Adscouter Premium Full Review – Most Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads Spy Tool!

One of the biggest problems that hold people back from profiting with Facebook ads is that it’s expensive…

…it’s expensive because when you first start you need to ‘test’ whats working then ‘tweak’ and improve your offer.

Most profitable campaigns start out unprofitable… then after testing advertisers change, edit and then after $1000 invested, a lot of time the Facebook campaign starts
to become profitable.

Well what if there was  an easy way to avoid all of that?

The good news is. Now there is…. It’s called: “AdScouter” and It saves you thousands of dollars in advertising expenses and weeks of time.

Interested in? If yes then you need to check out all the details in my Adscouter Premium Full Review below!


What is Adscouter Premium?

Adscouter Premium is the first-ever ads spy tool that leverages AI to uncover the most profitable and hidden Facebook Ads.

This is Most Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads Spy Tool With Several First To Market Features!

Adscouter is packed with several unique & powerful features that were simply not possible before (details below). AdScouter’s state of the art technology helps you uncover actively running, exteremely profitable ads with extreme accuracy and precision.

and the best part is, It gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. Saving you thousands of dollars, hours of hard work and weeks of testing.

Let’s check AdScouter walkthrough video below to see it in action!

Key features

Here’s Why AdScouter is the Only Facebook Ads Research Tool You’ll Ever Need!

  • Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
    AdScouter detects ads faster than any other software. We tap into a massive up to date library of ads that is constantly being updated, is reliable and accurate.
    As ads are listed on Facebook we are able to detect them and list them within our AdScouter within a few hours on average.
  • Find The Most Profitable Ads With Our Proprietary ProfitScore™
    We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that accurately assesses campaign profitability. You can instantly see how profitable a particular ad is vs another.
    Identify incredible opportunities to profit fast and never waste time tracking ads that aren’t profitable
  • The Most Accurate Tracking System ever developed
    Our data is more accurate because it’s directly derived from Facebook. Unlike other software, we don’t rely on black hat methods or scraping Facebook to retrieve data.
    Instead, we use Facebook’s very own ad data in order to deliver the very best data to you. Our in-house AI engine then scans the ad for keywords, images, and objects. It then lists the ad within the most relevant category ready for you to search.
  • Massive database with over 50 Million Ads across 60 different Languages
    Our database has compiled over 50 million ads in 60 different languages. The database grows by a minimum of 30,000 ads per day.
    We have the biggest collection of ads ever compiled within our database. This provides you with the very best ad insights available on the internet.
  • Uncover More Opportunities With Object Detection AI
    With the help of our state of the art object detection AI, you can find ads that have a specific object within the image of the ad.
    This feature is extremely useful for finding hyper-relevant ads in any niche that was simply not possible before.
  • Find Ads Using Reverse Image Search
    Uncover related ads to your chosen search. Our AI engine scans the image for similarities. It then finds similar ad campaigns to your chosen image.
    You can use this incredible feature if you’re in ecommerce for example. Find other ads being run for a product featured in an image.
  • Filter Ads By Their Status
    AdScouter is the only ad spy tool that helps you find ads that are active and running on Facebook and Instagram.

    With the massive database of active ads, you can profit from the most up to date ads ever.
Adscouter Premium Full Review – Most Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads Spy Tool!

Benefits of AdScouter Premium Software

  • Discover
    Your competitors very best ads. Use profit score to identify the winners
  • Search With Laser-Focused Precision
    Locate Extremely Profitable Ads Using Deep Learning and AI
  • Hack your competitors pages & funnels
    Reverse engineer your customers funnels & product pages. Get a transparent look into exactly how they’re making money.
  • Replicate & Profit
    You can use your competitors ads & campaigns for inspiration. Replicate their campaign with your logo and offer. Advertise and profit saving thousands of dollars.
  • Use AdScouter to immediately enhance your client campaigns
    Are you helping a business with their Facebook ads campaigns? Plug-in AdScouter to immediately gain an unfair advantage over your client’s local or online competition.
  • Create highly profitable sales funnel ads & campaigns
    Reverse engineer entire competitor sales funnels. Track their ads as well as their funnel pages. Replicate competitor funnels & profit.
  • Build a highly targeted Opt-in list
    Hunt down top converting Opt-in list pages and Automated Webinar Events. Replicate the campaigns and generate more leads faster.
  • Sky-Rocket your eCommerce Sales
    Search out related products to what you sell being sold on Facebook & Instagram. Identify and track the most profitable ads. Replicate and profit.

what will you get inside AdScouter Premium?

  • Unlimited searches, bookmarks and use
    Run an unlimited amount of searches, bookmark, and track your competitors ‘target’ campaigns, and use AdScouter to the maximum capacity for a one-time price as part of this founder special.
  • Intuitive & High-Speed Search Interface To Find Profitable Ads With Great Precision
    Quickly filter your campaigns based on the ad type. You can choose from either Video or Image related ads.
  • Works with FB, Insta & Messenger Ads
    Compatible with the 3 best advertising platforms on the internet. Facebook, Instagram & Messenger. Find ads across all 3 of these ad networks.
  • Video & Image Ad Filters
    Quickly filter your campaigns based on ad type. You can choose from either Video or Image related ads.

Adscouter Premium Full Review – How does it work?

In 3 Steps Save Thousands On Advertising Campaigns
AND Get Insider Access To Your Competitors
Most Profitable Advertising Campaigns

    Filter by Competitor, Keyword, Domain Name, Ad Type, Profit Score, Language, Ad’s Current Status, Ad Network and many other filters.
  • STEP 2: FIND
    Find your competitor’s most profitable campaigns in seconds. Reverse engineer them & access hidden data, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels & more.
    Profit simply duplicating your competitors most profitable campaigns. Save thousands in testing. Amaze your clients and blow away your competition.

Funnel Details

Front-end: Adscouter Premium

– Sell To Businesses
– Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
– Discover The Most Profitable Ads with our proprietary ProfitScore™
– Search From Over 50M+ Ads
– Discover Ads in Over 60+ Languages
– Search For Objects and Text Within Images of Ads using AI
– Discover Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ads
– Supports Image, Video and Carousel Ads
– Competitor Analysis
– Search Through Active & Inactive Ads
– See Landing Pages of All Ads
– Unlimited Searches

OTO 1 – AdScouter Adscouter AI » (Link here) «

AdScouter Adscouter AI is The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Engine for Facebook Businesses & Agencies. with this tools you can Find more profitable ads, faster using a brand new ‘Face, image & text’ scanning technology.

AdScouter can now scan all image elements to identify winning campaigns, follow and track specific competition you choose to follow, and delivers you with a continuous flow of profitable ads you should know about.

AdScouter Adscouter AI features:

  • Artificial Intelligence Feature #1: Find New Ecommerce Opportunities
    Find different ads, different sellers selling the same product. Find new ‘high converting’ product opportunities. Find competitors selling matching e-commerce products you can reverse engineer.
    Artificial Intelligence Feature #2: Scan & Identify Competing Products
    AdScouter scans & identifies products inside of image ads. Then matches that image against a large database.
  • Artificial Intelligence Feature #3: Locate Text Within ANY Image Across Facebook
    Unlock a wide range of new profitable ads. Find image ads with specific text inside of the image. The AdScouter software now reads images finding specific brands, keywords, and more… Find new advertising opportunities.
    For example search: Fitness workshop. Find all of the ads that are running with an image that includes the ‘Fitness workshop’. Or search based on a client’s logo such as: “Academy Of Coffee”.  Find all of the ads running with that brand attached. Discover many more opportunities. Even if your competitors try to hide their brand in their text advertising to avoid detection. You’ll find them anyway.
  • Artificial Intelligence Feature #4 : Scan Objects & Text With Precision Within Carousel Ads
    Search throughout the products or images featured in carousel ads. Detect products, text, or images. Find new opportunities within the e-commerce niche, digital product niche or local events.
  • Artificial Intelligence Feature #5: Target and track specific competitors
    You can now insert Facebook competitors. For example, if you cannot find a specific Facebook advertiser within our database. Enter their Facebook page URL and begin tracking their activity immediately. We guarantee with this feature you’ll be able to track absolutely ANYONE advertising on Facebook right now.
  • Artificial Intelligence Feature #6 VIP Support & Future Updates
    AdScourter AI users will get prioritized responses over other users on our support desk.

When you access an AdScouter AI account today we upgrade your account. Every feature inside of AdScouter AI is also upgraded to Commercial Rights. So when you use these ‘Professional’ features with your clients they benefit too. And you can offer a better service to your clients as well as charge more for your services. Become a highly sought after Facebook ads consultant.

This Is The ULTIMATE Upgrade For AdScouter!

With this new upgrade you’re not only getting a leg up on your competition but you’re also getting a leg up over all of the other Adscouter users who don’t pick up this upgrade.

Each of these enhancements has been created specifically to improve your campaign profitability, help you to find better ads, and make more money from your Facebook ad campaigns.

When you get AdScouter today it’s like having your own secret Facebook ads research team working for you, searching for new opportunities, Spying on your competition, and improving your Facebook ad results.

Level up your Facebook Advertising now on this page with AdScouter AI package.

OTO 2 – AdScouter PRO Version » (Link here) «

AdScouter PRO is The ultimate Facebook Ads management upgrade for advertisers and agencies… with next level expert features all directly available within your AdSight dashboard.

With PRO version you can stalk your competition, transparently see every part of their ad campaign, receive 20 ‘Designed For You’ Ads every month and more…  …As well as a pro user you get full commercial rights To every one of these features included within this Package below.

AdScouter PRO features:

  • Stalk Your Competition
    Get Alert When They Launch New or Deactivate Existing Ad. Follow unlimited advertisers. Receive updates whenever an advertiser publishes a new ad or deactivates an existing ad. Track your competition.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Take a closer look at your competitions ad campaigns. Instantly view page load times, competitor funnels, & additional competitor information.
  • Page SEO Score
    See the score of your competitions page SEO instantly. Reverse engineer their results and improve your SEO score building on what your competitors have done.
  • 20 Professionally ‘Designed For You’ Facebook Ads Every Month.
    Our in-house design team will create 20 ads for you every single month for your campaigns. Request multiple variations, images and ad copy. Simply submit a quick form every month. Within 48 hours receive a complete library of ads ready to profit with over Facebook.
  • Advanced Training System
    So you know exactly how to implement this pro package in yours and your client’s businesses. We’re going to include a complete training system on exactly how to use these features to profit. This training system will cover:
    • How to track and locate e-commerce products you want to target
    • How to find new profit opportunities
    • How to find ‘Additional’ product ideas simply identifying and tracking specific companies
    • How to use and gain an advantage over your competition with our advanced targeting engine.

With this new upgrade you’re not only getting a leg up on your competition but you’re also getting a leg up over all of the other AdScouter users who don’t pick up this upgrade. Each of these enhancements has been created to tip the odds in your favor.

As an AdScouter Pro user today you’re getting access to an extra level of data and tracking never before seen inside of a Facebook tool.

You’ll be able to transparently see with precision exactly what your competitors are doing so you can react to it immediately. Make more money faster getting the latest competitive analysis data in real time. Dominate ads for your business and your clients.

OTO 3 – AdScouter Agency Version » (Link here) «

AdScouter Agency Version is the third OTO/Upgrade version of AdScouter software. This is The Ultimate Client Attraction System! With AdScouter Agency you can easily manage multiple business campaigns and provide ‘next level’ competitive Intelligence reports to clients. Also With AdScouter Agency you can unlock incredible Agency Features, as well as our premium Sales, Funnel for converting business leads into client. Its time to ​enhance your agency with a completely brand new & scalable solution to creating profitable client Facebook Ad Campaigns!

AdScouter Agency Version comes with 3 Additional Features Immediately Unlock Within Your AdScouter Software:

  • Client Campaign Management Folders (Save ads to different client campaigns)
    With this feature, users can create campaign folders for various niches and/or clients. The user can also save unlimited ads into a campaign folder and share it with clients or teams.
  • Sub-User Accounts
    With this feature, you can create sub-users in their AdScouter account. You can also share specific campaigns with the user and the sub-user can then also create campaigns and manage them on the Agency owner’s behalf. Sub-user is especially helpful for creating accounts for clients, VAs, or team members of the agency user.
  • 5 Additional Languages
    Your ‘AdScouter’ interface now can be completely transformed into your or your outsourcer’s native language.

Special Bonus: How to profit with AdScouter Agency! You’re going to receive access to a brand new training system.

AdScouter Agency Mastery : This training system is going to show you how to create then scale your agency with the help of outsourcers and contractors. You can find people to help you with skilled and specialized tasks for as little as $3 per hour. Save yourself time, scale your business, and provide a better service to your clients after going through this training program.

Also you’ll Receive Access To 3 Incredible Tools To Boost Your Agency:

  • Client Acquisition Resources
    Complete Done For You contracts, pricing plans, and strategy documents. Everything you need to effectively sell ad packages to businesses and get paid.
  • Client Attraction Funnel (Sell Ad Services)
    Get access to a fully ready to deploy ‘Designed For You’ Sales Funnel. This Sales Funnel is unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before. You’ll get access to a sales funnel with training on how to use it. This sales funnel attracts clients to you. You’ll be able to deploy this sales funnel and use it to attract clients to you. Then close those clients into your Facebook ads service with ease.
  • AdScouter Lead Finder
    Save time and money locating leads that you can target as clients. This software finds 1000s of leads who need your help with Facebook. Simply type in the niche and the location of where the businesses are located. Find the businesses in minutes and then email them with how you can help. Drive these businesses through your client attraction funnel and book calls with the hottest prospects

This package includes absolutely everything that you need to grow your agency helping businesses with their Facebook advertising. It gives you a leg up over your competition and gives you everything you need to generate clients from day #1.  If you’d like a leg up on your competition and the ability to generate clients FAST then this system is for you.

OTO 4 – Adscouter Ads Creator » (Link here) «

Adscouter Ads Creator is the last upgrade from Adscouter software. With this upgrade you can effortlessly turbo-charge your conversions with 3 extremely simple steps that guarantees High-Quality Results: STEP 1- Upload Images Or Videos, STEP 2: Select & Edit A Style, and STEP 3: Export & Publish. Thats it!

Check this powerful features of Adscouter Ads Creator

  • Feature #1 – AdScouter VIDEO CREATOR
    Create Stunning Video Ads In Seconds. Add an image of the product you want to sell. The video brings your product to life with an engaging, eye-catching video ad you can use over Facebook.
  • Feature #2 – AdScouter Image Ad Creator
    Create Outstanding & Fully-Compliant Product Images ready for advertising. Customize your image ads as you want and choose from a wide range of pre-built ad images.
  • Feature #3 – Remove Backgrounds With Remarkable Precision!
    Automatically remove backgrounds from all sorts of photos quickly with a single click. No need to manually select the background or foreground layers to separate them. Just upload your image, and then download the result of the removed background in minutes.
  • Feature #4 – Enhance Low-Resolution Images
    Thanks to state of the art AI technology it is now possible to upscale and enhance images, photos and more. In fact you can with this feature enhance and upscale photos by up to 8 times their original size without losing any quality.
  • Feature #5 – Optimize and Compress
    Quickly and automatically compress unlimited images by up to 95% without losing quality and see your conversions soar with faster loading pages and easy to transfer images.
  • Feature #6 – 100+ Done For You Templates & Designs
    Access a massive database of completely designed for you, professional ‘high converting’ video and image ads. Instantly begin creating ads from templates that look amazing and grab attention. Quickly And Easily create ads in seconds using this amazing database.

You can Use These Incredible Features In Your Business Or With Your Clients Each and every one of these incredible features can be used with clients. You can run their ad campaigns and use this software as your Secret weapon for creating high converting ads that capture People’s attention and drive results.

Adscouter Premium Full Review – Is it worth buying?

AdScouter is truly outstanding. Fantastic and easy to use app. We’re loving it.

I STRONGLY recommend AdScouter to EVERYONE interested in running successful ads!

This is going to save us thousands of dollars in the future. Just what I was looking for. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks for creating such an excellent app!

Adscouter Premium Full Review – $2685 Bonus!

Now You can Run Profitable Ad Campaigns Over Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ethically Copying Your Competitors Most Profitable Campaigns using Adscouter Premium Software!

You’ve seen what is now possible with this brand new technology. You can now benefit from the most advanced targeting software ever created for Facebook advertising.

You can immediately gain an unfair advantage over your competition, make more money from your ads and impress your clients.

This software will only be available for a very short time as part of this founder’s special launch.

The technology we’ve created that allows us to offer this software and all of its features is not easy to maintain and costs a lot of money to run. For that reason, once this launch closes we will be increasing the price of this system to a monthly or yearly fee.

For trusting us and believing in this software early you’ll be securing a one-time fee and will never ever have to pay the higher fees others will be forced to pay in the future.

You can benefit right now from all of the incredible features for a low cost. Simply click the buy button down below, lock in your discount and start running profitable ads campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

AdScouter goes one step further than that still though… if you want to track new ads an advertiser releases, you can get notified.

If a new ad a competitor of yours is running is  performing well then you can then reverse engineer that to. That’s only scratching the surface of how you can use this tool and what this tool can do for your campaigns. Go here now to get access:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does AdScouter work on both Mac & PC?
Yes! AdScouter is a web-based software. It works on both Mac & PC. You can access your account from anywhere in the world from any internet browser.

Q. Is there any kind of money back guarantee that’s included with this software?
Yes! You can test this software for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied or if this software doesn’t save you thousands of dollars in ad spend then simply send us a message and we’ll give you a complete refund.

Q. Are there any additional upgrades or OTOs?
Yes! We have included 3 additional upgrade options that you’ll see after purchase. Each of these upgrades is optional and provides an opportunity to save money on a wide range of additional advanced software functionality upgrades. Check My OTO Review here!

Q. Do I get future updates when I purchase as a founder today?
Yes! We will keep your software up to date and continue to increase the ads database giving you the very best and most up to date ads available.

Q. Can I use this to help my clients?
Yes! When you purchase AdScouter with a commercial license it gives you the ability to use AdScouter with your clients. You can run an unlimited number of searches, track an unlimited amount of competitor campaigns, and use this software to make money for yourself and your clients.

Q. I’m not very tech savvy. How easy is this software to use?
Yes! If you can use the Google search engine then you can use this software. Simply choose your targeting criteria or just search your competitor’s names. Find the profitable campaigns then reverse engineer them and profit. It couldn’t be easier. However, if you do want help we have created a step by step training videos that walk you through the entire process of finding the exact audiences you want.

Q. How much will AdScouter cost after this founder launch?
The price of AdScouter will be increasing to a monthly or yearly fee after launch. If you want to secure the very best price for a low one-time fee then get access before this launch closes.  Get yours below!


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