is a new! It’s by Dr. Ben Adkins. Now the reason why I mentioned Dr. Ben is, if you know Dr. Ben   which he should do because he’s quite a remarkable guy who’s been very internet famous in internet marketing. Dr. Ben Adkins in fact let me show you him here.

He is he’s basically a former chiropractor he used to have a chiropractor. a chiropodist a tropid practice and you know was basically a medical professional and he basically had to learn through toil and lots of work how to do internet marketing to drive business to his practice to get more customers as a chiropodist as a chiropractor. And this is what really has turned him into the man when it comes to building local marketing local business software and local business marketing ideas and strategy.

Text Connector WordPress Plugin

Dr. Ben Adkins just such a genius he’s been doing this for about 10 years now. And he has created text connector. Now if you click the link here > Text Connector WordPress Plugin you’ll come through to the text connect to sales page which we’ll go through together today. But you can see for yourself if you wish and basically he developed an incredible him and his partner Zach Anderson.

They’ve developed an incredible new plugin which basically allows any local business to have a text message pop-up on their site so anytime any client comes their website a text bar pops up! and you can then have a text conversation with any clients you’re basically you know using SMS, using your mobile phones and so. It’s really you might think well that’s not that remarkable right . However as they found when you add the the capabilities of being able to have a little field where someone can have an instant text message, sms message with you on your local business, it basically drives that sales by five to ten times each month! And this is back you can read the story you can see the proof by coming through to the sales page.

See more details and grab your download here: Text Connector

Now I’m going to be showing you a little demo of what this looks like.

When you actually add this plug-in, and how what this text message looks like… when it pops up and you can also see that there’s. this little review here which will pay attention at the end of my review as well. so you can actually see it’s all in action. But I want to go through first of all before we go any further with text connect. Let me jump in and show you what you’re going to be getting as a bonus today. For me because if you pick up text connector through my link below, if you decide that you want to add a text pop-up either to your own business… maybe you are a local business owner yourself or you are an agency who wants to provide that service… Then not only you’re going to get a massive discount by picking up text connect to using the link below, you’re also going to get 11 of my and my business partners best products of the past 12 months. And I’m going to give them to you completely for free today as a thank you if you decide to pick up this new wordpress plugin which is going to allow an sms pop-up to appear. So that people can start conversing with you…

If you’re a local business owner or if you’re an agency… you can install this plugin on your clients websites. So that they can drive more sales through SMS conversations. text connector is going to turn any local business website into a sales generating machine using a powerful and easy to set up wordpress plugin. now what’s really really cool about text connector like i said let me just show you exactly what text connector looks like this is it right now… here literally this is a good little demo so this is a simulator of a phone this is a chiropractor um a chiropractic uh business and you can see here simply when you go onto the page you get got questions asked Dr Miguel and that just pops up.

Text Connector WordPress Plugin

Now if you click on that dr mcgowan will get a little text and you can start a sms conversation on your phones together. Basically it helps you get in contact with people… but instead of it going through to email or submitting or submitting like you know your telephone number to be called back you, start an sms chat with the business owner. Now text connector is for two types of people: it either is for local businesses perhaps you’re watching this as a local business who wants more sales, who wants more contact with customers or as Dr Ben and Zach are going to be showing you..

Text Connector WordPress Plugin

This is also great for agencies if you are a local business marketer you can sell this as a service to local businesses in your area. You can literally sell the installation of this product this WordPress, this WordPress plugin and you can make it an agency service. And it’s super easy to use… this all you need to do is just upload it in WordPress, and you know it’s just step by step. You can see the steps Above upload the plug-in to your clients wordpress-based business and customize a few settings to match your local businesses customers brand…. right you know you can add you know the phone number. There’s little message there got a question text Dr Magellan you saw all of that erlier right here in the in that description there and you just do a little bit of editing all of this takes less than 120 seconds. And you can sell this for hundreds or hundreds of dollars potential customers… click a button to ask a question and start communicating directly with you or your agency customers via their cell phone.

So i hope this all makes perfect sense really really simple. Now what’s really cool is if you’re an agency or someone who is a local marketer you get inside text connector not only do you get the plugin, you also get training on how to sell this to local businesses in your area. So you’re going to learn how to get text connected clients using postcard. You’ll learn how to chart, how much to charge for text connect enabled sites you’re going to learn, how to turn a text connector cell into a 300 per month client

What’s really really cool about text connector which is just a WordPress plugin is you can use this:

  • If you’re a local business agency to have monthly recurring fees! you can get local businesses to pay you a recurring fee for the privilege of having this sms this text-based answer service on their websites. So i hope that makes perfect sense to you just all you need to do is just install a plugin on your client site or your own site.
  • If you wish to have this functionality you just have to customize a few settings literally just customize a few settings with a welcome message with a phone number which links to your clients phone or your own.
  • If you’re handling the messages for them potential customers click a button… so you click that red button there that red button.

I showed you above they click the button and it goes straight through to the client’s phone mobile phone cell phone. As they say in U.S. and that’s it and that alone and you can read the story click the link below come through to dr ben and zac’s sales page. you can also read the story around how this was able you know how this was able to help in its initial run their initial chiropractor client three times as much business by just being able to tex getting client potential clients just to be able to text the their uh this guy they were able to 3x his amount of sales now they’ve optimized it to the point where you can start expecting for your clients five to 10x more sales just by having text connector installed click the link below come through to the text connector sales page, you’ll see a quick demo of it here so you know click through to sales page in fact i won’t put on the end of this review.  So i hope that’s really exciting to you really cool plug-in a great opportunity if you are either a local business owner yourself and you want to have a text you know text messaging service on your website. so people can text you or if you are a local agent marketing agency freelancer or entrepreneur someone who has a business that sells services to other local businesses in your area. You can install this and be making 300 plus every month on recurring again text connect to train you Ben and Zach train you on how to turn this into an agency service. There are four modules where you can learn how much to charge how to sell this in how to find clients, how to install it. It’s all in here for you so James from push button profits helping you make money online with text connector. Click the link below for a massive discount and my products bonus products as well enjoy and pick up text connected now.

Download Text Connector here


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