ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022 – Helping Businesses Stay Safe From Lawsuits And Acquire More Customers!

According to the Wall Street Journal, ADA WEBSITE Lawsuits have increased by 64%.

Here Is ADA In The RECENT NEWS! Every type of Website Owner is getting sued.

ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022


ADA stands for Americans With Disability Act and it is part of the WCAG (Web Accessibility Guidelines), which apply internationally – meaning it applies to ANY Website WORLD-WIDE.

If your or your client’s Website is not accessible for people with disabilities, you can be sued today!

The first lawsuit is on average for $50,000 and if you don’t act right away, the follow-up lawsuit is for $150,000.

This is all over the news – New York Times, CNN, CBS and many more News Outlets are reporting on the thousands of ADA Website Lawsuits that are happening.

On TV: Other Website Owners Getting sued recently:

Important: The Web Accessibility Guidelines apply WORLD-WIDE, so this applies to any business anywhere in the world.

Did you know that ADA compliance is required for any website owner that provides a service according to the global disability act?

It’s an easy way to approach website owners with a report that shows these entrepreneurs where they are currently failing to comply. By offering your service to make them then compliant, you not only gain leads, and clients, but most importantly you’re now able to sell them your services.

Introducing: ADALeadz 2.0 App100% Automated ADA App Finds LASER TARGETED LEADS, Creates STUNNING Accessibility Audits & Helps Create MASSIVE Agency PROFITS In Just 3 Simple Steps. Do Not Get Sued!

ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022

What is ADA Leadz 2.0 ?

ADA LEADZ 2.0 is an all-in-one ADA Focused Agency Solution, allowing anyone to sell a TRULY NEEDED and Unique service starting today. ADA LEADZ 2.0 is a first to market SAAS platform that enables you to set-up your own agency that focuses on helping businesses stay safe from lawsuits & acquire more customers and helps you get your website and ALL your web content ‘ADA’ Compliant simply by pasting a single line of code on your website. It has awesome web accessibility widgets that cater to all the compliance requirements plus helps you set up accessibility policy statement pages by following a few simple steps . . . Add a new website to your ADA Compliant dashboard with the web URL address, Click to copy the code to your website, then Paste the code in your website’s footer. And that’s it! It’s literally that simple! ADA Leadz 2.0 allows agencies and marketers to find highly qualified leads in their local area, providing you with Websites of Businesses that are not ADA Optimized. It then let’s you create a CUSTOMIZED & beautiful Audit/Report you can send to your prospect, either for free or via a fee – the report sells your services and makes it crystal clear to the prospect why they need help now. Ada Leadz 2.0 also helps you…

  • Run Full ADA Website Compliance Audits You Can Charge For.
  • Filter Active Websites that are NOT ADA Compliant
  • Generate & Download Professional Print-on-demand PDF REPORTS for areas that the website is NOT ADA Compliant.
  • Contact and convert clients with our BUILT-IN EMAIL TECHNOLOGY.
  • Generate ADDITIONAL REPORTS as well including: SEO Report, Best Practices Report, Performance Report
  • Use and sell this service on your OWN website and Pages using the FREE Commercial License that is included.

ADA LEADZ 2.0 then provides with a nifty and helpful widget that makes any website more ADA Compliant, in Seconds and Without Coding. This is a TANGIBLE & Instant solution to sell to the prospect. In a nutshell, This is the newest and most up to date Web Accessibility App and it not only provides with hot & qualified leads in seconds, it also creates a beautiful CUSTOMIZED Audit AND gives you a tangible solution to sell via the widget we also provide. And Because the commercial license is ALSO included with ADA LEADZ 2.0 you can literally sign up clients starting today – all via email & our brand new report. This works great during the current lockdown scenario and it’s perfect for Agencies, Local Marketers & Online Marketers. EVERYONE with a website needs to be ADA Compliant – it’s a brand new and unique service you can start selling today – all from the comfort of your home & via email! Mind you, there are over 1 Billion websites that need this service . . . and only a few people like yourself will have the solution to sell!

Check more details and get your account here: ADA LEADZ 2.0

ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022

A Huge Benefits of ADA Leadz 2.0 App 

Owning This Software Is The Secret To Acquiring More Clients And Selling More Services

  • ADA Widget
    You get an ADA Widget, allowing you to optimize your Website for ADA Compliance immediately.
  • ADA Lead Generation, Website Audit & Business Search Feature
    Find leads and Businesses that are not yet ADA Compliant & Create A Beautiful Website Audit. Just enter a keyword and choose a location
  • Prospects
    Prospects page contains all your prospects collected using our ADA Lead Generation System. You can manage leads, create reports, contact prospects directly & much more.
  • Professional Audits & Reports
    Create Highly Optimized ADA Compliance Reports & Website Audits. Get Clients To Hire You Almost Instantly or Charge for a Website Audit Directly.
  • SEO Audits, Website Performance & Team Collaboration
    You Team Members Can Collaborate & help your agency grow. We also have SEO Audits, Website Performance Audits & Additional Services marketers can offer to their customers & a lot more!
  • Simplified Messaging
    Send A Message Directly From Inside The Software With Just 1 Click. No Technical Skills Required.
  • Across The Globe
    Identify Local Businesses On Google That Are In A Difficult Situation And Not ADA Compliant.
  • 3-Step Conversions
    Close Deals Using 3 Simple Steps And Secure High Paying Clients
  • Professional Reports
    The Highly Optimized Local Ranking & ADA Website Compliance Reports Get Clients To Hire You Almost Instantly
  • Ready To Use Swipes
    Utilize Pre- Designed/ DFY Client Closing Email Marketing Templates That Have Proven To Develop High Conversion Rates
  • One Time Payment
    Pay Only Once For Ada Leadz 2.0 And Receive Pre Qualified Local Leads Without A Monthly Contract
  • Video Training
    We Are Not Only Offering You Inside Information On Our Local Marketing Secrets But Also Teaching You To Operate This Software To Obtain The Best Results
  • Free Commercial License
    As A Bonus, Ada Leadz 2.0 Has A Commercial License Included. You Can Use It For Your Own Business As Well For Your Clients
  • And Much More…
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022


How does it work?

Ada Leadz 2.0 Is Extremely Easy To Use, See For Yourself…

  • Step #1 – Run A Full ADA Website Compliance Audit
    Use Ada Leadz 2.0 to quickly find prospects (websites and pages that are NOT ADA Compliant) in seconds based on your keyword or offer this service straight to a lead/client that you have
  • Step #2 – Generate Professional Print-On-Demand Full Audit Reports
    Ada Leadz 2.0 will automatically generate reports that detail out all the ways they need to ensure they are ADA Compliant or improve their listing to rank higher.
  • Step #3 – Create A Powerful ADA Widget In Seconds
    ADA LEADZ 2.0 allows you to create a Web Accessibility Widget In Seconds – it makes virtually any website more Accessible and you need ZERO coding to do this for your clients. Just copy/paste 1 line of code and voila, the Widget is live and your websites are more accessible!
  • Step #4 – Get Paid…
    You can print these reports, send them to the shortlisted leads (or existing leads/clients, and gain instant authority over them and get paid. If you are cold-mailing… you can use any of our DFY proven-to-convert templates to close clients easily. These templates are available for different types of agencies if you only want to focus on selling one type of service i.e.: video marketing, local marketing, digital marketing, web design and many others.

Watch This Demo Video Of Ada Leadz 2.0 Right Away

ADA LEADZ 2.0 App – Key features

Check out Ada Leadz 2.0’s Revolutionary Features That You Will Not Find On Any Other App:

  • FEATURE #1 – Get Clients from ALL Over The Web
    Once you enter your desired keyword, you can get access to those relevant clients irrespective of where their business is in the world. Apply filters to get the best results!
  • FEATURE #2 – Research Details About Each Lead Before Saving Them
    Ada Leadz 2.0 allows you to view contact information, address, page URL, compliant status, and more. Isn’t that cool?
  • FEATURE #3 – Sort By Categories and Many Other Filters
    There are various filter options you can use to sort and isolate primary leads that you would like to target. Arrange Data in order and contact leads accordingly.
  • FEATURE #4 – Run A Complete ADA Compliance Website Audit
    Ada Leadz 2.0 then scans the entire website in seconds on complete auto-pilot.
  • FEATURE #5 – Create Advanced and Professional ADA Website Compliance Reports
    Ada Leadz 2.0 can automatically produce a detailed report that shows how compliant the website in question is and provide solutions to make them fully compliant and optimized for better results.
  • FEATURE #6 – Download Print-On-Demand PDF Reports For Leads
    These reports are undeniably impressive and can even be printed on-demand if you want to meet with the client in person or send the report in the mail. Want Instant authority? These reports are designed exactly for that!
  • FEATURE #7 – Organize Campaigns and Manage Leads
    Create specific campaigns like ‘Chiropractors in New York’ and add any specific leads you want to each campaign. Keep everything perfectly organized and each lead updated throughout the onboarding process.

That’s not all, enjoy many more features like…

  • Intuitive UI
    User-friendly software and easy to use for everyone
  • Tested and Improved App
    Our app has been tested by our beta users and Ada Leadz 2.0 users and improved for better results
  • In-App Tutorials
    Extremely useful and professional tutorials included for all users
  • In-App Training
    Professional video training included for better results
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support Team
    Our expert support team is available invariably to answer any questions
  • Updated Frequently
    Regular updates with new and better features
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022

ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review – Is it worth buying?

Internationally ALL websites have to comply with the Web Accessibility Guidelines and in addition inside the US, ALL websites have to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Meaning your websites MUST be accessible to people with disabilities, e.g. anyone with issues to hear or see, anyone using a hearing aid etc. when they’re online.

If your or your client’s website doesn’t comply, your business can be sued easily and quickly. In fact, there have been over 10,000 (!) lawsuits about this in 2021, just in the US, by some greedy law firms taking advantage of this not well known law. What’s worse is the fact that businesses have to settle in all these cases and the average amount to settle is $50,000. Ouch.

On this training you’ll learn: how to quickly and easily get all YOUR websites compliant and in addition, how to do the same for your CLIENTS. You’ll then discover how to sell this unique service to businesses, from the comfort of your home.

Here’s a huge advantages of ADA LEADZ 2.0 App:

  • Access to the Cloud-Based app that finds small business leads anywhere in the world in just 60 seconds
  • Automatically generated advanced ADA Website Compliance lead magnet PDF reports for clients
  • The SECRET System that reveals to you the most unoptimized leads in dire need of help
  • DFY High-Converting Client Closing Email Templates crafted to work hand in hand with the professional PDF Reports
  • FREE Commercial License

The last thing any business needs right now is a lawsuit by a greedy law firm so you’ll be providing a service that is truly helpful, needed and a service that is unique – more importantly it’s a service that can save your clients tens of thousands in legal fees & headaches.

And to make you more profits the vendor, Mario Brown Will give you This PRICELESS Bonus inside

  1. BONUS #1 – Auto Webinar Profits
    This bonus will teach you how to use high converting Webinars to sell your ADA services. You can use ADALeadz to find prospects, then invite them into your webinar funnel (based around your ADA services), and easily convert prospects into clients over and over without ever having to be live on a webinar with them! This is the perfect bonus for ADALeadz customers who don’t have the time to speak face to face with every prospect. Record a webinar once, put it in your auto-webinar funnel, and close prospects over and over again.
  2. BONUS #2 – Video Ads Formula
    You will LOVE this training because it’s 100% based on REAL WORLD results, this is a case study where you get my landing pages, my ads, my targeting – everything! (no theory allowed). This course is the PERFECT compliment to ADALeadz, because you get to see real world scenarios where I’m using video ads to grow my business and attract customers/prospects.

This is great for Agencies, Local Marketers & Online Marketers – really anyone with a website and anyone that wants to be able to generate revenue during this worldwide lockdown. Register right away, I think you’ll like this one a lot.

Check more details and get your account here: ADA LEADZ 2.0

ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022
ADA Leadz 2.0 App Review: ADA Compliance For Websites Guide 2022

My opinion

I recommend you take a serious look at Ada Leadz 2.0, which makes it super simple to gain prospects, turn them into leads and ultimately paying clients. And Ada Leadz 2.0 has a dedicated team of developers that consistently work hard to develop, introduce, and support new and improved features. This means Ada Leadz 2.0 will be programmed to keep up with all future innovations and technical changes that are required to keep all apps performing optimally. It will just keep getting better and better with time. And Remember, you’ll have access to detailed training videos and 24-7 customer support at your fingertips if you ever have a question or face an issue.

And as always we let you try ADA Leadz 2.0 completely risk free!

Try Risk-Free With Our 14 Day Money-back Guarantee! It will be the smartest decision you make! All we are asking you to do is try Ada Leadz 2.0 to understand the jaw-dropping benefits we are so excited to show you. Quick-Start your own agency that gives you credibility and brings you more clients. And within 14 days of accessing Ada Leadz 2.0, if you aren’t blown away by how easy it is just contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund. Besides this, if you come across a similar product that has all features that Ada Leadz 2.0 offers, at a lower price than what you are getting it for today, then we still guarantee you a full refund during your 14-day assessment period. Without asking any questions.

>> Get your Copy of ADA LEADZ 2.0 App here <<

*Special Deal* : ADA Leadz 2.0 Bundle Offer – BEST DEAL To Get EVERYTHING Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a monthly fee app?
A. Not if you purchase today. Ada Leadz 2.0 is currently being offered for no monthly fees only through this limited offer deal. You’ll get full access to everything you see here for a one-time low price.

Q. Does this work for Mac and PC?
A. Yes. Ada Leadz 2.0 is 100% cloud-based so it works with an internet connection on any browser.

Q. Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?
A. Yes, you do, our dedicated support team can answer any questions and guide you when needed and we have full tutorials plus support to get you started.

Q. Is there any OTO’s/Upgrade?
A. Yes, ADA Leadz 2.0 App come with 4 Powerfull OTO:

*Special Deal* : ADA Leadz 2.0 Bundle Offer – BEST DEAL To Get EVERYTHING Included

NOTE: Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love. If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

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