7 Steps to Create Your Animated Video

7 Steps to Create Your Animated Video

Creating an explainer video involves a lot of steps, from the concept to the actual production. It is often a long and a very grueling process. Whether you’d like to work with a video agency or hire a freelancer, here are the steps involved that you should follow.

Step 1 – Your Idea

Before beginning a video or a project, you should know what your goal is. Would you like people to opt in, buy a product or download something?

Your end goal should be crystal clear. If you work with an agency or a freelancer, you need a consultation call to discuss your brand, your audience and some pain points, your hopes and your desires.​

The goal of your video should be clearly understood by both parties, and the message that you want to send should be concise.

Step 2 – Your Script

​After finding out more about your business, your script will be written based on your audience and the goal of your video. When writing the script, the psychological triggers of a buyer orviewer should also be targeted so that the video is engaging.

Step 3 – Your Voiceover

After writing your script, the voiceover artist has to record it in a studio. You have the option to choose among several artists, with different accents and tones. You should dictate what tone you’d like to use for the video.

Step 4 – Your Storyboard​

Before the actual animated video gets done, it all starts with a visual representation first, which is called a storyboard. The concept, the elements, the images to be used, the framework and the overall look and feel of your video will be outlined. This is the foundation of your video and what will be followed during production.

Step 5 – Your Video Editing

After all the nitty gritty, now the fun begins! Your storyboard will be made into a video. Effects,animation, transitions are now added. The voice over will be synced and your animation will come to life. 

Step 6 – Sound FX & Music​

The right music brings the entire video to life. It establishes an emotional connection with your viewers and can make the video more attention-grabbing. It takes viewers on a journey,triggers their emotions so they take action.

Step 7 – Production

Now that your video has all the final elements including voice over, transitions, animation and sound FX, it’s time to produce the video. After reviewing the file, you can either have revisions or accept the final output. Once you approve, it’s time to get this show on the road!

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